How will you know your Soul-Mate?


How Do You Know?….

By Eri EL



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How do you know when you have met your twin-flame, the complement of your own essence?….

First, let me distinguish between soul-mates and twin-flames, for they are actually two very different complements…

By my own understanding, we each have many “Soul-Mates”, those kindred souls upon Earth with us, from our own higher-dimensional soul-family. Soul-mates usually have agreements with each other prior to coming into this life as to what role each will play in the “theatre” of life. Soul-mates are usually of complementary vibrations, and work together as a sort of soul “family”, assisting each other in Spiritual growth and discovery of Self… Soul-mates can be brothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, or in intimate partnerships with each other, but share a close bond and understanding on many different levels and lifetimes. However, soul-mates are usually two different Higher Selves, different souls that are part of the same “family” or frequency in a spiritual sense.

Twin-Souls are another matter entirely… They are actually two polarities of the same original soul-essence. They maintain different personalities and natures, yet each complements the other, almost like two puzzle pieces fitting together where they are very different, forming another completely unique essence. Each twin-flame must be very strong in their own self and spiritual awareness before it is possible for them to unite totally on the Earth plane, for only then is it possible to ascend and reunite all levels of being on all planes of existance. In this process, their two selves will remain distinctly unique, like two separate circles of personality, yet there is a center “melding” point where the male and female unite as the circles overlap in the center, forming a third, the sacred trinity…
According to the book, “Twin-Souls”, by Joudry and Pressman:
“At the summit, (of ascension) is perfected love, every created soul loving every other.

The foundation is the love of men and women. Whenever people meet in love exchange, there is an ascension of their souls. When Twin-souls reunite, the ascendance is jet-propelled. The twin-souls join the God force that draws all life upward. They are more than the sum of two; they are three…”

“Close as they will be when they find each other upon Earth, the one soul will still still inhabit two individual bodies, (and personalities/egos). They will grow in oneness increasingly as they scale the heights of spiritual existance in the afterworld. Yet they forever retain their individual natures within the unified soul.

Bulgarian Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov also has a beautiful description of Twin-souls:

“Every human being has a twin-soul. When man leapt like a spark from the bosom of his Creator he was two-in-one, and these two parts complemented each other perfectly, each was the others twin.

These two halves became separated, they took different directions, and they have evolved separately. If they come to recognize each other at any point in their evolution, it is because each carries the image of the other in the depth of his being, each has put his seal upon the other. Thus, each carries the image of his twin-soul within. The image may be blurred but it is there. For this reason, everyone who comes to Earth has a vague hope that he will find a soul who will be everything he needs, and that with this soul he will find indescribable harmony and perfect fusion.

Twin-souls complete each other; no other person in the world can so complete them.

Thus, all beings you have met since the beginning of your multiple incarnations, all the husbands and wives you’ve had, all the lovers or mistresses, have all left you, because they were not for you.

Perhaps you were together for a while, like a pot with a lid that doesn’t match. Wheras two Souls whom God has created together are absolutely made one for the other, and nothing can seperate them, truly, they have no fear of being separated.

In a married couple, when one or the other is AFRAID that someone may ‘rob’ him of his partner, (and nothing can keep this from happening), it is because that partner is not truly the beloved, not the TRUE beloved, the twin-soul…Twin souls recognize each other with absolute certainty and can never truly leave one another.”

Where is our twin-soul, and how can we reunite?

The twin-soul may actually be very near, either someone you have known all your life, or else just on the edge of your perception, awaiting the last steps you both need to take in growing in order to reunite.

The true union can only take place AFTER the point of reunion has occurred within ourselves, and our male and female energies are balanced within….

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~ by indigolifecenter on January 14, 2008.

26 Responses to “How will you know your Soul-Mate?”

  1. A beautiful entry.

    And if we are meant to meet our Twin Flame in this iteration of life, the paths are already in motion. I have also heard it said that we have very little choice in the matter– Twin Souls will only come together when the time is right for them to do so.

  2. I know you would enjoy reading my latest book, Divine Complement: The Spiritual Terrain of Soulmate Relationships. Yes, there one true divine complement for each of us, bonded through a signature in our Stellar Hearts.–Ariadne Green

  3. […] How will you know your Soul-Mate? […]

  4. Several years ago, in asking (during meditation) when I would meet my “soulmate,” it came to me that I would meet him when I was very close to being healed (“balanced”), and that he would be instrumental in the completion of my healing. So far I’ve only met one individual that I considered might be “the one,” but I very much don’t feel that this is the truth now. Even so, I just did a blog contemplating it, considering that this rocky connection did help me to heal further. He is very much my opposite, even astrologically (Aries/Libra) and there was, interestingly, a strong “theme” of fire throughout the relationship. Flame? But a depth of love was not apparent, more like a very immaturish “love.”


  5. I have felt my Twin for longer than I searched for him, I started this quest over 20 years ago and consciously found him last fall.
    He is on the other side but I know he’ll be a part of my near future, we have a daughter to bring into the new earth together.
    I can’t ‘see’ him or have always have a conversation with him but I can feel him and sometimes hear him but he is here with me, he sleeps in my bed next to me every night. He even once made a picture fly off the shelf in response to ‘are you here?’ LOL
    My son is the one who can ‘talk’ with him. 🙂
    The feeling I have with him is very healing, I can even sometimes feel his heart beat within my chest, very often when we spend time together I am filled with the most glorious light and loving energies that just soothes every cell in my body, it’s the most incredible thing I have ever experienced! It’s feeling is like nothing other…
    If Peace is the Journey then Love is the Destination,

  6. I am very astonished by the feelings brought forth through knowing your twin-soul. I enjoyed reading every single entry. Recently, I have discovered that the person I am seeing is my twin-soul. We have been friends since tenth grade in high school but I never thought of the possibility (virgo/aquarius made me think it cannot be). Although I had feelings for him during high school, it could not be known because he was with someone else at the time. Years go by, we graduated but still remained friends. And although he was with someone else, there were always moments when I felt something else. Three years after college, he suddenly called me to say “thank you” for supporting his goals and dreams. It was strange, but he comes and goes in my life and now he is back again, this time we are more than just friends. However, i don’t think we are reunited yet. There are many things we both have to excel in on our own before this love could even be recognized. I’m just so happy to find out that it’s him! I searched all this time and he was right under my nose. Bulgarian Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov was right, with your twin-soul, you don’t worry about losing him or her.

  7. I did not search to find my twin we found each other. I did not realize what it was until recently, as I had to find an explanation to what I was feeling. We are not in each other’s company anymore as this person left, as we are unable to be together, we are both committed to others and honor those relationships. It was only then I realized the immense depth of feeling that I knew it was something more. My heart feels full but have an intense yearning as I miss that person.

  8. I have found my twin soul. The moment I saw him, I knew we would be together. He completes me in every way. Thank you for that article because I didn’t know the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul. We are getting married in Sept. and I cannot wait!!

  9. Trust me when one finds their soulmate youll know ….Ive met quite a bit of people who i feel are the missing part of the puzzle piece and they acknowlege it the same way that i do….listen to this, how ironic does this sound…my name is amandaleigh. my closest friends names are candylee kimmielee lauralee and natashalee we are all from different parts of ontario canada and i met them separtly and have been friends for over 10 years or more…we figured this stuff out before we even knew what indigos are we thought that we were on some kind of conspiacy tripp…i am so amazed on how things worked out i also felt for some time that it kind of felt like an xmean show or something…sometimes i runaround like a chicken with its head cut off trying to help people in general and help them try to understand what i know and how i understand things when they are not clear about whats going on…i have met 2 partners that are my soulmates and the third partner is a soulmate but is in total denial and is trying to convince me that im just crazy…however i have shown him proof and i know he know believes me but hes scared and he has no belief in god and that drives me nutz…when im upset things move, the other day i was in a motel and i went over to the tv and touched the top of it and it turned off…that happends a lot when im at home…if i sleep in or press snooze my tv turns on to wake me up…even if i was to set another alarm 15 minutes later and push snooze again there goes the tv again turning on…at first i was scared but know that i know whats up i feel great i talk to angels all the time and they send me messages throught the tv or radio or i just know things…i used to feel so alone but know everywhere i go i meet people like me and i love it…i always felt like we wre being round up for something or something is going to happen so my big question is so now whats going to happen or what is it that im suppost to be doing…anybody know the answer

  10. I have met my twin soulmate 2 years ago we lived 800 miles apart but had a long distance relationship for 2 years seeing each other as well as talking on the phone for those 2 long years I was hesitated on moving those two years but there was being a path cleared and some miraclous things that took place that enabled me to move it was so breath taking and amazing on what occured for me to move in a weeks time I did not even know I was gonna move or be able to but everything came together and gave me the push I needed to move. It still amazes me how we complete each other. Since being together we have made mini miracles happen. Now I truly know I am where I need to be.

  11. But does it have to be male/female?

    • no, but the energies u each represent must be male and female, even if u are two females or two males. what we are is just a skin, it is who we truly are that matters. Opposite polarities.

  12. I am in love with this guy he’s 25 and in the beginning every thing was meant, but because of his life style a drug dealer and my current circumstances 29 with four childern no job I know every thng look like a big responsibility to him and I really dont want those kinds of things around my children we still talk and see each other and every time I see him or talk to him even after a year later my heart smiles he has had a son within in this year with someone else and I dont care .I tell him I belive we were meant to be , he knows there some tpye of connection but he wont tell me what, am I fooling myself If so why is it so hard to let go.

  13. I feel really bad, Because I have been married for Ten Years, 2 years ago I had a dream Of a black man being inlove with me (Like it was a past life of mine, And I was dying in that past life and he was by my side, He was very much in love with me and I returned that Love) Untill 2 weeks ago I had forgotten about the dream, When suddenly a black cream color man rode up on a horse and I could not take my eyes off of him, He took My breath away, and by the way horse’s are my passion. I can’t stop thinking of him. Could he be my soul twin…?I am a white women I have always like white men, But I have always had black friends, but never thought of them this way.. If someone could help me understand for this is all new to me….Thank You

  14. Wow, love some of these stories. Becca’s story is especially magic. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I think i have met a soul mate who might be a twin soul… he is twice my age… and my total oposite in almost every way…He is a virgo and i am an aquarius(but we have the same moon)…but despite the differences we see things almost the same way. After meeting him i have felt i have been awakened to my true self, but it is strange because I wasn´t aware of how blind I was. When we are together I fell Full and at peace, a sense of security which cannot be described in words. It fells literally like the Home I have longed for since birth.
    We are both married and happy, but I must say that we are both intrigued by each other. I had a dream That I was with him in a car. It was not my car nor his car. A few days later in a conversation he tells me he is going to buy a car just like the one I had dreamed of. The strange thing is… I did not tell him about my dream.
    My mother had heart surgery 18 years ago and I found out that he had been present in the surgery(he is a doctor) and in recovery he was there with her (He had a heart attack after my mothers surgery).
    When I was 13 I used to pass by a house… I thought it was a beautiful house and often wondered who had built it… After meeting this man I found out he had built that house for him and his family.
    There are other coincidences but to strange to mention…please I woul like to know your opinion .

  16. I believe I have found my soul mate (possibly in the highest form a twin soul). I met her at work very unexpectedly and our eyes met. Neither of us could stop staring at the other and few words were exchanged. There was this feeling of familiarity about her; like I had known her before intimately, it was very strange…but I could see myself in her arms. I also felt as if I knew from the first meeting some of what she was thinking…like telepathy. At first I wasn’t in full recognition of what was happening to me, it is very strange when it does, but I can tell you if you find this person, you will know it. The connection is instant and the bond between you whether you know each other or not will grow stronger the more you are exposed to this person, in whatever fashion that might be. The chemistry is ridiculously strong to the point you can feel it throughout your entire body and are almost frozen unable to speak. I found telepathy with her too, which I thought meant I was losing my mind until reading about the soul mate (twin soul) experience..I can feel what she is thinking and feeling at times without discussion…even when we are far apart… And I’ve noticed that my heart literally hurts sometimes too when there is distance between us, it’s crazy…we don’t know each other really, but yet I feel like I completely know her and feel absolutely in love with her…again, it makes no sense really, but perhaps it’s not meant to. We are not presently together, but I feel strongly we soon will be once the timing is absolutely right…she’s definitely not gone from my life so.

  17. It was very interesting to read all the comments here. I guess I knew that there is a part of me missing. I kept concentrating on my family, career, education, community participation etc… I feel guilty saying this, but I kind of feel empty, as I said there is a part of me missing.
    I’ve met this guy when I was younger, who I think I loved very much…. Years later I met someone who looked like him. Nothing happened between us we hardly spoke to each other, but it makes me wonder is this the kind of thing that everyone is talking about if so than who is my soul mate the first one or the other one that looked like him?

  18. wow. im 19 and im a taurus/gemini cusp, and im dating a sagittarius.

    we can’t be together becuase its just impossible you know?

    we’re supposed to be opposites, but when imet her, it was like i’ve known here for many lifetimes.

    and i feel like me and her, are more than soul mates you know?

    aww i love my life :]

  19. Wow! Reading through these gives me hope. I met my soul mate almost a year ago. We have only been face to face 3 times and each time it was like I had no control over my actions and it felt/seemed like he didn’t either. But each time the feelings I have get stronger. The first time he put his arm around me for a hug it felt like a bolt of lightning went through us and then I felt this calm go through me. The best way I have found to explain it is that it’s like I’m home when he holds me. I’m at the point where I am trying to be patient and wait for our time. I just hope I don’t have to wait much longer. 😉

  20. Mine is more a question than a story. I have, for most of my life, felt a hole in myself. I recently saw a picture of a man I’ve never met and had an instant “OMG it’s you” feeling. The hole I used to feel was then replace with intense sadness because the man has been dead since I was 17 and the end of his life was so lonely. Is this possible? Do you actually have to meet your twin to know?

  21. This is the way I Realized God….
    I dont know How to thank you…Your findings underlining my experiances !!and you make me more clear about what I had experianced !!

    Much Love to you…

  22. I found my twin flame … It was the most random, fun, exciting 2 weeks of my life!
    I couldn’t feel him like I knew I wanted to so I walked outof his life and started exploring myself and in the end… I found him again but this time it wasn’t his body , just soul. And he lives within me. He is aware that I am his twin soul he tells me all the time but we are just waiting for outlives to meet up again. Until then , I think we are just satisfied
    Knowing the other exists … Even if we live 1,000 miles away right now 🙂
    My advice to anyone looking for their soul mate would be to seek the TRUTH.

  23. This isn’t necessarily true. You will not always find your twin-soul, and even if you do, there can be circumstances where you my be separated. Maybe for life, maybe for a little while. But either way, you’re whole because you know them, you have found them. Even if you have to spend the rest of your life alone or with someone else, there’s always a little bit of you that feels fulfilled because you have seen your self.

  24. Is it possible for twin souls to become separated because of negative karma and later reunite?

  25. everything depends on the master plan of each incarnation, the lesson that have to be learnt. everyone we meet plays a part in our lives however insignificant. in between lives we pick and choose our lessons until the whole spectrum of human experiences have become a part of our education. Often, soulmates, twinflames, are the ones who play pivotal roles in helping us towards our goals. As for whether or not you will get the opportunity to unite with your twinflame, it depends on both of you. Whether or not you recognise each other, whether or not you are able to sort of your current lessons and evolve. Sometimes being together is almost like a “prize” for having evolved and ascended. Whatever it is, you will be together forever, even after this life has passed, even into the next, and even when time stands still. You twin flame will always be your twinflame. He/she just is. You may remember past lives where you were together, it is important to note that there is a good chance that not all past lives were “hunky dory”, they could have been your murderer, just as much as they could have been your lover. Yes, there is nothing like it, no other relationship comes remotely close. When you are together the connection is earth shattering. But to fully enjoy the benefits of finding your twinflame and getting the privilege of being together, you must seek and find the god in you and become who you truly are.

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