Get ready for the Crystal Kids

Get ready for the Crystal Kids
-Steve Rother and “the Group”

We hear about the new children and how they are changing our world. The Indigo children are here making a difference now, but what’s next? For the past seven years Steve Rother has been receiving divinely inspired information from a collective of angels simply known as “the Group.” He and his partner Barbara have presented this information to delegations at the United Nations on two continents on five separate occasions. In 1997 the Group spoke of the Crystal children as possibilities in human evolution. In spite of what we see on the news, the Group says that we are moving forward rapidly. As a result, the Crystal children are no longer a possibility, now they are a reality.

The two primary attributes of a Crystal child are:
• Extremely powerful
• Extreme sensitivity and even vulnerable

Considering these attributes you can see throughout history where Crystal scouts have entered to test the waters or to plant important seeds. Until now, the collective vibration of humanity has not been high enough to support them in our world. We typically go into fear when they see something different. In fact we have a history of treating Crystal scouts very poorly. The Group said we crucified a crystal child 2000 years ago and he was not the first.

The Group suggests that Crystals are going to start coming in within the next four years will full attributes. Until then we will see children entering with partial Crystal attributes as they have for the past seven years. At first, this sounds wonderful, but let’s takes a closer look at what it may actually mean to have the first Crystal kid on the block.

The Power of Crystal Kids
Imagine that you have just discovered that your two year old son can move things with his mind. How will you explain that to the neighbors? Envision what it will be like the first time that you take your little girl out in public and she begins to read the thoughts of the person sitting next to you in the restaurant. Much like the Indigo children that have preceded them, Crystal children have a very thin veil. It will be very common to have a Crystal child walk up to you and say: “Mommy, do you remember when I was your grandfather?” Additionally, Crystals have inter-dimensional abilities that enable them to cross the lines between alternate realities. In the beginning the Group says that we may misinterpret these abilities. But eventually the children themselves will show us how it all works. One of the most important abilities we will see with Crystals is that they carry an inbred understanding of unity consciousness. To us, this will be seen first as their ability to read our thoughts and know what is in our hearts through complete emotional empathy. Even though this will be difficult for humanity to accept at first it is clear to see that when we know what everyone else is thinking and feeling there will be no more secrets. When there are no more secrets, there can be no place for things like war.

Crystal Challenges
Being Crystal also means having tremendous sensitivity to all things. This may be difficult at first, yet, in time the Crystal kids will learn to deal with the lower vibrational energies to which we have become accustomed. Much the way that Indigo children have no reference for guilt, the Children of Crystal Vibration have no reference for the lower emotion of fear. Being extremely powerful and emotionally empathic, if they experience an overload of fear from those around them they can actually reflect it back amplifying it in the process. That is one of the reasons the Group says we are currently going through global processes (terrorism) that will help us deal with our fears as a collective.

They also have physical challenges that have already begun to surface. Having loose ethereal bodies to enable inter-dimensional abilities, these children are vulnerable to influences that push them out of their body. This may appear as autism in the first Crystal children. The Group suggested that we closely examine vaccines and other medicines that we give our children routinely. They say that the vaccines have not changed it is the Crystal Children are entering with a higher vibration that makes them more vulnerable. The Group suggests that the fact that autism has increased 300 percent over the last ten years in parts of the world when we vaccinate our children, is evidence that the Crystal kids are already entering.

In the days ahead we will all see more about the Crystal children. Since the Group first spoke about them in 1997, there has been a lot more filtering in through different people. I believe that James Twyman, Doreen Virtue, Drunvalo Melchizedek and many more are all referring to the Crystal kids in their current work using slightly different words to describe them. We are overjoyed to see the attention these kids are now beginning to receive. Ultimately those labels will not make any difference. Special as they are, in the long run we will just call them kids.

Steve Rother was working as a General Building Contractor in San Diego when he started receiving divinely inspired messages about human empowerment, which he then began publishing on the Internet. Those messages, known as the Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home, are now distributed to more than 50,000 people in 146 countries. With the guidance of ‘the Group’ from the angelic realm, Steve has authored two books, ‘Re-member’ and ‘Welcome Home’, which are currently available in five languages.

Today Steve travels with Barbara, his wife and partner of thirty years, presenting this information to Lightworkers globally. The Group’s information about personal empowerment in our evolving world has now been presented five times to charters of the United Nations on two continents. They are three time presenters to the Esoteric Society at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria and two time presenters to the Enlightenment Society at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

More information can be found on Steve Rother and the Group at:


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  1. This was so interesting. My daughter is 5 but about a year and a half ago she started saying to me, ” This is the song I use to sing to you when you were a baby”, and ” I use to hold you like this when you were a baby”. And my mother passed away when I was her age so I knew instantly what was happening. My daugher touches lifes everywhere she goes and is very friendly and smart. It seems like everyone loves her. I truly believe that she is a Crystal kid! Also, she had a horrible emotional reaction to the 5 year old shots. Which I regret but am so glad that it’s over now. Thank you for this information!

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