Natural Remedy For the Common Misbehaving Indigo

Going Back to Nature…

A Natural Remedy For the Common Misbehaving Indigo

As an Indigo Healing Facilitator and Spiritual Life Coach, I can’t tell you how many emails and calls I get from parents, asking me how to tame their Indigo Child. In a monthly column, I contributed to last year, called Indigo Insights, which is on Jenny McCarthy’s website:, I mentioned that Indigos are very energetically sensitive to their environment, foods, toxins and other people. They are wired differently, which means that their bodies are more acutely aware of things that do not serve them and will have a more adverse reaction to these things. They can also easily pick up other peoples “stuff”, and not even know it. They are like big antennas and can receive lots of information and energy, but not know how to decipher or shield themselves from it.

We have to remember that Indigo Children come to Earth with a keener sense of awareness and have a deeper intuitive understanding that love, and well-being are our natural state. When they are triggered to misbehave in some way, they are disconnecting themselves from Source and are out of alignment with their “well-being”. Kids are generally more reactive and will response immediately to things that make them feel uncomfortable. But it’s even more challenging when you try to ask your child why they are doing what they are doing, or why they did what they did, and you end up with a “I don’t know”.

So many of these kids are pissed off because they feel trapped in a world that does not understand their need to be free. This means free to explore, create, play, expand, laugh, and just be. Children are so used to being indoors, confined to a classroom, under artificial lighting and told to sit still and learn things that they inherently know is outdated, and irrelevant to who they are and what they really need. They are treated like little robots, given little room to freely express their unique gifts and creative abilities. In addition, they are fed tons of crappy foods, with little or no nutritional value, filled with lots of artificial dyes, and colors, lots of sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals, which totally short circuits and alters their highly sensitive vibratory systems. Now, add the constant bombardment with heavy doses of TV, computers, video games, cell phones and other high levels of over stimulating physical activities. Then, because they are so wired and hyped out, the teachers, and the principal put pressure on the parents to put their kids on drugs, because they do not know how to get them “under control”. Forget Ritalin, this is just the beginning. Next they will convince you to put your kid on Paxil, Lithium, or both. UGH!!!

Stay on this tread mill long enough and you would be pissed off, depressed and act out, too!

All kids need to be outdoors, exploring, creating and experiencing new things, but especially this generation of awakened souls. These children need to connect with nature, the animals, the plants, the flowers, and trees. When they are cooped up indoors all day and not able to explore and connect, their inner joy and happiness drops, as well as, their levels of serotonin, which is a natural chemical in the brain, helping to create a sense of well-being. Look at what’s happening in our world. We are destroying our lands, polluting our waters, putting more toxins into the air, our electronics are our best friends, and we are more stressed out then ever before. For what?! We have disconnected with the Mother Earth. We forgot who we are and what really is important to our souls. These kids know and they are begging us to listen and help them reconnect.

Teenagers and young adults enjoy the drug ecstasy, because they say it gives them a feeling of connection, love for one another, good feeling in the heart and allows them to open up and feel more spiritual. Now, I am not condoning any kind of drug in any way shape or form, however I want to make a point. People are looking outside of themselves to takes things to create a state of being which is supposed to be completely natural to us.

Don’t you see…the children are showing us, through their behavior that things are out of alignment!!! They are out of alignment. Bring them back to nature. Bring them back to simplicity.

We are most happy when we are outdoors, playing, walking, riding our bikes, picnicking, swimming in the ocean, exercising and doing any and all kinds of outdoors activities; but even more so, when we are just simply connecting with nature. Kids love to explore and look at how things work. They resonate at a higher vibration, which effortlessly helps them to understand what nature is here to teach us. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. This means that we are here to connect with Mother Earth and all of her beauty and gifts of nature. When we ground ourselves, within her warm embrace, we are connected to Heaven and Earth and we are in joy and our souls are fed.

Can you imagine getting back to nature and having schools with classrooms outside or in an atrium setting with natural light, fresh air and open so the kids can be free to learn what they want to learn, go at their own pace and spend time in nature, developing their own creations and sharing their own unique talents with their fellow classmates and teachers? I can.

The new generation of kids, or as I see them, awakened souls, sees the world differently. They are here to teach us and show us a new way of being, the true way of being. They are bringing awareness to our true God-Self. So when they are acting out, out of control, or misbehaving, find ways to get them reconnected to their joy, bliss and natural state of well-being. Slow down, and re-evaluate what is or isn’t working in your lives. Spent time with your children and give them the attention they need and deserve. Take responsibility and make the changes that are going to benefit you and your children, bringing all of you back into a place of joy.

This article was published in the March/April 2007 issue of Awareness Magazine


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  1. Please allow your child to develop and be guided with wisdom and love ….don’t let anyone tell you that medication is the answer for them to ‘fit in.’ and belong. Belong to what???? I’m choking on my words. There is so much that needs to be said, and done about allowing us to live as ourselves. I just can’t proceed right now.

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