Indigo Documentary

Indigo Life Foundation is in the beginning stages of creating our own Indigo Documentary…

The purpose of the documentary is to give different religious and personal views as to WHY Indigos are here. I want the viewer, irregardless of the viewers religious, political and personal views, to walk away realizing that Indigo people exist and we’re a positive force towards the future.This would be a basic yet very educational introduction to Indigos, Crystals and Rainbow people, worldwide. I want those who are Indigo (but don’t know it yet) and their families.. to finally realize truth, understanding and love.

The documentary is estimated to cost between $10 – $15K but any donation, even $5, will be of great assistance. We have a wonderful film editor on board who is donating much of her time at no cost to this project, otherwise it would cost much more!

We’re in the process of applying to grants for funding, however, the more donations we receive, the more likely we’re receive the grant funding. (Sounds a bit backwards to me, but thats how it seems to work)

If you would like like to donate to the documentary and/ or other Indigo Life Foundation projects… please do so below.

If you’d like to be a part of the documentary, please send your inquiry to

Thank you to everyones love and support!

Much Love,

Rev Allyson

Click below to donate today!

Go to to see companies who donate a portion of the profits toward the Indigo Life Foundation.


~ by indigolifecenter on February 21, 2008.

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