Anger is Your Little Friend

Anger is Your Little Friend

By: Michaiel Patrick Bovenes
January 9, 2008

Anger is energy, an emotion, and it is part of the experience of life.

Anger can become your greatest enemy toward developing good health and well being or it can become your greatest ally toward healing and finding personal peace. It all hinges upon how you relate to your emotions. Before we explore the nature of anger, it is important to clarify “positive” and “negative” emotions.

Emotions are a Part of our feedback system about how to live our lives

They inform us of what we need to do in order to survive. As a society we have judged our emotions and placed them into basically 2 categories, positive (good) and negative (bad) emotions. We tend to label any feelings that are constrictive (ie. fear, guilt, loneliness) as bad and any emotions that are expansive (love, joy, fulfillment) as positive. The challenge is to redefine your relationship to all of your emotions and changing the way you relate to each of them. Here is how to do that.

New Way to Relate to Your Emotions:

Negative Emotions are any emotion (love or fear) that you Ignore, Deny, Repress. Regardless of their names, all emotions become negative when you refuse to feel them. I have often said anger never hurt anyone, repressed anger has killed millions of people in the course of our history. Because eventually repressed anger explodes into a rage. The repression of the anger is what causes it’s destructiveness. Likewise, love that goes unexpressed is just as destructive as anger. Emotions are energy and meant to be felt.

Positive Emotions are any emotion that you Feel, Express and Release! When you respect your anger as much as love, you will have matured your emotional intelligence and begin to take dominion over this part of your life.

Anger is the most misunderstood and repressed emotions. When you can understand the nature of anger, and are willing to feel it, you can begin to harness a lost power that is key to creating permanent and positive changes in your life. The power of your will, or commonly known as willpower.

Repressing Anger will Depress Action. We have been brain-washed from childhood to judge anger as a negative emotion. It is not! Like all emotions, anger is meant to be felt, expressed and released… appropriately. You’ll also free up incredible amounts of will power that you need to become more disciplined and take action in your life.

Repressed Anger Always has Negative Impact in our Lives. Yet within all anger is a trapped hidden resource of willpower. The energy needed to take action, end procrastination and take charge of our life, can be found once you tap into and release this emotion. It is the greatest benefit that anger offers us. You can learn to feel and release it, appropriately and begin to change your life for the better. If we deny anger, we also automatically deny a part of our will-power and our ability to create positive changes in our lives. Addictions, worry, self doubt, confusion, and powerlessness all expand when anger is repressed. When anger is released these negativities will decrease automatically.


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4 Responses to “Anger is Your Little Friend”

  1. Brilliant. Thank you. So very timely, just moments ago I made a similar comment on a seemingly alternative doctor’s blog — I stated almost verbatim the first line here, about anger being part of this life experience. This person actually believes that a liver cleanse with one of his products will cleanse away anyone’s anger. Geez.

    Again, this is such beneficial information, thank you for this post.


  2. […] 24, 2008 By Dove,   I just synchronously came upon this wonderful article on anger.  I had, only moments before, written similar statements (see my comment under the […]

  3. This is extremely brilliant…it’s also very inspiring for me, and couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been feeling angry at a lot of things in my life for the past few months, but at the same time, I’ve also taken so much more action in so many areas of my life than I had in the past few years, when I was too busy repressing and masking my anger. It caused me to be so stagnant in many of my goals and dreams, and very unhappy…I definitely need to learn a way to release my anger so that it can be focused more and not affect my moods, but I completely agree with you that anger is a hidden resource. People are more easily inspired to take action-for whatever reason, positive or negative-because of anger than because of any other emotion.

  4. This post was, also, very needed at this time of my life, and I thank you for it – and all that you do.

    I would, however, like to respond to Dovelove’s comment:

    “This person actually believes that a liver cleanse with one of his products will cleanse away anyone’s anger. Geez. ”

    As a healthcare practitioner, I find that there are always many different avenues to take when assisting others in releasing their pain and/or illnesses. Sometimes, working from the emotional affects the physical, and sometimes releasing the stuckness within the physical allows the emotional to unwind. At one point in my life, I was mindlessly stuck in a vicious anger. I was also feeling panicky. But mostly, I was feeling ridiculous for feeling that way as I could find no cause. I also happened to be on my way to get a colonic. During the colonic, a liver point became inflamed. Before the colonic was even over, that same liver point cleared – and so did my anger. So, hey, you never know!

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