For Indigo Adults

Are you an Adult Indigo?

You may be an Adult Indigo still carrying the spiritual wounds of childhood if you answer yes to many of these questions:

– Is life on this Earth painful to you?

– Do you ever feel as if you don’t belong here?

– Do you ever feel as if your inherent knowing is not acknowledged?…your intuitive wisdom is not
honored?…almost no one understands you?

– Do you ever feel as if you have been hiding your real self all your life?

– Do you ever feel as if even those closest to you do not know the real you?

– Do you think of yourself as a failure?

– Do you feel as if you never experience any real joy?

– Do you yearn for a place that feels like “home”?

You were one of the first Indigos but the world was not ready for you. Few understood your unique world-view and your special gifts. So in order to get along, to make it in this world you had to go along. The only way you have been able to exist in this world is to deny the essence of your Being. You have had to deny the full truth of who you are. You had to hide away your true Self. You have had to cover your Light. You have had to shrink from your greatness. For almost all of your life, you have had to disclaim your Essence, your “I Am Presence,” the “You-ness of You.” You have felt the pain of the dissonance between your knowing and the everyday reality of a world that does not share your vision of perfection, and does not seem to understand, or appreciate, or honor you.

That pain has resulted in spiritual wounds that have been unrecognized and unhealed, and that you have carried from childhood into adulthood. Those spiritual woundings can leave you feeling alienated, alone, a failure, discomforted and dis-eased with being in body and functioning on Earth. Now there is a way to Spiritually heal those emotional wounds…

17 Spiritual and Emotional Wounds of Indigos

1. Anger is a need to defend oneself, through attack, against the harshness of this world experience.

2. Grief is weeping at the separation.

3. Fear is the experience of being in danger because of being too small, or too little.

4. Distrust is not being able to count on any reality as certain.

5. Despair is giving up the connection to the breath of God.

6. Anguish is the belief in aloneness.

7. Shame is being embarrassed in front of the whole cosmos.

8. Insecurity is the experience of having no solid ground inside.

9. Selfishness is the fear of coming out to interact with this world experience.

10. Loss is not being able to find one’s own heart.

11. Panic is the experience of being suspended in mid-air, with nothing to grasp or hold on to.

12. Inferiority is the belief, “I’ll never be as good as God.”

13. Hatred is the experience of feeling as though one does not deserve re-union.

14. Indignation is holding righteousness in response to the lack of dignity expressed for God’s creatures.

15. Resentment is the wish that the world matches the inner vision.

16. Jealousy is wanting what the angels have.

17. Guilt is holding oneself responsible for the lack of perfection in the world.

Above info taken from Spiritually Healing The Indigo Children and Adults, Too! by Wayne and Ellen Dosick with their permission. Go to for more information.


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  1. I am absolutely taken aback as I read the above description of myself. I found it by accident while searching for an article on the Midwayer Commission’s alleged claim that Islam is a threat to the religion of Jesus.

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