The Indigo Relationship With God

The Indigo and Octarine Relationship With God


Religion and religious expression is an interesting and often frustrating facet of the life of the Awakened Indigo and Octarine transitional. Quite often, if an Indigo is the member of a particular faith group, they will find one reason or another for separating from it as they mature and find their Gifts. If the Indigo is a member of a particularly controlling church that requires lots of participation outside of the Sunday service, they will experience growing dissatisfaction with the basic operation and structure of the group, and may separate from it in a manner that is less than cordial. This holds true for the non-traditional Indigo as well- those who practice the various flavors of Wicca or Pagan paths may find themselves dissatisfied at a very deep level with the quality of spiritual interaction with their perception with Divinity. The Octarine, in withdrawing from the more irritating aspects of life, may simply drop the social ceremonies and rituals from their lives in favor of more private and individual practice. Even holidays may become sources of irritation for them.

The fault does not lie with the Indigo or Octarine; it lies with the conception of “God/dess” by many faith groups- both traditional and recent. Judeo-Christian and Islamic faiths, as well as many facets of Wicca and Paganism tend to personify Divinity- giving it human or humanlike traits and tastes. In essence, they attempt to hang a human face on a nonhuman Being, and attempt to bring it down to a comprehensible level, controlled by scripture and middlemen, and deliberately blurred by mythology, ritual and artificial mysteries. In many cases, the faith isn’t about “God” at all, but instead is a form of social, gender and cultural control, dictated by a false interpretation of the Divine’s will and wishes.

Happily, true Divinity or “The ALL” is far above and beyond such simplistic theological interpretation, and no matter how fanatically they may protest and pretend otherwise, most religions are merely social constructs with little at all in common with The ALL outside the mistaken belief that they know the “will” of ‘God’, and have the only ‘true’ line of communication and interaction with the Being. Close and rationally detached examination reveals how very little in common most religious paths have with the truly incomprehensible Being that is The ALL.

In spite of that, we are all born with the need to interact in one way or another with The ALL. Religion has taken the place of solitary pursuit of insight and vigorous philosophical discourse; and various deceptive and misleading practices and ‘faiths’ have filled in where religion has left off. The result is a minefield of misperception, forests of paper devoted to painting faces on The ALL, and frustrated people wandering from pillar to post trying to piece together a vast puzzle.

The ancient students of Hermetic philosophy have found some measure of relief from all this frustrating wandering and seeking. They were taught (and still teach) that The ALL is Mind, and the Universe as we know it is part of the Mind of The ALL. This includes us. We are a particle of the Mind of The ALL, and contain particles of The ALL within us. This does not mean, as some foolish folks believe, that we are The ALL (or “God”)- we are merely an infinitesimal part of the Great Mind of ALL. That would be the same as foolishly believing that the fur is the cat- the fur was grown by the cat, but is not the cat itself. Can you imagine a cat hair saying, “I am the Cat!”? The same applies to our understanding and interpretation of the ALL within us. As we develop, we may become capable of doing great and awesome things in our own stead, but it still would not even begin to come close to the overwhelming and incomprehensible magnificence that is the Mind Of The ALL.

The principles of Hermetic philosophy are a natural match for the disaffected and religiously frustrated Indigo and Octarine, because they outline in a simple way, the main principles that science (and some more advanced religions) have proven to be true. These Seven Principles are as follows:

The Seven Hermetic Principles:

I. Mentalism: The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental

II. Correspondence: As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above

III. Vibration: Nothing Rests, Everything Moves

IV. Polarity: Everything is Dual, Everything has Polar Opposites

V. Rhythm: Everything has its Tides and Motions, Rhythm Compensates

VI. Causation (Karma):  Every Cause has its Effect; Every Effect has its Cause. Nothing escapes the Law

VII. Gender: Gender is in Everything; Gender manifests on all Planes

(From “The Kybalion”)

Please notice the total lack of dogma, guilt, social controls, rules (besides the naturalistic and logical ones stated) scripture that can be misinterpreted or quoted out of context, and gender bias. Refreshing, wouldn’t you say? One can manage to have a relationship with The ALL in the study and understanding of these Principles, and never tire of it. The more you study them, the more profound they become. For the inherently rational and curious Indigo, and the more sensitive and psychically gifted and aware Octarine, these Seven Principles are a wonderful gift, one that keeps on giving.

Octarines and Indigos of all ages have an extremely keen natural understanding of Hermetic Laws and Magick, and are often drawn to it. We navigate through the modern new-age tainted stuff of Wicca and the many newborn religions of the same, seeking the pure, ancient, unadulterated Way of the Wise. Sadly, there are very few good books written on this subject, and there are very few teachers of Hermetic Magick, and few, if any genuine Mystery Schools. This is because Mages of this Way don’t walk the Ego Path, and the student makes their own internal connection to their Spiritual Guidance. Indigo/Octarine teens often are attracted to the ‘gateways’ of Hermetic and practical magickal practice, but because of the deeply buried nature of Hermetic practice, may walk away disillusioned or become hostile to the practice in any form. A good guide for the frustrated seeker is “The Kybalion”, a small, but wisely written book on the Hermetic Practice. If an Indigo or Octarine gets that “Ah- Ha!” feeling while reading it, then they are ready to walk this old and familiar path. On the other hand, if the Kybalion is just ‘words, words, words’ to the reader, more time and experience are needed to get to that level of insight or understanding.

It is very possible that some of the statements I made in this essay might be considered offensive to some. How dare I say that religion is wrong or perhaps sniffing (or worshipping) the finger pointing to the Moon? If you’ve taken offense, and consider yourself an Indigo or Octarine, ask yourself this- are you offended, or are the principles of your previous faith offended? This difference is critical- many faith principles are offended by many things- even tiny differences in the interpretation of a verse of scripture or the acceptance of an individual as a representative of the Divine have caused vast schisms in the various faiths. You might find, on close examination of your feelings, that it is your philosophy that has found offense, rather than your Self. This difference is critical, and separates the Awakened from the Sleepers. Sleepers cannot separate themselves from their particular religious dogma, but the Awakened (and Awakening) can, and do.

Happily, the Hermetic Philosophy is not a religion in the purest sense of the word. Instead, it is a set of principles that help to outline and interpret the operation of the world as we know it. As you study it, you will find yourself seeing great vistas of possibility and insight that the religiously bound cannot, and having a relationship with The ALL which is not bound by dogma, middlemen, or limitations of scripture. It is a truly liberating experience, and one which celebrates the Awakened life of the individual, and bestows great gifts of insight and deepening understanding upon them.

Should you wish to learn more about Hermetic Philosophy, there are plenty of resources. Use Google to do a search on it- and go find books on the subject. Some are really good- and some, while excellent in many ways, are tainted with remains of the shadow of religious interpretation. Use your judgment and trust your ‘guts’ as you read and learn.

Ó 2002 by Sunfell


~ by indigolifecenter on April 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Indigo Relationship With God”

  1. The Hermetic philosophy is included in Wicca/Paganism! Many Wiccans/Pagans do prefer to call divinity “The All” or “The One”. God/dess is just a label, or a description, and by labeling it as such, people can relate to divinity more personally, and for some it’s easier to connect with it that way. Maybe some people feel small and worthless, or unimportant when they call Divinity “The All” or “The One”? Maybe it’s easier and more comprehensible for the person to say “I pray to the goddess Aphrodite to help mend my broken heart”, instead of “I pray to The All to help mend my broken heart”. By praying to something that is “masked”, or by being more specific (Since Aphrodite is the goddess of love), it might be easier or more fulfilling, and more direct.

    Wiccans and Pagans don’t have “Middle Men” or “Scriptures”, they attune with and celebrate Nature, which is the essence of Divinity. You stated this:

    “In many cases, the faith isn’t about “God” at all, but instead is a form of social, gender and cultural control, dictated by a false interpretation of the Divine’s will and wishes.”

    This is everything Wicca is against! Please do your research before including Wicca in with the Judeo-Christian religions. I am an Indigo Child, and a Wiccan, and I found this inaccurate and offensive.

  2. “…tend to personify Divinity- giving it human or humanlike traits and tastes.” You don’t like poetry then?

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