Are You a “Walk-In”?

Are You Really Someone Else? Are You a “Walk-In”?

How to Know if You Are a Walk-In

“A strong body and a good mind are terrible things to waste…” not to mention if that body and mind are also abundant in health, wealth, and a good position in life. This is the driving force behind the exchange of Souls that takes place when one has “walked out” of a body-mind and another has “walked in”.

About “Walk-Ins”: Walking in” is a quick – but not always an easy – way for “advanced beings” to come “down to Earth”. The Soul exchange between the “walk-in” and “walk-out” takes far less time than it does for most “walk-ins” to adjust to their new situation.

The “Forgetting”: Like all who come to Earth and incarnate into a physical body, the “walk-in” will “forget” – temporarily or permanently – about this exchange. Yet the effect on their lives will be totally unmistakable. This is because while the “walk-in” assumes the personality of the “walk-out” at the exchange, they immediately start to change so that they can go back to their “real” personality.

Why “Walking-in” can be Difficult: Typically, a Soul exchange is made by the “walk-in” taking on the lower three personality chakras of the “walk-out” while retaining their own upper four spiritual chakras. The lower chakras must remain connected to the earth at all times for the body to survive. Yet the upper chakras are a person’s “divine core essence” which they carry between lives and bodies.

When “Walking-in” is a Serious Problem: If there is serious “incompatibility” between the upper and lower chakras after the “walk-in”, this will manifest as numberless difficulties in an individual’s life. So if you have experienced 7 or more out of 10 of the symptoms below in a period of 3 to 6 months, it is likely that you are a “walk-in”. It is also likely that you may need some help getting clarity about your situation so that you can better adjust to your new life.

Click here to read a very inspirational poem by and for Walk-Ins!

The Top Ten Signs that You May Be a Walk-In


Walking into a new body is as stressful for the “soul” walking in as it is for the “body” that is receiving that soul. To make it easier all the way around, many walk-ins occur while the body is “unconscious” for an extended period of time due to a serious illness or injury. This becomes easier because..

  • It is easier for the exchange to occur. The “walk-in” can take time to adjust to being in a body and the “walk-out” can say “goodbye” to their old life.
  • It is easier for the body-mind to harmonize and reintegrate the upper and lower chakras because “full time” can be devoted to this process.
  • It is easier for the family and friends of the person to accept the changes that follow when the individual “wakes up as a new person”.


When walk-ins occur in a perfectly healthy body, it is likely that periods of mental disorientation will happen. This manifests as total or partial memory loss and/or episodes of “lost time”. This happens because the body-mind is fully engaged in processing the “walk-in” integration and literally has no resources to devote to “non-essential” functions like recording new memories.


One of the first noticeable changes in a “walk-in” is a dramatic change in their belief systems – especially as it pertains to religion. “Walk-out” atheists become “walk-in” believers. Or “walk-outs” from traditional sects turn suddenly to “new age” beliefs and practices. Or “walk-outs” who had disempowering attitudes (like sexism or racism) become “walk-ins” who “suddenly got religion”.


More obvious to friends and family are dramatic shifts in the way the “walk-in” now spends his or her time compared to the “way they used to be”. It is extremely likely that the “walk-in” will acquire new overwhelming and absorbing interests that never would have appealed to the “walk-out”.

This is because most “walk-ins” have returned to Earth for a reason. Immediately after the exchange and for six months to a year afterward, they will find themselves absolutely compelled to take actions that “point them in the right direction” of accomplishing whatever their new mission is.


The acquisition of “new interests” by the “walk-in” is directly related to their “discovering” whatever seems to be new “talents, skills, and abilities” for them. The truth is that the “walk-in” is just in the process of “awakening to those things which they already know, that they already can do”.


Since the “walk-ins” usually have a “higher” state of consciousness than the “walk-out”, they are better able to handle the “problems” they have inherited from the “walk-out”. The “walk-in” will suddenly have great clarity about how to resolve intractable issues that have eluded the “walk-out” for years.


Only the person who lives inside their own skin – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – can ever truly know who they really are. Other people experience you like the proverbial “elephant in the dark” – they know only bits and pieces of you.

Only you know if you are – on the inside – the same as you have always been or if now you are “somehow different”. If you are certain that somehow you have experienced a deep and profound change and are “no longer” yourself, then you are probably right. After all, who would know better than you?


There is an old saying: “by their deeds shall ye know them”. Sometimes the “walk-in” has so strongly identified with the “walk-out” that they have difficulty believing that they have really changed. This is almost always the case of you “not being able to see the forest for the trees”.

If everyone around you says that you have changed… If everyone around you can date the change as in “you were this way before the date” and “you were that way after the date”… If everyone around you is very concerned that you have changed and MUST get help while you know that nothing is wrong with you… then – maybe, just maybe – they are right. Maybe others know you are a different person because you are. Maybe – just maybe – it is because you are a “walk-in”.


Marriages usually end because one person believes that the other person is “not the person that they married”. A spouse can often have the clearest perspective about your condition because they are the one who spend the most time with you. If a “walk-in” has happened, almost certainly a divorce will follow. This is because – at the highest level – the people are no longer in agreement to be together.

Ironically it is the spouse of the “walk-in” who usually is the one to call it quits. “Walk-ins” most often will try to honor the commitments made by the “walk-out”. This is true of almost everything except for the “walk-out’s” job/career/work. Usually the “walk-in” will immediately end their current job so that they can free themselves up to pursue their “new mission in life”.


If it seems that “walking-in” is a great deal for the “walk-in” but not so great for the “walk-out”, be sure to read this fine print.

The individual who agrees to “walk-out” usually does so because they no longer find life desirable. Perhaps the “walk-out” has lost a “loved one” and cannot get over their grief. Or maybe the “walk-out” is tired of living, has completed their contract, and no longer wishes to go on. Or possibly the “walk-out” is in a difficult health, wealth, or relationship situation and is not able to find their way out of it.

There is always “unfinished business” from the “walk-out” that the “walk-in” must complete before the “walk-in” is free to “live their own life”. This usually manifests as a rapid series of challenging life problems to be resolved by the “walk-in”.

Credits: adapted from data provided by “Walk-Ins for Evolution” and channeled information


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