Advice From An Indigo Adult

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Hey Indigo Kids:

I am a forerunner Indigo. Born 37 years ago. Kids count your blessings now, when I was growing up, indigos were few and far between. The amount of information on metaphysical and mind stuff and spiritual stuff other than the the big guy in the sky, was limited to 1/4 of a book shelf in a book store. This is me…when I was four, I started a fight with five guys in my neighborhood (I’m a girl) because they were ganging up on a June bug and chasing it down the sidewalk. Poor thing was scared out of its wits. Saved the bug (I don’t even really like insects) my mom saved me. i was so mad spouting off about extinction to her and how it could be the last of this particular species.

I died when I was 9 months old. I see auras off and on. I talked to animals and, my God, they talk back. I can see through their eyes. They know who you are, even if others do not. It was hard growing up,knowing that not everyone saw or felt things as I did. I was a part of every crowd from the nerds to the partiers. I was bored to tears in school and experimented with drugs to cause some excitement. When that phase passed, I started doing risky thing for the adrenaline rush, and still do. My friends when I was out of home and school were the misfits of society, people who didn’t follow the status quo. They weren’t like me, but they weren’t like everyone else either. It is hard to never really fit, but then again, everyone always remembers you. I’ve had lots of adventures and have been able to “enlighten” others on my journey. I’m used to the weird looks and I’ve always assured people, yeah I’m weird, but I don’t hurt anyone.

And now, I’m the parent of 3 indigo children who are gifted, trying desperately to guide them on their differences (some days I don’t do a very good job). My advice to those up and coming. Learn when not to say anything. If your heart says take on five guys bigger than you to save a bug…do it! It’s the bug that is asking for your help. Accept that you are different and that it is okay. Forgive your parents, they are on their own spiritual journey and just want to be “normal”. Love yourself for who you are, yes you can see things others cannot, yes you can feel the energy of the earth, trees, water, animals and rocks. Everything has a voice,from the rocks to the wind, you just have to listen.

Get a pet, they will not judge you and you will never be alone. What you can do and feel is really cool and 3/4 of the population secretly wish they could. Do not become a side show for friends and family. Be honest with your self and others, especially parents. Tell them you hate it when they brag about your intelligence. Don’t get caught up in pettiness. Find some creative outlet for your frustration in society and others. Learn how to dowse. Try to be positive. There is a point to this existence (I’m not sure what it is yet). Don’t do things that will land you in jail, you will self destruct in that structure environment. There is a difference between religious and spirituality. Laugh, laugh at others, laugh at yourself, laugh laugh laugh!!! Don’t despair, remember, there are a lot more indigos now than when I was growing up and I’m still here, and I can still laugh. Live close to water or close to some sort of unstructured nature.



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