Older and Cusp Crystal Children

Older and Cusp Crystal Children
by Doreen Virtue

Since the publication of my book, The Crystal Children, I’ve talked with an increased number of people about Crystal Children. Two clear patterns have lately been noticeable: Older Crystal Children and also cusp Crystal Children.
Most Crystal Children were born after 1994. But previous to this time, a few Crystals came to earth to scout around. Their assignment was to investigate the current energy patterns of the planet and its populace, and make sure that earth was ready to be populated with Crystal Children. Some of these older Crystal Children are now in their twenties.

The Older Crystal Children have the same characteristics as the younger Crystals: huge eyes, pores that emanate light, gentle loving personalities, and extremely sensitive. Just like Older Indigo Children (people with clear Indigo characteristics, who were born in the 1950’s and 1960’s), Older Crystal Children sometimes feel like they don’t belong. Their peer group is 10 to 15 years younger than they are.

Older Crystal Children do best in relationships with other gentle souls, and they also find solace in companionships with animals and nature. It’s essential for Older Crystal Children to live in gentle surroundings that are quiet, away from argumentative people, and near trees, flowers, and animals. If Crystal Children go into harsher environments, listening to music on headphones can help as a energetic shield, as can wearing a crystal pendant over the heart.

Connecting with the angels can also held Older Crystal Children to manifest relationships, jobs, and living situations that are suited to their gentle dispositions. It’s important for Older Crystal Children to not passively accept abusive situations. Sometimes Older Crystal Children are conflict phobic, and avoid arguments at all costs. In these cases, the Crystal Child must use their metaphysical mental power of affirmation, visualization, prayer, and meditation to alleviate abusive situations. No one – no matter how gentle and loving they are – should accept an abusive situation.

The Older Crystal Children whom I’ve met have given me a lot of hope about the future of our young Crystal Children. The Older ones have managed to retain their angelic sweetness, and haven’t nose-dived into sarcasm or cynicism. I believe this is because they’re relying upon intuition and Divine guidance to manage their lives, instead of building walls of defensiveness against pain.

This reminds me of a psychic game that my Dad played with me regularly when I was a child. This game truly helped me build and maintain my intuitive and psychic abilities as an adult. Dad would hide objects around the house and then encourage me to go into my physical and emotional feelings to find the object. Dad would walk with me and say, “You’re getting warmer,” or, “You’re getting colder,” to guide me. These were my earliest psychic development classes, and I prize them today. You can do the same with your Crystal and Indigo Children.

What about Cusp Crystal Children? Cusp Crystal Children are those who have characteristics of both the Indigo and the Crystal Children. They are similar to a person who is born around the twenty-first day of the month, giving them characteristics of both astrological sun signs on either side.

Cusp Crystal Children are usually nine to twelve years old, and they represent the change in energy from the Indigo Generation (which came in huge waves from 1975 to 1995) to the Crystal Generation (which began a huge influx in 1995).

Cusp Crystal Children are very sensitive, loving, and fascinated by animals and nature. They’re magical children, who have the warrior anger edge of Indigo Children. They can sometimes seem out-of-control, especially if their diet has additives or if they’re around stressful energy. These children are true hybrids who can be a challenging handful to exasperated parents.

If we remember that sensitive children give us clues and feedback about stress in our environment, we can follow their lead and create more peaceful environments at home, work, and in our social settings. If the child is being affected by harsh energy and acts out as a result, then on some level, the same harsh energy is also negatively affecting everyone else involved, too. It’s just that the Cusp Crystal Child is more aware of harsh energy, and is more outspoken about disliking it. Instead of getting upset with the child, why not focus upon healing the source of the harsh energy?

In all ways, our Crystal and Indigo Children are a gift to us parents . . . and a gift to the world. Their super-sensitivity will help us purge this planet of dishonesty and greed, and replace it with cooperation, generosity, and manifestation power. Our sacred task is to ensure that the children’s spiritual gifts blossom and thrive. As we hold this intention, we’re all sure to grow spiritually along the way.

~ by indigolifecenter on January 12, 2008.

8 Responses to “Older and Cusp Crystal Children”

  1. How do i get more info, and is there anyone i can speak to in my area (charlotte, nc) ?

  2. […] Older and Cusp Crystal Children Indigolifecenter’s Weblog […]

  3. Hello. I have a 1 year old grand-daughter who, I was told by a clairvoyant, is a Golden Child and a ‘Master’. She certainly appears to be rather ‘special’, high energy, penetrating eyes, adventurous, no fear etc etc. People are drawn to her and she excites comments wherever she goes. Do you know of any background or details of Golden Children please? I am interested in furthering my knowledge.

  4. Hello, to everyone!!! πŸ™‚
    I am 20 and studying music. As a musician, i noticed that there are lot’s of crystal and indigos among the artists…but unfortunately, the main problem of most of us is, that we are floating somewhere betwen…At that point we have a feeling, we basicly don’t exsist and we slip away somewehere and close ourselwes. That happens when you spend a lot of time in the city, where there’s no true support. But, everything channge immediately, when we return to the forest-to the nature where we can make a strong conact with Mother Earth again.

  5. I am in Charlotte, NC. πŸ™‚

  6. I was born 1975 25th of february, is there anything you can tell about myself being indigo

  7. Hi, I’m 30 and recognise myself as one of the older Crystal Children, born in 1979. My lifepath number is 11.
    I guess I’m one of the Crystal ‘scouters’ you describe lol! I have the loving and intuitive personal characteristics, make jewellery out of semi precious gemstones and my eyes have always been commented on.
    I’d like to see more being written about those of us who are older as everyone forgets about us!!
    I’m definitely not an Indigo though I do have the odd characteristic like I am very truthful and don’t tolerate dysfunctional situations. As I write being guided to make it known that there is a dark energy in this world trying to masquerade itself as being of Indigo but it isn’t. Watch out for false Indigos among the true ones, they talk about truth but they are liars and troublemakers. Funnily enough, they can’t stand to be around us Crystals! I think we reveal them.
    Love and Light to all xxxxxx

  8. my son is 3 1/2 he seems to be very sensitive to night as he hears “voices” and it doesn’t matter how we normailze things he is still scared. I saw an intuitive yesterday and she suggested he may be an indigo or a chrystal child, I have read about both and feel he has some tendacies of each but doesn’t fit either one. Do you suppose he is neither and can just communicate with the other side?

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