Indigo Life Center: About Us

Indigo Life Center is help connect Indigo Adults, Indigo Children, Crystal Children and their families.

The world can be an extremely brutal place to Indigos and if not nurtured properly, can have serious negative effects. What Are Indigo Adults, Indigo Children & Crystal Children?

Indigos are those of us who tend to have a deeper spiritual connection to the Universe, they are very intelligent and have a lot of energy. There are actually several different types of Indigos (Artistic, Conceptualist, Humanist & Interdimensional) so we all express ourselves a bit differently, however, we almost all feel very lost and confused in this world with a desire to make it the world better. Many have spiritual or psychic gifts and have memories of past lives. Sometimes the gifts aren’t as apparent or something has to happen within them to “awaken” the gifts but the main characteristics are still the same. Now, even though we have similar traits, we are all very unique. We are all here for different reasons with our own purposes to fulfill so our personalities, passions and even tastes are all going to be unique.

Although we are just realizing the pattern and purpose for Indigos, we are seeing records of them being born as early as 1700. But there have been very small amounts since the beginning of time. Each generation more and more are present. There seemed to be a jump in the Indigo population during the late 70’s and early 80’s (my generation). We are the for-runners for the next shift in human / divine evolution. It seems as the year 2000 hit, there was another shift in the birthing of Indigos. Along with Indigo children being born, during or after the year 2000, Crystal Children and Rainbow children have been added. These children have a much deeper gifts and even more distinct memories of other lifetimes, Universes and dimensions. We can learn a lot from them. Again, they have been around very rare and sporadicly throughout history and many adult Indigos are transitioning into Crystals at this time.

The term “Indigo” which is to describe the dark purple and blue colors of our Soul Auras. Highlights of violet, green, gold and white are also apparent. Crystal and Rainbow children are also named for their Aura. Typically, it seems, Crystal and Rainbow children are being born to Indigo parents. At this point, our best guess is on percentages is that Indigos make up approximately 15-25% of 20-30 year olds, 10-15% of 30-40 yr olds, 5-10% of 40-50 yr olds and 0-5% prior to that time. It’s estimated that up to 80% of the births worldwide today are Indigo / Crystal / Rainbow children! Unfortunately, many Indigos are being mis-diagnosed and being medicated for ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar and even, though rare, Autism. When Indigo children are subject to these medications and limits, it cuts them off from their gifts and can numb their spirit. Please look at all avenues before medicating your child!

INDIGO CHILDREN are here to introduce us to a new era where we actively incorporate the spirit into our daily existence. They learn differently, think differently and function differently, but by no means does this mean they are dysfunctional or disordered. We are here to change the way things are done! Create new ideas on how to run businesses, to run government, to handle relationships, to care for the world, to understand education and the arts. Therefore it is so important for these children to be supported and understood at home. It will take time for the education environment to change to accommodate and nurture these children. Without the support and understanding at home, Indigo children find their world harsh and extremely lonely. They cannot rejoice in who they are, but have to suppress their true brilliance in order for them to be accepted by their family, friends and society.

Donations are being taken to build the first Indigo Life Center location where Indigos and their families can come to learn about their gifts and needs!

There are many Indigo adults who need healing and need to be reconnected with their gifts and purpose! Lets help create a safe haven for them.

Eventually, we would like to create a school. A school where Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow children can feel safe to be themselves while learning in a positive, loving environment!

Please include a note if you would like to remain an anonymous donor!

Thank you for for everyone’s support so far!!

Have a blessed day!

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36 Responses to “Indigo Life Center: About Us”

  1. I love it! Good Job.

  2. badass! finally us indigo teens have a place in the world!

  3. Thank you! This is very informative. Maybe in the future we can swap banners to create a strong and enlightening network! I wish you the best and hope you reach your goals!
    Be Well!
    -Beki Dodd

  4. It’s nice to see people are starting to respect us. =]

  5. I love this and wish my kids could go today, If I win the lottery, I will be sure to open the school…now I just have to dream up the numbers..or maybe the kids can…Love Bella

  6. I love the idea!!!
    I have been looking online for a place where there is loads of indigoes to communicate with and there are some places, but somewhere to meet face to face, and somewhere to be able to do more than just read about things would be great!!


  8. This is realy neat I kno i’m only 10 but I can’t wait till 2012 it looks like 2012 will be a very good year for me crystal and indigo people are geniuses how can you tell if they are crystal or indigo people?

  9. LC don’t curse if your one of these people

  10. Let me know when you have the Indigo Life Center up and running – I want to help in any way that I can! I am very passionate about your mission and even though I am unable to give financially at this time, I am fully supporting you in prayers/thoughts/love.

  11. Im a 30 year old male suffering from depression, ADHD, and nervous issues that ultimately cause yet another hindrance on my life……stuttering (so society sees me as nothing but a troubled joke).
    I spend my life isolated, and victimized by courts and cant seem to find compassion or a grain of inner peace anywhere so now…
    ….Im back on drugs, havent seen my children in 2 years and have one on the way.
    Im seriously on the verge of throwing in the towel. Life is cruel, brutal, parasitical and unfair and all I can think about anymore is how bad I want out. Prayers do nothing, believeing in brighter days do nothing.
    Each day of mine that I live is another day I wish I had the nerve to just leave this sadistic hell we all call Earth once and for all.
    I hate this planet with a passion.

  12. Men can be cruel Zac… get over it. Rise up… and live.
    You DO have control over your life. You only need believe.

  13. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Zac, stop whining. Be strong.

  15. interesting most def an indigo adult…but for 6 months now i have wanted and talked about to friends like me..that we need to have a place for teaching and helping others …like us..
    but my road to NOW has been rocky and i am poor and found material things i owned of value , gave away or sold..even my car…so i can not contribute but i sure want one in the seattle or portland area…thanks

  16. Hello Zac, every human being has to face struggles in their lives. What makes a difference is not the situation but our attitude. Please look around you and find every positive thing you could see and feel and be grateful for that finding. Second, analize what you could do better and take action. Definitely drugs or alcohol don’t bring any thing positive to our lives. If you expect the others to love you You have to love yourself first! Look inside you and bring out that beautiful person that you are. Godspeed




  17. It’s nice to know there are people out there who understand us.

  18. And, to Zac, I remember that point in my life. I’m 14 now, and about a year ago I felt a lot like you do now. I was on drugs for depression, we were about to move to a new state, so I couldn’t see any of my friends any more, my grades hit an all-time low so my parents were on me every second of the day, ect. Luckily, my suicide attempt failed and I was able to get help. All you need is love, and someone who will listen.

  19. Dear,Zac,Stay stong,there alot of love is being sent too you! I hope you see that… We understand, stay focus and visulize a higher anergy, and ask for guidance.. MUCH LOVE BUDDY!!!

  20. This is wonderful! I’m most definately an Indigo teen, and have some rainbow in me too. One thing I don’t understand. You said Crystal and Rainbow children have “deeper” gifts than the Indigos? That’s not what I’ve heard and read about. Crystal and Rainbow children have great gifts, but I wouldn’t say they’re deeper than the Indigos, just different.

  21. Dear Zac, Hope you are well. When you get a min, would you please email me ? I need to chat to you about Indigos.
    Thank you
    Mary English

  22. Hello, I was recently diagnosed with bipolar and tried for a very very long time to do without medication, but honestly, the sensations and brain chatter were to much to endure. If you do not think medication is the best way to deal with this hypersensitivity, what do you recommend? I am interested in being medication free and balanced.

  23. Don’t know how I ran across this blog. Who ever runs this foundation sounds like a bunch of charlatans. If this is legit, why are the current donation amounts not listed? Is this a non-profit or for-profit organization? Have the organizers been involved in businesses of this sort before? What are their backgrounds? How much money goes into overhead? If they are using the money for the organization, what assets do they have to show for it? You can’t find these answers here, yet there is a credit card donation link on every page.

    I am very spiritual myself and aware that there a lot of people out there willing to capitalize and take advantage of my and others spirituality. It just amazes me that people throw money at these organizations without the slightest hint at how they operate because they “believe in the cause.”

    If you are thinking donating, please do yourself a favor and research exactly what this organization is.

  24. Thanks to you I’ve made a new client in Chapel Hill but where is my website?
    Nicole Aldeguer

  25. Hello,
    How are you? My name is Stephanie, and I am an Indigo. Recently my “powers” or intuition were stronger than they are today. My third eye was alert and opened slightly, maybe not fully, but it has always been something I wanted to advance to my full potential. I was able to see/hear spirit’s every once in a while. And there were times when nature/ the world would give me signs. Signs of warning. Kind of like the world or Mother Nature herself was looking out for me, and keeping me out of harms way. I know this may seem very “crazy” but I have a bit of a problem and I don’t know where to turn for guidance. With all do respect, this is not a fake e-mail! So I hope you don’t think of me as a crazy person wasting your time. Always being different than most children I grew up with, it was hard to have self esteem. Most issues I had with self confidence were indeed self inflicted because of the troubles and feelings I faced fitting in, or feeling like I belonged in this world. I have now overcome this battle with self confidence/self worth the hardest way possible. Here is where my story begins….
    About five to six years ago I was a sophomore/junior in high school and times were a little rough with dealing with my peers and energies that surrounded me. I ended up making the mistake of getting into tarot cards because of interests of a friend. Which isnโ€™t entirely the most Evil thing in the world when used properly. I made the mistake of playing with magic, and cast a spell with my Tarot cards. At the time I did not know I was an Indigo, but I knew there was a power within me urging to come out. Unfortunately I went the wrong way and played with witchcraft? It may seem silly but, I believe that today’s humanity helped me to set this DOOM up for myself. I am not proud of what I did, and quite frankly there are times I with I could go back and stop what I did from happening, but it only helped me become a better person.
    The results of this spell were very odd. Consequences effected me unlike it did to most people. My life then became plagued with evil. I am by far NOT an evil person what so ever, and I am quite confused as to how the following happened.
    Due to this incident I was apparently partially posessed by an entity also inhabiting my body. I see the difference clearly, and also I felt the difference after seeing a psychic healer who had helped me. Anyway…
    My luck was beyond bad, and everyday was like a battle for my life. Everywhere I went 24/7 I felt someone there watching me, until I started to see what was watching me. I began to see a spirit unlike anything I have ever seen. Quit frankly I think it can be honestly classified as a creature. I saw it in the day time differently than I did at night. At night…I would see it every single day when I came home in the evening. It would just stand there and watch me. It wore a hooded long black robe. Possibly it may have been something different, but..? Iโ€™m not so sure. Whatever this mysterious creature/entity was, it took the appearance of a divine being/ angel I guess to try and trick me into living a life of evil?? Anyway during this partial possession there was a block on my prayers, my third eye was crushed, and just about all my energy was sucked dry from my body. I really don’t want to be like this for the rest of my life. I have no intuition left and I feel even more like a stranger in a distant land. What do you think I should do? I have been to a psychic healer to get rid of the entity, but there is nothing to do really about regaining my intuition but doing it myself. Do have any suggestions? Iโ€™m really in need. Also lately…about every night when im sitting in the living room watching TV… I see a shape resembling a head popping out of the door way. As is someone is hiding and checking on me every few minuets. I can not see any characteristics on this head…It’s just an oval shape of a very faint skin colored glow. Do you think this is connected in some way?? I don’t know why something holy would feel like they would have to hide like that……? PLEASE HELP!!
    Thank you for your time,
    I really appreciate it,

  26. Stephanie, In order to heal your third eye, you need to stop feeling guilty about what you did. You feel unworthy to have these powers now and are creating a block for yourself because of this guilt. Geniunely forgive yourself since you know in your heart it was a mistake. Ask God and Archangel Michael to help you with this since it is not serving you and you have learned a lesson from it. Then ask them to cut the cords which are binding you to that guilt. Let it go forever and mean it. You are worthy!Read Doreen Virtue, Angel Medicine for further healing. Blessings!

  27. Hey, is anyone here?
    I just want to know if there’s any hope for children who were medicated…

  28. This article is ABOUT Mr. Barrios, but is MISATTRIBUTED to him as the author! Steven McFadden is the author and this shortened version is now all over the web in this form and with Mr. Barrios credited as having written it. Sure, Mr. Barrios is the “author” of the ideas, but there is actually MORE included in Mr. McFadden’s article than is included here. Especially a history of how the Guatamalan Mayas were systematically murdered in the warring going on 30 years ago, supported by the right wing Guatamalan government AND the right wing Reagen administration who illegally supplied arms to help with this eradication process. Illimunati all! Here’s the ORIGINAL, COMPLETE article as Mr. McFadden wrote it:

  29. Thanks Sandra.
    It takes a while for Adult Indigos to heal. But the process is speed up with positive energy, thanking God for everything. Asking Archangel Michael and God for guidance. I have gone through a lot of transformations and Love is the only healer. I felt lost and confused in this world with a desire to make it the world better. I have many sensitivities that up to a point I did not understand and the constant memories from past lives, got me a little off guard. My mother and grandmother, some friends that shared a strong spiritual connection have help me a lot.
    Meditation is the best that can be done, to heal the mind and spirit, and the physical body.Even the worst diseases are product of our fears. Meditation and Prayer to your God will make wonders, no matter to which religion you belong. You will know when you are heal, up until that moment you will experience truly happiness.
    I thought I was alone in this battle, But I see I am not.Thanks once more.

  30. Namaste! Could it be a section on how to deal with past lives. It could be beneficial to some of us. Thanks. Some phobias are hidden there and weird appreciations for music. Thanks again.

  31. so thankful 4 awesome beautiful connected beings / energy like yourselfs 2 make the time 2 send & run this awesome site….respect & bless your enlightened souls…..infinite love is all that exists, the rest is illusion…:)

  32. Totally supporting this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Let me help you

  34. I’m so glad to have found this forum. To Zac, I think your answer has been answered by finding this forum. Believe me, I can understand you. I’m a type of person who, for example, doesn’t reject drug addicts (I dislike drug abuse, though). By the way, call me Aliah. I’m 42, married, from Indonesia, no kids. I don’t know whether I’m an indigo. Recently I’ve had this identity crisis again. I’ve tried to turn to an Indonesian indigo forum, but I felt disappointed as it seemed to glorify the psychic abilities. I too have not much money but I get by and am grateful for it. I have to stay away from social life as I have converted my Islam to what I call Universal and Multidimensional faith under God, for almost 7 years now. For many Muslims, I deserve to be killed. I’ve experienced their anger. I’m very sensitive with the universe’s signs and I constantly have guidance from some space brothers/sisters/angels or something like that. But I cannot see a spirit (I’m a coward, I don’t like to see any of them), although sometimes I can hear or feel it. My only social circle is of my family, my relatives, and friends of them. when I have to attend a family gathering , I feel sad because I cannot force myself to mingle as a normal being, especially with women. I can see women/men tend to avoid to talk with me eye to eye. Even when I come to one of them, he/she seems to try to get away from me ASAP. I know I’m a very boring person as I dislike dirty jokes, I don’t speak their “social language” (I have no 9-5 job, I’m a lone writer, wear simple clothing, no makeup and dislike shopping) and I am too kind (I’m not being proud, though.). To married women, I think I have too funky a soul. I’m really bad at socializing. But I can talk about spirituality and life for hours (but I never do that with that circle). All in all, I’m not their type of friend, not modern enough. I’m also still figuring out my mission on earth. I know I have a deep passion in passing knowledge about angels, ET, conspiracy theory, and something like that. But it seems everybody has done that. I also have anger issues. I can be very angry when I see someone/animal is treated badly. My temper often gives me a bad name within my family circle. (My nephew once said I was like a thunder when I was angry.) Now I don’t know what I’m complaining about. I guess I just want to connect with people who can accept me as I am. To everyone in this forum, I’m sorry, this is too long a description of myself.

  35. Stephanie, hi. You can also try to get help from This is run by a “lightworker team under direct guidance by Archangels Metatron, Michael, and Melchizedek. Ask about your condition to Gerald Ginting, the founder and the chaneller. I join this group for my energetic work. All energy attunements are free.

  36. This site is wonderful and as soon as I get more money I will join in the mission of building a school for all of the gifted people. That is what I want to do too.

    I feel like we suffer because we are so sensitive. If you would like to talk about issues or need advice please contact me.

    Psychic Advice, this is not spam. Are you wondering about something in your life? Do you need Psychic Advice?
    Talk to a real psychic, authentic, premonitions and messages that manifest into reality. Stop wondering about things. Call me, my fee is very low and I only charge enough to keep afloat on keen they charge me to use their services and site. I want to help you, send me a message or call me.

    -extension: 04252310

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