Boundaries For Indigos….

Boundaries For Indigos:

The Heart Connection

By Linda Kardos, Licensed Professional Counselor


What is the most difficult thing about life in the world for an Indigo? BOUNDARIES. What is an Indigo? (Just in case you haven’t been reading these pages the last few months.) An indigo is an “EV,” Expanded Version of the Human: highly sensitive, highly aware, able to sense and work with energy, spiritual, purpose-driven. Many indigos have been born into our world in the last 50 years or so. And for many others, our personal evolution is speeding up and we are experiencing a dramatic increase in sensitivity, awareness, internal energy, spirituality and focus on life purpose. With these changes come some difficulties. You guessed it. “BOUNDARIES” heads the list.

What is a boundary? The ability to effectively screen out unhelpful energies from others, the world at large, the spiritual realm. Why do people who are spiritually evolving have difficulty with this task?

1. Our third eyes are developing, and we have a wider range of perception and awareness. The knowledge of what to do with this input has not always evolved at the same pace.

2. It is our mission to help the world. We are super-tuned in to the heart beat of the planet. We want to help. We know we are powerful. Yet our energies in and of themselves are mortal. Paradoxically, we know that in our true selves there are no limits. It is a challenge to navigate this paradox.

What can be done? Every one of our body’s energy centers (the chakras) contain portals to the vastness of the Universe: unlimited, expansive, creative. There are help and answers all through our being. The heart chakra is the center of the system, the place of balance. Donna Eden calls the physical heart the “unconditional lover of the body, happily pumping its life-giving fluid to wherever it is needed” (Donna Eden, Energy Medicine, 156). Its loving energy goes out to others, and in to nurture the self, in an effortless ebb and flow of connection and care. And this balance is powerful: An electrical wave produced by the beating heart has about 50 times the amplitude and a thousand times the strength of a brain wave.

The heart chakra is a very effective place to begin to find answers to our questions about boundaries. As you are reading this, stop and bring your attention to the center of your chest. Be aware that deep within the heart chakra (and indeed all our chakras) is light emanating from a deep source. Allow that light to filter up through all the layers of your heart. When the light encounters places of darkness and congestion, have the intention that they will be transformed by the light. Now be aware that far out in your energy field, in the area of the heart, there is also light. That light, too, comes from a deep source. Let it filter in through the protective field around you toward the light that has filtered up from within the heart. Have the intention that any disturbance it encounters in the field around you be transfigured by the light. The two sources of light (really only one) now are combining into a huge center of light in the center of your being.

Did you know that in a room full of pendulum clocks, all the clocks will synchronize their ticking with the clock that has the largest pendulum? This is called “entrainment.” Because the heart is so electrically powerful, it tends to pull the brain and other organs into its rhythm. The center of light within your heart center is an even stronger force. Have the intention that your entire energy field, the cloak of protection around you, ENTRAIN with the light. You are surrounded and protected by light. And the light of the heart is a balanced light: compassion and care for yourself are completely in synch with the love the flows through you to the world. The paradox of the indigo in the world is resolved.

PARENTS OF INDIGOS: Teach your children to do this. They will respond with an amazing awareness of what the light in the heart can facilitate.

INDIGOS AND OTHER EVOLVING HUMANS: Return to this visualization again and again throughout the day. Only through the balance in the heart can we accomplish our mission of bringing light to the planet. Care for your heart. If it is jammed or traumatized, get help to free it. Honor and treasure it, for the source of light within and without its flows of energy will show you the way

~ by indigolifecenter on March 5, 2008.

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  1. Thankyou so much for enlightening me, and others with this practical wisdom to help heal ourselves and find the strength within. xo

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