Spiritual Vampires

Spiritual Vampires

Beyond Garlic Cures For The Modern Age

Where Do They Come From and Why Do We Have Them?

The two-leggeds of the animal clan have always endured predators. The distinctions between us and the four-leggeds is that we prey on our own kind. We have the extremely physical/psychological perpetrators, the lessor physical/psychological perpetrators, and then the subtle psychological/physical perpetrators.

As we were subjected to a consciousness shift which was aimed at disrupting and then disconnecting us from the Creator-force and Mother Earth, we were then set head-long into the lessons and tests of true power versus control. As this paradigm shift, which stated that we were no longer an intrinsic part of the earth and the universe, was imposed on our society, a different breed of predator began to surface and come into their own. They didn’t directly attack the physical body, instead they targeted the mind and energy body.

To make matters even more intriguing, as a result of this disconnection from the “source”, as a consequence, we now have malevolent spirits to deal with also!

There is no particular race or socio-economic structure that spawns them. They come from every country and walk of life.

Why Do They Continue To Do It?

For the most part, at the beginning, this is compulsive. But if said individuals are “at home” in this mode it is near impossible to extricate them. There is a high, and a rush associated with this form of Psychic Attack.

The first aim of any spiritual vampire is to subsist on your energy force or Chi.

The second is a desire or need for power and control. Usually they go undetected and thus have anonymity—which is more control and power.

We can not be concerned with whether or not it is intentional—only that it’s being done—either consciously or unconsciously!


What Types Of Vampires Are There?

*these can be individuals or groups*

1. First are the belligerent, aggressively seeking, and compulsive—they are fully aware of this act they are perpetrating, its the rush and euphoria of accomplishing this act. Their intent is to take all the energy that they can—whether the victim is aware or not—inspite of the harm or damage done.

· They attempt the pressing-in and violation of the targets space in a confrontational manner. In this way the energy is taken by physical and energetic contact.

· They will use, by line-of-sight, the power of a focused gaze to disrupt what the target is doing. And then use this opening to siphon energy.

· They will approach the target, become engaged in conversation or activity. There they will begin the siphoning of energy, and then slyly watch as their target is trying to figure out what is happening to them.

2. Then there are those that are actively, seeking, and compulsive—they are aware of what is happening. Their intent is not the full subjugation and harm of their target. And usually the target is unaware of what is happening.

· Once they find a target they may initiate conversation while looking for an opening for drawing off energy. work on being within their vibration to effect their drawing off of energy. This siphoning of energy is done by physical and energetic contact. Again this may be accompanied by checking to see if the target is trying to find out what is draining them.

3. And then, those that are passive/subtle, and parasitic, in focus—they are totally unaware of what is happening, on a conscious level.

· These individuals are normally in a constant depressed or “run-down” condition. Subconsciously they realize—after being around energetic and out-going people—that they have new found energy, and an “up” and alert condition.

· What Mechanics Of Defense Can You Use Against Spiritual Vampires?

A. Personal Empowerment—

1. The initiation of the “I AM…” is still the most powerful defense.

2. “Alignments and Associations”. Here your beliefs in any said “Supreme Being” is used. Here more detail is called upon, i.e., your “alignment” is God, the “association” is the direction of the East, and the Archangel Raphael.

B. Recognition


1. Any exercise of control by one person or persons over another can be logically called psychic attack. THE ABILITY TO RECOGNIZE ALL THE FORMS OF MIND CONTROL AND PSYCHIC INTRUSION, FROM THE SUBTLE TO THE BLATANT WILL ADD TO YOUR EARLY-WARNING SYSTEM.

2. Attacks on ones character, dress, group association, your job, etc.

3. Per pressures.



*** Rule #1: CHALLENGE ALL SUGGESTIONS! Here you are subjected to shadings of negative suggestions. For example, “You use the word ‘Creator’, isn’t that those Devil worshipers name for their God?” How about—”You might as well give up, ‘cause I’m going to beat you anyway”. Or better, and more friendly, “Gee, you don’t look so good this morning” gambit!

*** Rule #2: EXAMINE ALL URGES AND NEGATIVE FEELINGS! Here you have the power of projected moods, fears, or urges. Persons can be engaged in no activity and feel their atmosphere start to fill with fear, bitterness, doubt. In this state you start expending energy that feed the situation.

· Mentally start inventorying your moods and tendencies regularly.

*** Rule #3: STUDY ALL FLEETING PAINS OR ACHES! Here the Vampires attack is set to “block your path” and muddy your thinking process so you will remain there longer. And in some cases you will ask aide from the very one(s) that are initiating the attack.

C. Shielding—

1. “Thoughtforms” and constructs. Magick is used to take two-dimensional drawings or three-dimensional models, empower them with purpose, raise a “charged-state”, and then push them forth and into existence.

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