HOW TO RAISE AN INDIGO CHILD: Meeting the Educational Needs of the Indigo

A Complete Serialization by Dr. Barbara Condron



Indigos need guidance. The old educational structures are not going to work.

Their incredible energy is present from birth. It expresses in their willfulness. We can dumb them down and dope them up, altering the connection with this innate energy or we can be the change. We can learn so we can love and teach and help guide these souls into their own brilliance.

Staying the same will not enable us to do this. We must love enough to change ourselves so our children can receive the benefit.

Change does not happen as a matter of time. This is why societies and nations can repeat the sins of their forefathers, again and again and again, seemingly never learning.

Change is thought revolution. The 1960’s were filled with thought revolution. From “make love not war” to equal rights for all to exploring altered states of consciousness, glimpses of what could happen were everywhere. Seeking alternatives to materialism opened the mind to possibilities – the food for thought revolution, the fuel for change.

In 1999, we started looking for the revolutionaries for the new millennium. We wanted to aid the talented and gifted among us, this time in the form of a nationwide search for a worthy recipient of $50,000 in seed money we desired to give away. As before, our search for those who teach the gifted among us, the potential inventors, scientists, artists, statesmen and yes, even mystics, enriched us all.

We learned of a growing number of purposely small schools, from coast to coast, who are seeking to reach the soul by teaching the whole person. We were inspired by the people we met and the work they are doing. There are good people doing outstanding work in meeting the needs of the future leaders of our planet. They need to be recognized for their work is innovative and inspiring.

We created what we called The Maker’s Dozen, twelve of the top schools we discovered in our travels. Each has a unique approach to learning and teaching. Each works for the teachers, parents, and students because they form a community and community is essential to learning. Community is where our experience is rooted.

These schools work because people give their energies – be it time, participation, or money. They literally breathe life into their relationships with the children. By being willing to give in your own community you will find the educational gem in your own backyard or create one! That’s how each one of these schools began: someone is dreaming a dream they are willing to make come true. Hopefully hearing about one of them will inspire you.

Oak Grove School
in Ojai, California
Unique quality: International Students
The only school in the U.S. founded by spiritual teacher and author J. Krishnamurti draws upon all ideas that work to give the best education for the whole person. Preschool to high school, Oak Grove welcomes students from all over the world. Nonprofit, self-supporting students raise money each year for scholarships. 160 students.

Providence-St. Mel,
Unique quality: Work/study program
Teaches children how to use initiative, to be responsible, to understand cause and effect, to believe in themselves and to work for their dreams through a unique work-study program for 1-12 grade. A wonderful example for this day and age, showing that self esteem comes from creating and putting forth effort, not welfare or pity. 97% of Providence-St. Mel’s students go to college. Since 1972, nonprofit.

Waldorf Teacher Education

Unique quality: Teaching teachers
Waldorf education, based on Rudolf Steiner’s teachings, educates the whole person in 120 schools worldwide. As well as arts and sciences, Waldorf philosophy teaches children goodness, beauty, and truth through an ascending spiral of learning that includes experience, application, and service. Many idealistic conventionally tooled teachers discover the Waldorf philosophy is compatible with their own and liberating for they have the freedom to be the best teacher they can be. Training teachers will enable this education to become more widespread and flourish. Six teacher institutes in the United States and in Canada.

Post Oak,
Houston, Texas
Unique quality: Teaching whole person
A 35-year-old Montessori school for 14 month olds to 14 year olds. Well-established school that illustrates what these teachings offer. As with many of these schools there is a maximum number of students (350) enabling the student-teacher association, essential to learning, to flourish and grow.

Republic, Missouri
Unique quality: Early learning
The only school on our list that serves pre-school ages 3-5. The dedicated teacher who does her own building maintenance, says she has been waiting all her life to do this! “This” is teaching 65 children in buildings owned by a Methodist church in this rural Missouri town. Her efforts are both a testament and a response to the reality that learning begins at birth.

Upland Hills,
Oxford, Michigan
Unique quality: Community interaction/involvement
Outstanding quality is their desire to be a model for other schools based on love, community, and drawing out the genius of every child. Toward this end, Director Phil Moore is writing a book chronicling his 30 years with Upland Hills. This school provides hands-on experience, teaching concepts through practical application. This kind of education aids children to live better lives. Founded in 1971.

Community School #1,
Kansas City
Unique quality: Community School of Future
Based on the philosophy that a child learns best when he or she is able to teach others. One room school for wide interaction of students is not going back but moving forward as it reflects the society we live in. This school teaches the importance of community by giving the students the chance to live it, essential for spiritual man to flourish. 1982. K-6th grade.

Sycamore School,
Indianapolis, Indiana
Unique quality: Parent-founded school
Only complete talented and gifted school in the state of Indiana. Started in 1984 by parents to meet the needs of their children. Within a year, 50 parents were interested in beginning a school with 110 students. Now 400 students, preschool to eighth grade, learn leadership by teaching others. Students paint ceilings as Michelangelo did while parents devote time to teaching in their areas of expertise. Nonprofit.

St. Louis Children’s Aquarium,
St. Louis, Missouri
Unique quality: Learning is Life-long
With its on-site aquarium and Internet access it may seem a strange nominee, but its ideal of teaching teachers while educating people of all ages makes it outstanding. When Jacques Yves Cousteau looked for a place to donate his library, St. Louis Children’s Aquarium was his choice.

Belin-Blank Center,
Iowa City, Iowa
Unique quality: International and comprehensive
International in scope offering individual classes, summer programs, Saturday programs, live-in programs. Teaches teachers and parents along with children. Includes public, private and homeschooling. Started 1980. Nonprofit housed at University of Iowa. 3-11 grades.

University of Human Goodness,
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Unique quality: Service Education
This program, although not specifically for talented and gifted children, educates the soul and teaches the importance of contributing to the lives of others. This all volunteer, 501(c)(3) educational organization, is dedicated to teaching children how to be of service to others. Personal responsibility is taught through its hospice program and the respite programs. Noteworthy for its humanity in an age of technology. 14 years old.

Brisbane Academy,
Charlotte, North Carolina
Unique quality: College Preparation
Incorporating regular school hours, this college prep school espouses academic guidance, social and emotional mentoring, and unconditional love for each individual as a being of light. Founded by tutors who wanted to continue to foster brilliance in their students, Brisbane began in 1995 with 11 students. Currently 90 students who average three grade levels higher than public standards.

Each school on our list inspires each of us toward loving more, teaching more, giving more. In every instance they are living testimonials to the power of the individual to make a difference. Those who teach are examples of what is being accomplished, right here, right now.

Awareness of rapid growth from one generation to the next arises because that growth is caused intentionally. Intentional growth is what it means to raise an Indigo child, a mystical child. Since the children are intentional, we, their teachers and examples, must also be intentional. Our own minds are the ones to discipline. Our minds are the ones to still. Indigos need to be heard and understood. They need guidance from talent and genius that understands itself.

We are preparing ourselves for the task, whether that child comes from your own genes or someone else’s. All of us influence these mystical children. Very soon, we will live in a world of them, and they will be the ones making the choices that affect all our lives.

By being open to being a bridge, you understand all people. You strip away the colors that others have painted you and allow the Real You to shine. This is the honesty Indigos expect and demand. Indigo is not a limiting label, it is the expression of a way of thinking, an inner strength of the soul, a consciousness being brought into the world, to cause change.

Those who are already a part of the change understand this and are ready.


Through her association with the School of Metaphysics, Dr. Barbara Condron has taught thousands of people how to use more of their potential, directed four spiritual documentaries, and written over a dozen books. Her latest, Master Living: 10 Essential Life Skills for Health, Prosperity, Success & Peace of Mind, reflects people’s experiences with the School’s curriculum and is the basis for the POWERS of TEN, a one-day seminar she is presenting at universities throughout the United States. Participants have described the seminar as “an odyssey of the mind” and “ten years of courses condensed into ten hours.”

When not traveling, Barbara lives on the campus of the College of Metaphysics with her husband Daniel, son Hezekiah (now 11), and Llasa Apso pup, Sam. You can contact the School of Metaphysics and/or Barbara at or write SOM World Headquarters, Windyville, MO 65783.

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