Indigo Children’s World

Indigo Children’s World


During my period of research I found it sad how misunderstood these precious children are. Sadly because of our ignorance on this subject, we expect them to function, behave and perform the same as other children.

Adults normally base their perception of a well balanced, successful person on their qualifications, social job status and bank balances. All these assets can “buy” the perception of the “happy family” from the outside world. Most of us would drive past their beautiful homes with the fancy cars, large gardens, painting in our minds eye the picture of a happy contend home and family life. We all do this, because we are part of the norm and society.

When we paint this happy picture around our expectations of children, we base most of our hopes and dreams around how well they cope and function within the norm, how popular they are, how many friends they have, how good they are academically and in sport and what leadership qualities they have. I think all parents secretly anticipate their child to be, if not head boy or girl, then at least a prefect or a class captain. And who can blame us! We are all part of a big bad world, a “dog-eat-dog” environment, and should our children not be equipped with all or some of the abovementioned qualities or achievements, what will become of them?

Sadly, because of these perceptions and expectations, should there be any minor dysfunction or diagnosed disorder, the perception normally is; that they are different, less perfect and sometimes a disappointment or even an embarrassment. Normally these perceptions are triggered from the world outside of your immediate circle of love. And what do you do when either a family member, friend or teacher tells you that there is something wrong with your child? Don’t we all start our journey by first questioning our parental skills and thereafter at a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist level? Because of our time restraints, we blindly follow the route prescribed by them and somehow rely on this route to be the ‘quick fix” or miracle cure for our child.

“Please understand I am not trying to be the person with the “big stick”, claiming a platform of speech, forcing you to believe what I say or changing or belittling your belief systems, values or concerns. I am a mother of such a child, just like you. I have been through all these emotions of fear, disappointment and even sometimes embarrassment.
I have a great respect for the professionals or specialists in this field and I am by no means, claiming them to be wrong and relying only on something that they know as the miracle cure to the child’s diagnosed label or box. I have seen marriages, families and some children saved by the specific use of products prescribed to treat the “problems”. However I want to stress, that in my opinion, the problems are sometimes diagnosed in passages of schools by teachers and people unqualified in this particular field, demanding that the parent have their child treated before they will teach such a child.”

My question is that with the astronomical growth around ADD/ADHD, should we accept that each child diagnosed with these deficits was correctly diagnosed and treated, surely from a bigger universal picture, there should be a reason that has profound bearing on our evolution as man? Could it be that our children have a profound purpose and role to play in uniting all adults on a global scale to cause a universal shift in the school environment, political arena, healthcare, environmental treatment, and most profoundly on what we base our sense of wellbeing?

Could it be that we base our sense of wellbeing, success and achievements on the body and mind of a person? Nowhere within our systems do we currently acknowledge the spirit, soul or being of the human being.
Dr. Douglas Baker explains in his book (The Psychology of Discipleship), that because of our ethics and perceptions of “equality for all” in our social norm, we are missing a very important part from an individual personality point of view. He states…

“Psychologists previously, some currently, assess two main factors of the personality. The Hereditary Equipment (H) and the Environment (E) into which the child is thrust at birth. Thus, as the child grows his …

But Freud and Jung, and more recently Assagioli, Frankl and Maslow, have stressed a THIRD factor. Some call it ‘spiritual development’ (S); others call it ‘soul rapport’ or ‘spiritual influence.’

No personality can be stable without all three factors present. They form a triangle of energy which makes up the true personality:-


It is because of the existence of this third influencing factor, highly accentuated in some one or more aspect in the Spiritual Child (supergifted), that we stress the inequality of man on the scale of evolution.”…..

“..It is ridiculous to aver that ‘All men are born equal’ …Men are NOT born equal … they differ enormously in physical powers, in spiritual development and in social status.

“.. the equality of man…a belief that has no support in its foundations apart from ethics, in any kingdom of nature.”

(The Psychology of Discipleship – Dr Douglas Baker)

Indigo children are here to introduce us to a new era where we actively incorporate the spirit into our daily existence. They learn differently, think differently and function differently, but by no means does this mean they are dysfunctional or disordered.

Therefore it is so important for these children to be supported and understood at home. It will take time for the education environment to change to accommodate and nurture these children. Without the support and understanding at home, Indigo children find their world harsh and extremely lonely. They cannot rejoice in who they are, but have to suppress their true brilliance in order for them to be accepted by their family, friends and society.


~ by indigolifecenter on January 12, 2008.

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