Background of Metaphysical and Psionic Abilities

Metaphysical and Psionic Abilities

  Disclaimer: Before scientific analysis of these abilities is taken into consideration, the author wishes to thoroughly confirm, for those readers that are thinking “so how do you explain divine intervention then, Ms. Scientist?”, that not all metaphysical and psionic phenomena are provable by dry, non-fantastical scientific analysis. This author is not even going to attempt to explain such things by scientific means because, quite frankly, there is no way to do so; nor is this author going to attempt to state that simply because it cannot be proven by some empirical formula that means that it does not exist, which is certainly not the case. After all, one cannot see or feel an atom, yet the result of the atom (the being, object, element) is still present as a manifestation; the same can be said for metaphysical and psionic abilities that occur through divine intervention, simply because such cannot be seen at the source does not mean that the result is not a manifestation of such an occurrence. There will always be exceptions to every rule, theory, or law because every possibility can never be accounted for fully; thus, as has been said before, “A coincidence is when God performs a miracle and decides to remain anonymous.”


The subject of metaphysical and psionic abilities is a subject that has sparked much debate not only throughout history but in modern times as well. Many laymen as well as scientists have attempted to prove to what extent these abilities exist or if they even exist at all. Furthermore, the question of what skills of this nature actually exist and which are nothing more than science-fiction or simply subconscious manifestations within one’s imagination is another area within this subject that often finds much quarrel. Fortunately, the question of whether or not such talents exist is no longer an area of question but of fact; however, the questions still remain as to what the nature of these areas of ability are and which actually exist. This article is not going to attempt to list every ability existent within each of these categories, but it will give two brief lists of the most common abilities and their descriptions. Foremost, however, this article will explain the nature of what metaphysical and psionic gifts are, how they come to exist within the human body and mind to be used naturally, and some of the restraints that each category holds.

  Metaphysical Abilities

Metaphysical abilities are non-material skills that are oriented towards an ethereal nature. These capabilities have three defining factors that distinguish them from other categories. The first of these factors is that these abilities are purely internal; this means that no external source is affected by the energy that is used and there is no external energy source that the skills utilize in order to function properly. The second defining property of these capabilities is that they are purely mind-to-mind oriented. This means not only that there must be a mental/ethereal connection for these abilities to be successful, but this also means that the skill cannot be used with inanimate objects. The third, and most important, property of these talents is that they use mitochondrial energy (commonly known as ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate)) as the source of energy that makes the use of these abilities possible.

As the mitochondrial energy is created within the body, it will intermix with naturally present electromagnetic energy outside of the body; this process only serves as a catalyst, as it is the electromagnetic energy that works as a transmitter of sorts for the abilities to be detected and received as actual information by the recipient(s) mind. This fine model works great on paper and even with subjects that are in close proximity to each other (the process can be observed actively with specialized equipment in the latter case) but when the subjects are far apart (a single state or several states apart, for example), this process falls apart completely on paper because there is no logical way (mathematically-speaking) that the energy can travel as quickly as it would need to in order for the recipient to receive the information within a few seconds or minutes time. This was a major inconsistency until August 1990 when a Russian laboratory, along with the cooperation of 5 other laboratories in several major countries, was able to discover the manner in which nature and the human mind solved this problem. In the case of long-distance metaphysical transmission, a combination of a form of compression by neuron signals and an electrical “decoding” process remedies the problem and, with a few adjustments to the original formula, it even comes out looking great on paper as well *laughs*. It may seem odd that mitochondrial energy needs to be used for the initial phrase of the transmission process, but it must be used because the capabilities are purely information rather than physical manipulation; it takes a cooperation process within the entire body combined with the compression that occurs in the brain for these abilities to be used at all; it is also this complex process that makes this set of skills the most difficult to use and/or develop.

These capabilities can be developed with enough practice even if the individual may not believe they are capable of such things; this development can take place because there is no gene that enables or disables such abilities and with all animate beings upon this earth possessing some form of mitochondria, the individual or creature can transmit information in this form to most beings. There are two exceptions to this general rule however. The first exception is that only higher mammals (humans, dolphins, cats, dogs, primates etc.) can transmit information in this form to lower vertebrates (certain types of fish, birds, amphibians, etc.) but the reverse is not possible without a higher mammalian initializing source; this is because of the manner in which the neuron compression process mentioned earlier works in the brain in most lower vertebrates compared to higher mammals. Between lower vertebrate species, this form of information transmission is possible but when in the case of higher mammal/lower vertebrate transmission, the lower vertebrate’s neuron compression process actually uses the energy from the higher mammal in a kind of energy feedback transmission system. The second exception is that these skills are not possible with insects, bacteria, and invertebrates in general. The reason for this is the difference in brain structure and usage of energy in these creatures; there is an inhibited protein present within both the brain and the mitochondria that prohibits the transmission process from occurring as it should. The major theory as to why this is the case states that this protein is what is responsible for metaphysical transmission in these types of organisms, and there is a secondary enzyme (that is not known as of yet) that is actually the inhibitor and this possibly being an evolutionary answer to the organisms survival as time progressed. It is important to note that none of these exceptions exist with psionic abilities.

  Psionic Abilities

Psionic abilities are material skills that are oriented towards a physical nature. Unlike metaphysical gifts, psionic talents are not confined to the internal environment; in fact, without the external environment psionic skills would not be possible. To further this aspect, there are four major factors that define psionic abilities. The first of these factors is that these capabilities are both internal and external; this means that there is both internal and external components that effect the “creation” and success of the psionic energy. The second defining characteristic of these skills is that they are mind-to-material oriented, which entails that a physical object is affected by the energy utilized by the source’s mind. Thirdly, the initial source of the psionic energy comes first from the synapse channels within the brain and then utilizes the mitochondrial energy. The fourth distinguishing factor is that psionic aptitudes are genetically-linked and cannot be developed from a purely nonexistent state (in other words, someone that is not genetically born with such cannot use them) With psionic talents, the energy that is used to utilize them in their initial phase is created through a process known as chemosmosis; this process defuses a cocktail of 3 (2 chemicals in other creatures besides humans) chemicals into the base of the synapses within the brain. Once this has occurred; the synapses will transmit information as they normally would from nerve to nerve, but this chemical cocktail reacts within the energy that is produced as this transmission occurs, and a higher than normal amount of electrical energy is created. Instead of this energy dissipating as it travels throughout the body as would typically be the case with electrical energy naturally present in the body; the energy begins to travel through the nervous system and will then obtain only one ATP molecule as the energy travels back up to the brain. With the reaction that takes place with this one additional molecule of ATP intermixed within the original chemical cocktail, the particles of energy are collected and formed into waves. It is these waves that leave the body and will come into contact with the electromagnetic waves present in the external environment. After this occurs, the “mixture” gains a much longer and much more concentrated wavelength; it is as this series of amplified waves reach the object to be effected that they will react with the electron movement in the object, and the object will be effected by force (it will move in some manner). It is this process that confines psionic gifts only to inanimate objects because when this energy strikes an animate object, the energies will cancel themselves out and thus be ineffective.

Unlike metaphysical abilities that are not capable of being transmitted from lower vertebrates to higher mammals, psionic abilities can be used by and be transmitted between any group of creatures; the one exception to this is that such an energy use does not occur with bacteria and related organisms. This is due to the fact that one of the two chemicals needed for the initial process is not present within these organisms. This being said, there is a note that needs to be made at this point with respect to how these abilities are manifested in different classifications of animals. Humans can manifest this energy by bringing force to an object to cause it to move. Dolphins, some species of whales (the Orca and Beluga whales most notably), many species of bats, and several other animal species can do this as well, but the result is a process that is commonly, though misleadingly, known as “echolocation”. The psionic energy present there is what allows them to perceive their surroundings. Instead of the energy being used, as it is in humans, to move an object, dolphins, some species of whales, etc. use this energy to shift the molecules of the air or water around them; it is this shift in molecules that enables the perception of their surroundings; it acts as a kind of “mental picture”; when the psionic energy interacts with the molecules of the air or water, the energy frequencies will be interpreted into various aspects by the dolphin’s brain; this “mental picture” is not pictorial; it is purely varying frequencies of psionic energy mixed with the molecular energy of its various surroundings. This process has nothing to do with sound waves as is commonly thought; the sounds that one hears from these creatures are simply an involuntary vocalization occurring as interpretation of their environment occurs within their brains. Most, if not all, species of insects use this same psionic energy as a kind of electrical field that will surround the object needing to be moved, and the energy produced from the insect’s brain or brain-like structure (non-psionic energy) will enable to be hoisted and moved (the gripping of objects that is commonly seen with insects is a natural instinct to stabilize the energy present in a sense).

One can clearly see that there seems to be something missing in these variants of psionic abilities; what is missing is that all of the instances listed above have only shown evidence of telekinesis (the ability to move an object with the mind). This important aspect is due to the fact that there are only two of the three chemicals mentioned earlier present within other creatures besides humans; these two chemicals are an absolutely necessity for psionic capabilities to be achieved to begin with; however, humans possess a third initial chemical that bonds specifically with the “energized” phosphate present within ATP to form the “mixture” that is needed to enable elemental manipulation within the external environment (pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, hydrokinesis, etc). Why it is that only humans seem to possess the third elemental-enabling chemical is still unknown to science, but it has been theorized that the cause may be due to the nature of the chemical bonding of ATP that takes place being significantly different in humans compared to other animals.

The factor that these gifts are genetically linked means that there is a gene responsible for the skills. Within the defining factor of their being a genetic link with these abilities, there is also the note that needs to be made that an individual is born with any psionic capabilities that they will possess from that point forward and that cannot change through any amount of meditation and so on. These skills are also independent of each other; this means that simply because someone is pyrokinetic does not mean that they will be hydrokinetic or vice-versa. This relation can occur, but it is very rare because of the bonding mechanisms that have to take place. Usually if two abilities are present and are essentially “opposites” of each other; one skill will be very diminished compared to the other.

Aside from this, there are two other exceptions that appear as a subcategory of both metaphysical and psionic abilities; this subcategory includes three known capabilities (and a fourth that is debated upon inclusion) thus far: vitakinesis, quantakinesis, algesis, and sensory empathy.

  Noted Exceptions

Vitakinesis (the ability to heal mind or body with only the use of the mind), quantakinesis (the ability to manipulate certain homeostatic and inherited internal characteristics in the body with only the use of the mind), algesis (the ability to harm the body with only the use of the mind), and sensory empathy (the ability to know the emotions and internal physical state of others with only the use of the mind) are all capabilities that require both metaphysical and psionic energy in order to be achieved. There is no scientific conclusion as of yet as to how these abilities are possible, since it is impossible (because of the chemical processes that take place in each form of energy “creation” and use) for the energies of these capabilities to be used together, but these abilities have been manifested at will and it known objectively that they do in fact exist. There are two theories as to how these abilities come to be manifested. The first theory is that there is an enzyme present within the ATP bonding process that is yet unknown that somehow allows the two energies to come together internally to produce the capabilities. The second, more accepted, theory is that there is an electron-bonding process that occurs externally that allows this process to occur.


Both metaphysical and psionic abilities are possible through empirical means, but there will always be an element of subjectivity present because these capabilities, even though they may yield the same result, may be interpreted differently by each individual. However, there are very defining characteristics that give result to these gifts, and it is these characteristics that should be used as a mandate to determine the nature of the abilities, but this does not mean that one set of abilities is better than the other or that one individual is better than another depending on what particular ability they have or the strength of that ability. These capabilities are indeed gifts and should be seen as such; just as sight, the ability to think, and so on should be seen as gifts. It may have been an evolutionary product of natural selection that gave rise to such aptitudes, but that does not mean that they should be any less cherished, nor should they abused. There is a fine line between using the capabilities that have been discussed here to know to what extent they are possessed and using them intentionally to harm someone or something, and it is that line that should never be crossed.

Credit for writing this information goes to Kawmra from Yahoo! chat. Her username is mircasshebor, and she is often found hosting a room “Indigo Child’s Light”, that can be accessed through the room list on Yahoo! messenger. So, if you are interested in these matters, why not pop by and have some fun. ^^

Also, credits to the Savyo Genetics Institue for gathering the data pertaining to the scientific insights.

Additional resources:

Neppe VM. An investigation of the relationship between temporal lobe symptomatology and subjective paranormal experience. MMed Psych thesis. Johannesburg, University of the Witwatersrand, 1979; 1-1-178 & i-xv.

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  1. we ALL Have psi powers. Its just that ‘education’ has weakened them, take the 3rd eye. It can be opened if one knows how.
    Get training to do it, you wont be sorry.

  2. We all born with psychic abilities…

    We just need to develop it,to believe in it and to practice it

  3. actually the em spectrum is sufficient for instantanious psi transmission. The speed of light which most of the em spectrum falls into is roughly 186,282.397 miles per second. The earth’s circumfrence is roughly 27,900 miles = around the world transmission 6.7+- times a second…..where as through the earth at roughly 7,900 mile diameter would be a transmission rate of roughly 23.6+- times per second. It all depends on what part of the spectrum psi falls on whether shielding works or not (faraday cage experiments show no interference) and thus could pass simply through the earth to the other side of the planet which means a 23.6 +- th of a second for a transmission

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