Top 10 Tips for Teaching Indigos

Top 10 Tips for Teaching Indigos
by Wendy H. Chapman

1. Treat them with respect
If you do not show it for them, they won’t give it to you despite your position of authority.

2. Listen to their opinions
They need to know you care and recognize them as people of value.

3. Empower them
Give them choices such as what type of product to create to demonstrate learning, what order they do the work in, perhaps between two activities (as a class decision). Having a voice that makes a difference will do wonders for their self-esteem, will usually encourage them to participate in the choice they have made, and consequently will improve their attitude towards you and towards education.

4. Solicit cooperation and avoid giving orders
Indigos do not respond (at all or not positively) to those who attempt to control them. They will respond to those who treat them fairly and kindly.

5. Help them do things that make a difference
If they are frustrated with the way something is – from homework in the school to homelessness in the world, encourage them to do something positive to change it.. Like writing letters to the school board or the paper, creating poetry about it, making posters, t-shirts, organizing a school or community group to focus on the issue and work to change it.

6. Help them discover and develop their talents and strengths.
Encourage their creativity and unique personal expression.

7. Be tolerant of their extreme emotions
Help them balance by using aromatherapy, allow them to drink water in the classroom, quiet moments or visualization practice

8. Encourage students to be peacemakers for each other
Indigos are here to be peacemakers for the world. Let them practice now. This helps develop communication and compassion. Be a guide in this process.

9. Explain WHY about everything
Why certain rules exist, why they need homework (Do they really if they already understand the concept?), why the world has to be the way it is. If you don’t have an answer, acknowledge their frustration and show empathy.

10. Discourage medicating for ADD
Often it is not ADD, but Indigo nature creating selective attention. If they can focus on a topic of their own choosing for long periods of time, it’s probably Indigo, not ADD. Even if there is a problem with attention and distractability, there are alternative methods of therapy that, unlike Ritalin, do not suppress the natural creativity and leadership of Indigos. Encourage organizational aids.

I can already hear some of you saying, “Aren’t these good ideas for teachers to use with all children?” and my answer is an unqualified, “Yes! Absolutely!” The point is that an Indigo Child will suffer tremendously and often tragically if they are not treated with respect and fairness, as unique individuals with great things to offer the world. They will rebel. They will start to hate school. They will drop out emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and sometimes physically as well. They may turn to drugs or develop existential depression and become suicidal or violent. Did you know that all the perpetrators of school shootings have been Indigos? This is according to Nancy Ann Tappe, who first observed and documented the Indigo phenomenon. Wouldn’t you like to help prevent school violence?

When the children come to your classroom, they may already be so angry with the way they have been treated by the educational system thus far that they may be difficult to work with. They may come with the “don’t mess with me” attitude because – guess what? They HAVE been messed with and they don’t like it. You need to show them you are different and you are ready for them and willing to work WITH them. When they see this and know it to be true, they will respond.

If these ideas sound like common sense and you are already doing them, Congratulate yourself, You’re a VERY good teacher! You’re no longer stuck in the Old Energy of traditional educational teacher/student dynamics which just doesn’t work any more! If you are not doing these things, but are considering them as a potential change – Congratulations! You are open minded and willing to change with the times and with the children.

Please spread the word about Indigos to other teachers and parents!


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