A Healthy Indigo Diet

A Healthy Indigo Diet
by Laurel Chaisson

From: http://www.childrenofthenewearth.com

Higher-vibrational children are extremely sensitive to their environment. While their surroundings have quite an effect, little distresses them more than an unhealthy diet. While children living in lower vibrations may not be greatly affected by unnatural sugar, synthesized food, or chemicals, highly sensitive Indigo and Crystal children often react by becoming hyperactive, depressed, sick, or even allergic. Crystal children are especially influenced by their eating habits.

The first thing to do is to remove or reduce your child’s intake of unnatural sugar. Because they are already bursting with energy, anything extra is just too much! Indigo children often suffer from hyperactivity or an inability to focus because of the energy buzzing everywhere around them. On the other hand, Crystal children can become easily exhausted as well as hyperactive. Children who already eat a lot of sweets should be eased gradually away from unnatural sugar instead of being suddenly switched so that it does not upset their systems. Talk to them about eating more healthily and start it as a family if you can – this will encourage them and make everyone happier. Fruits and vegetables are already full of natural sugars so they make a good replacement.

Although synthesized sweeteners may seem like a good alternative, many contain Aspartame or Phenylalanine. It’s best to steer away from anything that says ‘diet’ or ‘fat free’ on the package unless it also says ‘does not contain aspartame’. In fact, aspartame is virtually everywhere despite the fact that it is toxic in large amounts. If it has caused anxiety disorders, severe headaches and even seizures in some cases. Imagine the effect it may have on higher-vibrational children? (You may want to look up more information on aspartame toxicity.)

In some cases, Indigos or Crystals may want to cut something completely from their diet, such as red meat or animal products. Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles are perfectly healthy and should be respected if your child wishes, but it will be necessary to talk to your doctor or dietician to find out how to provide the right amount of protein. For some reason, a few Indigos and Crystals have an aversion to milk (although they like milk products) or even allergies to it so you may need to find other sources of daily calcium.

Most importantly, remember that higher-vibrational children do know what their bodies need, so do allow them to use their intuition to tell them what they need as long as you help them distinguish what they need from what they want!

Laurel Chaisson is a 15 year old Cusp-Crystal who has been aware of whom she is for all of her life, never really knowing there was a label until she was 13 years old. She began writing at the age of 12 and believes that part of her mission in life is speaking for the higher vibrational children and helping them to regain their knowledge. She lives in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, and can be reached at indigo_crystal@hotmail.com. Her hobbies include reading, writing poetry, singing, and learning more about the reality she currently resides in


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6 Responses to “A Healthy Indigo Diet”

  1. well that explains why im allergic to everything under the sun except milk, and thats not including metals, or laundry soaps.

  2. i agree… my 8 yr old son has always been picky with what he eats… even as a young child he disliked overprocessed foods… i love this article!

    Be Well!

  3. toddlers instinctively know what to eat – it’s the grown ups who force the bad stuff on them. i’m so glad that the awareness of this is increasing- great article. thanks from an adult indigo who’s suffered & survived sugared and overprocessed childhood!

  4. I always knew our daughter was different and got her a mini reading at a psychic fair today where she was told she is an Indigo child. She was also diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease several months ago. zaklin@hotmail.com

  5. I would LOVE to try to get my son to eat more like this…alas…he is now 18 and I am JUST learning about all of this…if I only knew THEN what I am discovering NOW…oh how things would be different…but HOW can I get a extremely picky and stubborn opinionated and from what I am reading/learning…cusp crystal-indigo(?) diagnosed bipolar, ADD, dyslexic, CAPD, genius IQ, and shows EVERY characteristic of BOTH crystal and indigo (as do I) to learn to eat in this manner?!…He would NEVER believe me…NEVER listen….*sigh*…

  6. Dear friends,

    I just red the article in magazine and I found few words about Indigo Children. After little research on the net I m so… I can not find the word to express what I feel, think.
    I am 35 years old and during my life till now I thought that I am lonely in my perception, my ideas.
    Hope that I ll meet you.


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