I Am An “Indigo Elder”

 I Am An “Indigo Elder”

By Lisa B

-From: http://www.experienceproject.com

A pparently, “Indigos” began showing up in small numbers around the time I was born, and the numbers have increased steadily over the years. I guess that would make me one of the “first wavers,” as others have called us.

Some folks try to make the label “indigo” spooky and mysterious, but it’s really not. Many people act like the indigoes are magical and are here to “save the world.” Maybe, but my take on it is that we’re definitely here to change the world so it can save itself.

What it boils down to, for me, is that the human race is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. There are all sorts of scientific explanations and theories that can be cited, but in essence we’re just the first generation of the “new human.” We’re not weird, or magical, or special. We’re just the first ones who are born awake.

The problems come into being when we’re born into families and go to schools with parents and teachers who have no idea why we’re so different from them, and so they try to force us into their molds because they want us to fit in and be “happy.” They don’t know that their efforts to make us conform are slow death to us. Hence, diagnoses like “ADD” an “Autism.”

They fear our “abilities” (which they have as well, but they are still sleeping) because their religions have told them that to be “psychic” and all that is evil. Their outdated science tells them that what we can do is not possible. So they make us feel evil and wrong. We don’t know where to turn, so we turn inward and don’t tell anyone about who we are, until the miraculous day when we meet another indigo who “recognizes” us.

The old guard (government, media, businesses) are still in control, but their power is fading as more of us come of age and step into their places. We’re more peaceful and fair because we naturally understand that we’re all connected, and as we expand our influences, the natural societal progression that follows will make for a greener, more unified human race.

~ by indigolifecenter on January 2, 2008.

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