Our Existence…

Our Existence…

We search for true history, and hope for a future
But all the while we miss the here and now.

We search for purpose with science and prayer
We search for pleasure forward on we plow

We say we search for answers, but do we really want to know?
Existence comes, Existence goes, what does it mean?
How did it all begin, how will it all end?
Does it matter who is right or who is left when we leave this scene?

We really leave the search to others and follow alone?
Do you follow him, do you follow her, what do you believe?
Who has done the research for your soul?
Do you believe it word for word? Are we all naïve?

Are we too busy to study our own world? Our own hearts?
Or too afraid of the real answers which reside there
It’s easy to follow blindly, easy to leave life’s work to others
It’s easy to move forward and never be truly aware

Do our emotions and ego fail us when it comes down to it?
If our spiritual leaders falter and fall, does that mean all was untrue?
Can we be objective in the search for something so powerful?
People are right, People are wrong; Truth comes from your inner view

Do you want to know truth? Do you want to know what’s real?
Listen to your world, Listen to your heart, Listen to your soul
Remember we’ll on the same journey together, to everyone it’s surreal.

Search for your own answers, Search for truth, Search for your goal

Learn how others believe, Learn the difference between heart & soul
Your heart can mislead you and cause you to stray
Keep focused on the big picture and your reward is everlasting peace
There is an answer to everything, but only you can find the way

~ by indigolifecenter on April 20, 2008.

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