by José Manuel Piedrafita Moreno

The “Mission” of adult Indigos is to act as an energy bridge between the two energies Purple and Indigo. They are the initiators, preparing the way for the ‘Great Critical Mass’ which is now in their childhood.
“Humanizing” such an unhumanized society. Creating new behaviour guidelines. Making them aware about Ecology or Food. Inventing New Technologies. Changing people’s attitudes towards their environment. Looking after Children, the planet. Creating new Education, Economic and Healthcare Systems. Form Work, Discussion and Information Groups. Be “Models” to Follow, etc…..

For this “Mission” we are counting on the pros and cons derived from the indigo frequency.

· Great learning and assimilation capacity
· Easiness to assimilate sudden changes
· Summoning and leadership capacity
· Inquisitive mind
· Many and varied resources
· Tendency to develop natural gifts (healing, clairvoyance, canalization, etc..)

This involves:
· Being able to get close to many people as they know many and varied disciplines
· Adapting to all types of situations
· Being able to carry out projects with support
· Looking for different solutions to one problem
· Helping others

· Emotional instability (depressions, sudden mood changes)
· Lack of discipline
· Lack of stability
· Not very consistent

This involves:
· Ups and downs in social relationships
· Changeable image in front of others
· Lack of support when wanting to carry out projects

The indigo frequency differs in its vibration, provoking certain reactions in a body which is not ready for this frequency. Our body is like a radio and to make it sound and work well we must have the tuning devices (chakras) well balanced. As the incoming frequency is different and the physical body is neither prepared nor accustomed, our first three chakras (the ones which connect us to the Earth, giving us stability) become unbalanced very easily.
What to do then so that our body canalizes this energy better? We can help with yoga, meditation or tai-chi. Also with our food we help to make the necessary physical and energetical change to canalize the indigo frequency without problems.
To “accelerate” this process or make it easier there are techniques such as EMF and the Merkaba Meditation which helps us to reconstruct our body not only physically but also energetically.

Best Wishes with Love
José Manuel Piedrafita Moreno

About the Author

Jose Manuel Piedrafita Moreno holds a City & Guilds Teacher Training Certificate and a TEFL Certificate. An adult Indigo himself, he presently spends a good deal of his time presenting workshops and lectures in North and South America and his home country, Spain. Jose Manuel’s main focus is on providing educational and everyday tools for children, teenagers, parents and educators. Author of a Spanish and French language book about Indigo children, Niños Indigo – Educar en la Nueva Vibracion, Jose Manuel has also just finished recording a CD of meditations for children, edits of the educational newsletter “Planeta Indigo” for Parents and Educators and collaborates with the magazine “Children of the New Earth” as contributing editor.


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  1. When I read about mission, I wonder how many Indigos are unaware of the term “Indigo,” much less any special talents that might make them diffirent. Perhaps some gravitate to one form of the mission or other intuitively while others lead lives no different than non-Indigos. What’s most likely to happen when an Indigo is completely out of touch with the terminology, the books, and other Indigos?


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