The Signs of the Times

The Signs of the Times
by Jackie Woods


Whether you look to meteorologists, astrologists, religions past and present, psychics, or your own personal script for answers, you will discover that external happenings always impact us internally. And the flip side of that truth is that internal changes create change externally. The balancing act of the four elements with our mind, body, spirit, and emotions is a connection we cannot get away from. History repeats itself on all levels. External imbalance gets intense, which in turn causes us to deal with our internal imbalance. We have cycled back to that point in our historical repetition.

Why do you think we are in for yet another season of severe external changes in the forms of solar winds, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and electromagnetic storms? It is because humankind hasn’t found an internal balance within the body, mind, spirit, and emotions—and nature is that reflection. Why do you think we have international conflict? It is because humans are not in harmony with each other and with the world around them.

God essence exists in all living things. However, at some time in the evolutionary process, we forgot this truth and began to war against that essence within ourselves and each other. And then, of course, that same dynamic filtered out to affect the whole of life. Males sought to dominate females. Families began to war against families. Nations began to war against nations. And people began to war against nature.

Humankind still has not figured out how to bring forces together that appear to be different, yet come from the same source, to create a powerful world of peace and prosperity. Instead, they have falsely perpetuated the various levels of wars, believing that conquering what appears to be opposing forces would be the answer to all problems. We have been plotting God essence against God essence—the inside against the outside, male against female, and life against life.

The signs of the times are telling us we must find ways to live in the harmony of external and internal balance or we will be destroyed. So what can we do to change this distorted way of perceiving the God essence that flows through all living things? While there is not a whole lot we personally can do about the war in Iraq, the unemployment in the U.S., the high divorce rate, the increasing drug problems, or the rise of suicides, we can start by reading our own personal external script so we will know what part of the God essence we are personally resisting.

We at Adawehi checked three of our beehives. In two, the female queen was dead, and in the third, the queen was alive but the male worker bees were angry and aggressive. If I look at our external world as a reflection of our internal world and read the script, I see a dishonoring of the female energy happening to the point of death. And since I see all energy coming in or going out in concentric circles, I could then read the large world script, in light of the world happenings, as saying the same thing.

Perhaps one place to start would be allowing the female part of you to have a place of honor within. Then allow that same dynamic of honoring the internal female to circle outward to your close relationships. That circle would then be extended to nature and on out to society as a whole. Your concentric circles would impact all those it touched, and those would touch others. It is certainly a good beginning in changing the world’s untruth about life.

So, how do we honor the female within? The “queen bee” within us is the heart intent behind every thought, feeling, and action. Ask yourself, do you let your thoughts bow down to a more knowledgeable authority—or do you admit your facts might be faulty but your intent was good? Do you emotionally react as a victim to your outside world—or do you listen to your inner voice instead? Do you see your job (or even your volunteer work) as a means to an accomplished end—or as an end for your heart’s intent?

Once you recognize and honor the female energy within, it will automatically expand honor to the next bigger concentric circle. That circle will touch others and the marriage of the Goddess and God energy will come into a harmonic balance. You will then be able to find the female heart intent in every interaction and allow your male self to support keeping it alive.

Jackie Woods, founder of Adawehi (Ah-dah-way-hee) Institute Healing School and Wellness Center, is a published author and an expert in the field of self-actualization. Visit  


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