Why can’t you all see??

Why can’t you all see??

From: http://www.namastecafe.com 

Why can’t you all see??
I feel like I’m the only person left on this planet with eyes.
How can you not see that every thing on this planet is a life?
A life just like yours…
How can you not see that no matter whom that bomb is dropped on, some
one will die?
How can you not see that for every death there is people that grieve
with such depth their life could never be the same again?
How can you look in the eyes of a fellow human being and not see love?
How can you not realize that every being feels love as deeply as you do?
How can you not feel sad when you see someone in pain?
How can you possibly not see all the wonder that I see?
How can you possibly be on the same earth as me and be so different?
Why can’t anybody else see how blissfully simply it is that we are who
we are, we will be what we will be, and we are all of the same earth, we
are all come into the world the same way, we all feel the same things…
We all feel fear, we all feel love, so why am I the only one that sees
we are the same?

Love Lizzie


~ by indigolifecenter on January 21, 2008.

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