How To Get the Most from Your Indigo Child

How To Get the Most from Your Indigo Child
A Guide for Parents and Teachers

by Wendy H. Chapman

* RESPECT them.

* Practice UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for your child. Love them and show it, no matter what.


* Give them FREEDOM to develop, balanced with SUPERVISION and SAFETY limits.

* Do set LIMITS to protect them, but not arbitrary ones.


* As much as is possible, LET THEM HELP to CREATE RULES and fair and appropriate consequences for breaking them.

* Give them COMPLETE EXPLANATIONS to the level they will be able understand.

* DON’T TALK DOWN to them.

* NEVER SAY “JUST BECAUSE” or “Because I said so” and feel it is an adequate reason for an Indigo. It isn’t.

* Be HONEST with your children. Tell the Truth. They will know if you are not.

* Avoid giving orders, instead ASK FOR their COOPERATION in accomplishing a goal (ie. of getting ready to leave on time).

* DON’T try to MANIPULATE them. It won’t work.

* DON’T USE GUILT, fear, or hate as a controlling tool.

* Be FAIR.

* Be CONSISTENT. If you say NO, make sure you have a good reason and don’t give in.

* DON’T COMPARE your childhood to theirs (when I was a kid we had to walk 10 miles to school uphill both ways..)

* Provide EMOTIONAL SUPPORT for them and their goals.

* LISTEN to them.

* RESPECT their PRIVACY and personal space.

* TEACH your child to have RESPECT for others regardless of their abilities and model this behavior.

* ADMIT when you make MISTAKES.

* Make time to PLAY with your kids.

* Don’t do things for your children that they can do themselves. EMPOWER THEM by LETTING THEM DEVELOP AUTONOMY.

* GIVE them some RESPONSIBILITIES around the home and CHOICES about which responsibilities they will have.

* NOTICE GOOD BEHAVIOR and thank them for it.

* USE REWARDS at least as often or more so than punishments. These help to get through frustrating times.

* INVOLVE your children IN YOUR LIFE. Don’t shield them from it or they will know and will resent it.

* RESPECT any PSYCHIC SKILLS that they develop, even if you do not understand them.

* PROVIDE appropriate TRAINING and SUPPORT for any special talents they have – physical or metaphysical.


* PROVIDE CREATIVE OUTLETS for your children.

* Be OPEN to Learning FROM them.


“I need you to help me get to the doctor on time. We have to go in five minutes to make the appointment, so do everything you need to before we go, like go to the bathroom if you have to. Also, since grandma is coming later we need to pick up your toys either now or as soon as we get home. You decide which.”

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