Adult Indigo Meets Planet Earth

Closed Crowns And Jammed Hearts / Adult Indigo Meets Planet Earth

By: Linda Kardos, Licensed Professional Counselor


The 30-year-old man sitting in front of me was one of the amazing human beings, children of the New Millenium, who had been finding their way to my office lately: relatively young, exquisitely sensitive to the energy of themselves and others, idealistic, highly intuitive, feeling abnormal and alone, preoccupied with finding purpose and mission in life.

We were working on the feelings of depression that emerged at regular intervals in his life, sabotaging his efforts to find and connect to his place in the world. Using a technique called Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), we discovered the “originating event” for the depression was when Ben (not his real name) was seven years old.

“This dark image I get settles in around that time. Second grade. I can’t remember. I fog on it. I started getting terrible migraine headaches. I’d pass out. I’d fall asleep in class. I went from the top of the class to the bottom.”

What happened in the second grade? Ben called his mom and asked her what she remembered. A story emerged – one of those commonplace childhood stories about bullies and playground power dynamics. But for Ben, the results were catastrophic.

Picture Ben at age 7. He has come into the world with an enormous, wide-open heart, a desire to help, to be of service, to bring Light. And he has extraordinary abilities to help him do this: keen sensitivities to what others are thinking and feeling, connection to his healing and guardian angels, awareness of the bigger picture, power to manifest whatever he needs in service of the task.

Ben meet bully. Bully meet Ben. “He was smiling when he hurt me. It was a look of pure anger. I could handle being hurt. What I couldn’t handle was the evil intent. Hurting me made him happy.” What kind of a world was this?

Ben closed his crown chakra and jammed his heart. Living in the world with his exquisite sensitivities had become too painful.

Over and over I am seeing these closed crowns and jammed hearts in the Indigos, both children and adults, who come to me. Often the damage is done long before age 7: incarnating in a womb of a mother who is emotionally troubled or ingesting toxins like tobacco smoke, trying to care for younger siblings when mom and dad are distressed, even watching televised disasters like Hurricane Katrina or the 9-11 attack.

As was the case with Ben, closed crowns and jammed hearts often have physical symptoms. Headaches top the list. Indigos run a high level of energy. As energetic beings, our energies are intended to move up and down our spines, exiting and entering through the crown and base chakras. When the crown is closed, these energies become trapped. Trapped and clogged energies result in physical pain. I am amazed by what happens when an individual is able to open his or her crown and release some of this trapped energy. There is often immediate relief of head, neck, or jaw pain.

The heart chakra is associated with the lungs, physical heart and breasts. I wonder if the allergies and asthma attacks which are so common with Indigos are related to the jamming of the heart. Many clients have described to me how they “breathe easier” once their hearts have been reopened.

The good news is that all Indigos are capable of feeling and moving energy with ease. And the power of intention they possess to heal themselves is astounding. As a mind/body/spirit therapist, identifying and clearing energy blocks is something I do with people on a daily basis. It works with almost anyone. But the Indigos, once they catch onto the strategies, can unblock and shift their energies almost instantaneously. AWARENESS is the key. Learning what is blocked and why is only a step away from releasing it.

The most important healing task faced by any Indigo is to HOOK UP to the high level energies which are capable of flowing through us. I recommend setting aside at least 5 minutes a day to experience the connection of heaven and earth through the core of your being. This can be as simple as going outside in nature and feeling your groundedness to the planet. Then intentionally open your crown to the beautiful energies of the sun, trees and air. Welcome the Divine presence which wants to flow through you into the earth. Notice your breath going up and down your spine, drawing deep from the divine mother energies in the rocks and crystals of the earth, to join with the divine father energies rushing in from above your crown. As the Source energies come down your spine, they join in your heart with the Earth energies which are coming up. Open your heart to this. It is the marriage of heaven and earth – why you are here at this time on the planet.


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One Response to “Adult Indigo Meets Planet Earth”

  1. thank you for posting this story and the others, which are helping me so very much.
    finding people with similar stories and having an explanation is something i never thought could happen
    much love

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