Indigo Souls Are Visionaries

Excerpt from the book:
Indigo Adults
Forerunners of the New Civilization
By Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson

Indigo Souls Are Visionaries

Vision is one of the deeper notes reverberating in the Indigo soul. You have a deep sense of carrying something “new”, carrying something that you feel is a ‘better way’, a more life-affirming way. You aspire toward a higher possibility. You have probably been seeing possibilities since you were very young.

Perhaps as a child you were always asking, “Why should we do it this way; it seems limiting; it seems disrespectful, why? I know there is a better way.” You have sensed that there is a better way. And there IS a better way! You may not have been supported when you talked of it. You may have felt like a lone voice crying in the darkness, so you may have learned not to trust your insights, but no matter how much you distrusted or fought against them, they didn’t go away. This is the spirit of the new that is calling you

Sometimes we don’t see the new., we just feel frustrated with the old. We don’t know what the new is, we just feel locked in, restless, dissatisfied. You look at society, its institutions, organizations, and forms of relating, and are keenly aware of the limits and the restrictiveness of these forms. It is good that you see this because it keeps you from getting caught and ensnared in these collective forms. But this can also be destructive to you. Your mind can get caught in a negative loop. Then you see what’s wrong but you don’t look to see what can be made right. You focus on the problem instead of seeing the solution.

If that is the case with you, then I invite you to look deeper. Your dissatisfaction is because something of the spirit is imprisoned and not flowing. You sense there can be something better, freer, more liberated, more life supportive. Your challenge is to look for new possibilities and what is a next better step: to find your vision and then act and to become creative, to become communicative and expressive of your vision…….

It is as if you are a seed that has written into your genetic blueprint what kind of a flower or tree you should become. Your sense of this blueprint is very real in your inner consciousness. In some ways, it is probably one of the strongest and most powerful forces in your life. Just to exemplify this: try to imagine giving up your dreams and living a traditional, conservative life without any higher meaning or purpose. You cannot!

That is the force of the new, that is the force of the vision calling you. You are a visionary. Listen to your vision and trust it. Give it space in your feelings and thoughts; give it space in your actions, relationships and in what you say. Through doing so you are evolving the WORLD! You are building new thought forms into the dimension of thought that surrounds the planet. You are creating new emotional and energetic vibrations and structures within the energy world that surrounds the planet. Recognize your potency as a builder. You, together with many others, are building new frequencies, new paradigms, and inner energy states, and later those energies will take outer forms and structures.


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