Why teach?

Why teach?

By Hope Das

If you an Indigo and feel the call to take action to teach, lead a new generation, heal kids by secretly giving distance reiki in the classroom or just bring compassion to the lives of today’s children, here are some steps to achieve that goal. This is easily within the goal of everyone who desires to help. Do you need a practical reason to become a teacher? In today’s economic environment, teaching is the only profession offering job security.

If you don’t have a Bachelors degree, then the best place would be to consider employment as a teacher assistant or teacher aide (educational paraprofessional). This is an entry level job and some regions have no pre-requisites. But if you are concerned about that, there is a online certification program open to students nationwide called the Teacher Assistant Institute, (only $55 per course!), http://www.cccti.edu/coned/courses/TeacherAssistantInstitute.htm

You can also attend a local community college as many have Associates Degrees in Education that can be very affordable. This is recommended because of upcoming changes in laws that affect the requirements for all paraprofessionals. The bonus for becoming a teachers assistant in your local school district can mean full (to partial) scholarships and other educational supports (in limited school districts only) to help you earn your bachelors degree as a teacher. Imagine having no student loan payments for your degree. (Whee!).

If you have a bachelors degree (any major will do), then there are so many more choices to earn state certificate as a teacher. There are innovative programs that will help you earn teachers certification while you work and earn a salary as a teacher. Beginning salaries can be anywhere from $33,000 and up for these teacher training programs. Teaching Fellows, http://www.tntp.org/other/becomeateacher.html, has links to teachers residency programs in these areas: North Carolina, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Memphis, New Orleans, Miami, Philadelphia, California Charters, Texas, Chicago, Washington DC, Prince George’s County, Oakland and Indianapolis. The quality of the programs can differ from one to the other. Some have new teachers placed in best district schools but others have teachers in the worst schools. Other alternative programs also exist in other cities coast to coast. A well known (but highly competitive program) is located in Boston, http://www.bpe.org/btr/. Check your state board of education for complete details on what is available within your state. Also don’t overlook the nationwide Teach for America program, http://www.teachforamerica.org/, that offers some wonderful incentives for recent college graduates who are interesting in becoming teachers.

Well I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to get started and succeed. There are so many kids who need dedicated and caring adults to really shine the light on them. Kids spend more waking time in school with teachers than home with parents. Teachers and schools play a huge part in our kids’ life so why not make a difference there. Every child has the potential to change and direct our future world. Let’s guide them to the light! That is where you will find me.


Many indigos have the urge to teach or help in education in some way!! There is a reason for that.. if you feel that urge, go for it! Thank you, Hope, for a great article submission!

One of the projects of the Indigo Life Foundation is to open donation based tutoring centers for students of all ages, Indigo Learning Center. We’re looking to open the first Indigo Learning Center in Las Vegas seeing as how Nevada is currently 48th in education and the local government is threatening an 8 MILLION education budget cut!!

If anyone in the Las Vegas area would like to get involved, please email me at indigolifecenter@gmail.com

Much Love,

Rev Allyson

~ by indigolifecenter on February 23, 2008.

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