Indigo Children: The Crystal / Octarine Shift

Indigo Children: The Crystal / Octarine Shift – The Child Disaster and the Adult Awakening  

By Sunfell

Indigo Children: The Crystal / Octarine Shift – The Child Disaster and the Adult Awakening  

There has been a lot of press lately about the sudden upsurge in profoundly autistic children- especially in California, but also in many other places. Some attribute this to the toxins in the water of California from the many fabrication plants in the Bay Area. Others say that when mildly autistic geeky sorts mate, their children are more likely to amplify their traits. Many programmers have Aspergers, a mild form of autism, which makes them excellent programmers, but also carries the risk of their offspring having full-blown autism. And others say the problem stems from the effects of some vaccines on children.

Another, less publicized source for the epidemic of autism is the unfortunate spiritual selection of babies as carriers of the Octarine (some call it Crystal) traits of information processing. The traits of the Octarine mind would challenge even the most well adjusted adult, but are proving to be potentially life destroying for newborns. Before I continue, let me go over some of these traits and sensitivities to refresh your understanding of the burden that one with the Octarine traits must carry. In the process of sharing these traits, I will add my own personal experiences as a newly transited Indigo-Octarine, so you can get an idea of why the Wise Ones have now shifted away from newborns as carriers of this trait:

The Octarine traits strip away the natural shields and protocols which protect the person from the normal assaults of both physical and psychic influences. We essentially become a walking receiving antenna- absorbing the psychic, empathic and electromagnetic vibrations of everything around us. We live in an electromagnetic soup- far worse than it was just 20 years ago, and all these energies have an effect on us- from cell phones to microwave ovens to satellite broadcasts. Add to that the less-than civilized direction our culture is headed in, and you have a potentially health- destroying mess on your hands.

Physical vibrations also affect the Octarine person: perfumes, drugs, certain processed foods, smells, sounds, temperature, even solar radiation and geomagnetic fluctuations. Personally, when the sun is flaring and hitting the magnetic fields of this planet, I feel like I’ve drunk a gallon of coffee: shaky, wanting to ping off the walls, uncertain. I tend to bury myself in the office or my home until the worst of it passes. I try not to make any major decisions when in this state. Tiny babies have no way to understand these things, and essentially shut down within a few months of this assault on their senses. Parents who are not spiritually or intellectually adept are not capable of properly protecting their Octarine child, and in fact may make the situation worse by giving it electronic toys (they make the most horrid sounds to Indigo/Octarine ears- like nails on a chalkboard), taking it to loud and high stimulation public venues like high noise restaurants, movies, stores and on aircraft (torture!), or parking it in front of a TV or stereo system that is turned up too high, and playing less than soothing music. This is a recipe for tragic disaster, because the only defense the child has is physical, and he or she literally shuts down, or focuses upon one thing to the exception of all else, using that thing as a shield against the horrific world in which they live. Adult Octarines can cope by carefully measuring their exposure to these toxic environments. Babies and small children cannot, unless they are fortunate enough to have parents who are aware of these things.

Octarines absolutely must have ‘just-me’ time. Many of us live alone, as this is also an Indigo trait- but for the Octarine, it is much more overt- almost to the extremity of becoming a hermit. When an adult makes the transition to Octarine, it can be disrupting to relationships- even down to ending them. Only those who thoroughly understand this need for the Octarine to have time to ourselves are tolerated. The most intrusive sound to an Octarine (and many Indigos) is the ringing telephone. It does not matter who is on the other end. Email is more acceptable, simply because the Octarine person can reply at leisure- if at all. Forget childbearing- maintaining relationships and raising children is almost impossible to them because of the chaotic elements involved. They can, however, tolerate the presence of children who are cared for elsewhere, and have a way of communing with them that is almost supernatural to outsiders. Small exposures between Indigo and Octarine kindred can convey the same amount of information that months and years of standard interaction can. We know our own and our kin, and can speak that particular wordless language to each other. For babies, being alone is not an option, no matter how sensitive they are. Again, the autistic trait reveals itself, with the child rejecting their caregivers’ attention without understanding why. What they cannot articulate, they express physically.

Adult Octarines are very sensitive to food and food additives, and tend to avoid processed and convenience foods. The closer to its natural state it is, the better we like it. Same with beverages- the ingredients of ‘diet’ drinks are actually toxic to us, and can send us into anaphylactic shock. Too much caffeine, while not as toxic as the artificial sugars, is also toxic, and has undesirable effects on us as well. Alcohol can be consumed in very small quantities- but because our livers are sensitive to the toxins in alcohol, we cannot tolerate more than one small glass of wine, beer or spirits. Drugs of any sort can have unexpected effects on them- especially anesthesia and pain reducing drugs. If an Octarine is in need of surgery or any procedure where a pain reducing drug or any sort of drug like Valium, Xanax or other perception-altering drug is involved, the doctor should very carefully monitor the dosage and effects. Even small doses of these drugs can have an adverse effect on the Octarine. I had surgery during my transitional period, and the anesthesia made me see ‘through the veil’ and speak to my Guides and my mother, who I could very clearly see. My friend reported this to me- I have no memory of it. She told me I was speaking in strange languages, and talking to people who ‘weren’t there’. Going into surgery, the dose of ‘milk of amnesia’ that was given to me stripped me of my normally very calm and conservative shell, and turned me into a ‘lay-down comedian’, according to my doctor. Afterwards, the painkillers I took made people appear to be walking around in blobs of light, made incense smoke spell out messages, and turned the ‘pitch’ of my hearing down half a notch. I got off these medications as quickly as possible. About the only painkiller I can recommend to fellow Octarines is Ibuprofen and aspirin. They work as advertised, without side effects, and in small doses.

For babies, this sensitivity is the major make-or-break barrier in the successful survival of childhood. Since parents tend to feed their babies pre-processed foods, rub them with scented lotions and soaps and defer to their doctors as to their vaccinations and medications, you can see here that the Octarine child is doomed almost from birth to be classified as developmentally disabled because of their extreme reactions to these things. Extreme allergies to scents, nuts, meats, chemical additives in formula, OTC drugs, toys and baby foods attack the child and make them unable to develop properly because they are fighting for their very survival. This basic hurdle is one of the paramount reasons why the Octarine transition is being switched to adults and teens.

Extreme sensitivities require extreme measures. For an Octarine-born child to have a reasonably tolerable childhood, the parents must understand that the world around them is toxic both physically and psychically to the unshielded newborn. In order to permit the child to function in this world, a parent raising an Octarine child must make the home a sanctuary to the child and gradually expose them to the world in order to properly acclimate them to it.

Guidance suggests the following: Do not take the child out in public for the first six months of its life. Period. Not to the store, not to the park, not to grandma’s. The child can be brought outside and exposed to the pollens and atmosphere of the immediate home, but otherwise, being at home during its most vulnerable period is essential for the successful integration of his or her senses to this world. Should you get cabin fever and take the child out of its accustomed safe environment, the child’s screaming reaction to the over-stimulation should be an abject lesson on why this is so important. Yes, six months sounds like an eternity, but that time period permits the child to develop their senses in an environment that is properly ‘set’ to permit development without overwhelming him or her. After that, the child can very gradually be exposed to the outside world, but in very small doses.

The home must be a sanctuary, free of the overwhelming sights, sounds, and smells of the outside world. This means that the TV should be off more than it is on (and never put one into a child’s room), electronics should be used minimally (the computer should be in a room that the child does not go into), and wireless devices banned from the home. Microwave ovens should be used rarely, foods should be as close to pristine as possible, music should be soothing (forget rap or rock, and never at high volume). Toys should be of natural materials- like cloth, wood, or metal- with no electronic voices, lights or sounds. If a toy makes a sound, the source should be natural- bells, chimes, squeakers etc. Avoid the plastic toys of today- often they are coated with an anti-bacterial substance that makes them toxic and can really ruin the immune system. Clean up with vinegar or plain soap- avoid the antibacterial additives in those. The child and his or her clothes, hair, bedding, etc, should be washed with the mildest unscented soaps and detergents available. If you use lotions on your child, again, stick with unscented. They’ll appreciate your choice. Avoid the use of artificial ‘fresheners’ or scents around the home. Use an air filter or ozone generator instead.

Much of this is echoed in the adult Octarine’s home- we are able to ‘tweak’ our private environment to be minimally irritating to us, and can pitch out the things that we cannot tolerate. You won’t find any smelly things in my house except for the daily joss stick or carefully scented tea light (I use my own collection of natural oils to put a tiny amount of scent into them). My phone still has a real bell, I have no beeping clocks or sound effects on my computer, and I wash my clothes with unscented laundry soap. If I want ‘summer fresh’, I hang them outside. I have one television, which is usually off, but do listen to music. When I write, I prefer silence.

As for dirt, a little dirt is good for the immune system. Let the baby get dirty, play in dirt, play with animals. Let them outside to acclimate themselves to the local pollens and atmosphere- but do it gradually. With food, give them stuff that hasn’t been processed, and without common additives like high fructose corn syrup, MSG and other toxins. Avoid milk and milk products- especially processed cheeses. When introducing a new food into the child’s diet, carefully observe the child for adverse reactions, and stage the introduction gradually.

Gradual introduction should be the method of choice for acclimating the child to this world- permitting the child to grow the shields and protective devices he or she requires, and allowing their own coping mechanisms to develop. Forget the huge birthday parties and lavish Christmases- unless you want to find your child in a sobbing ball hiding in the closet. Low key and intimate should be the theme at all times. The world should not be presented as a fearful place, but as a place that is off-kilter enough to confuse the senses. Speak to the child in a mature manner; explain things even if they cannot yet seem to understand. In a way, we who are Indigo and Octarine are ancient time travelers, coming from a place that is much more civilized and psychologically developed and mature, and the transition to this world is a rude shock on our senses. Baby’s brains may not yet be wired to process the complexities of this world, but their old souls can hear the gist of your words, and can transmit it to the growing mind. This will help equip them to understand the oddities of this life. We start asking tough questions as soon as we can speak- and we do not stop. Be prepared to answer them honestly. If you don’t know, say so. Even the smallest among us can spot a waffler or a liar, and once you violate that trust, it will be difficult, if not impossible to regain it.

Read to them. Point out the words- I picked out simple words at the age of two, and was reading in kindergarten. Real books make up for all the noisy horrors that pepper the Octarine child’s world- they are quiet, non-radiating, and soothing to use. The ratio of books to toys should be at least 10:1. An adult Octarine’s home can often be mistaken for a branch library, and our appetites for books and knowledge are voracious all our lives. Don’t park your child in front of the TV or give it video games. Such things kill curiosity and intelligent capacity. Crayons and blank paper are much more fun.

Octarines and Indigos transiting into Octarine have an interesting positive effect on electronic gear. Batteries last longer, computers operate correctly, and TV receivers come in clear. Mechanical gear also tends to not malfunction as often when an Octarine is present. The ability to commune in some way with these things is a useful skill. When Octarines are very small, the exposure to such devices should be minimal, because the ‘noise’ they generate is overwhelming to their developing nervous system. After about two years, or when the child begins making sounds that are more words than noise (signaling the maturing of the brain), a gradual introduction to these things is permitted. Indigo and Octarine people are drawn to computers and other complex electronic and mechanical devices, and they tend to prefer them to people. More rarely, an Octarine may not be able to tolerate the presence of such devices, and they may actually disrupt the operation of these things.

The world seems to be a very loud and harsh place to us, but we are mature enough to understand that it is we who must change, rather than expecting the world to change for us. We can begin to impart those positive changes in small ways- from campaigning for the removal of ‘public music’ to driving electric cars. If we don’t buy certain things, or do certain things, or participate in certain things, and make it ‘cool’ for our immediate peers to do the same thing, then those things will eventually disappear, or at least become attenuated to a tolerable level. This goes for everything from the overweening and ugly McMansions to the desert of corporately owned commercial radio stations.

Once we adjust to our new role and sensitivities as Octarines, we can then become Guides to those who are currently struggling with these overwhelming changes. The shift from babies to adults in the transition from Indigo to Octarine puts the burden upon us to successfully undertake it. Then, perhaps, those who do choose to tolerate the chaos and difficulties inherent in raising children can make a proper place for these very vulnerable and fragile beings, and more will survive unscathed and spiritually intact to adulthood. That which we call ‘Spirit’ is not perfect- but in correcting the stream of Indigo to Octarine transitions from babies to adults, it has demonstrated that it is willing and able to correct apparent errors in action. The ‘Spirit’ world is not divine or error free- it is merely a more enlightened stage of Being in the great scheme of things. They have a different way of seeing things than we do- only because they are further down the Path than we are. Eventually, we will be where they are now, doing what they are doing now. In our own way, we, too serve as Guides for the dimension immediately below our own, and so it goes- in both directions- for a very long way. We are a vast chain of cause and effect, perhaps immortal, perhaps a mere flicker of thought in the mind of The ALL. We must cope with our Now as best we can, and continue to grow and learn in our own way.

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These pages are a personal exploration and experience of the emergence of the Indigo and Octarine ray people into the world today. The Indigo (also called Cobalt or Blue) phenomenon has been widely discussed and examined in many New Age, Lightbearer, Ascension and Esoteric circles, but little has been written firsthand about what it is like to BE an Indigo and live this life. I seek to remedy that in these pages. What I write here is from personal experience, insight, and Guidance. You may read things here that are only now manifesting themselves in our world, or have not yet been broached or discussed in mainstream circles. There are no secrets here, only life as I know it, and experience as I relay it for the benefit of my peers who are either conscious or latent Indigos. Some of what I write here may make no sense to you if you are not one of us, but I share it in the spirit of tolerance and understanding. Indigo or not, we are all related. And we are all members of the human family on this planet.


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2 Responses to “Indigo Children: The Crystal / Octarine Shift”

  1. As a Discordian, I have a hard time taking this post seriously (BUAHAHAHAHA). As a Zetetic, I question that gut-response and re-examine the premise and really try to understand what the author tries to get across with this. [[Proccessing…]]

    My conclusion: As a practicing Chaos Magickian, and a very big fan of Terry Pratchett, I find the author’s mis-use of the word Octarine deplorable and lame.

  2. I am a transitioning Indigo-Octarine. I’m only 31 now & I started transitioning during my Saturn return at 28. From what I’ve read, I’m transitioning about a decade early. I believe this is due to the fact that my best friend is an Octarine soul from birth. I can’t really find any info on native Octarines as they usually die young. If you know of any resources, I would greatly appreciate it.

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