Indigo Definitions

Source Definitions from the book
Indigo World: New Insight from Gifted Minds
© A.J.C. All Rights Reserved.

An individual who is free from psychosis and knows inherently the rightness or wrongness of a situation, and will follow their life’s plan accordingly to raise the vibration of the planet and advance human consciousness.

Indigo Children
Typically born since 1961 Indigos have, in fact, been arriving on the planet for centuries; however their numbers are now approaching critical mass. Indigos are technically-adept system-busters, who are highly intuitive, non-conformist and yet, empathetically aware individuals. Initially dubbed ‘Indigo’ because of the deep blue predominance of their aura, the ‘Blue’, ‘Star’, ‘Crystal’ and ‘Rainbow’ children are included among their genre, but they themselves are often unaware, or simply happy to ignore such identifying labels.

Indigo Adults
There are Indigo Children in their 20s and 30s prefer to drop the ‘Indigo Children’ tag for that of ‘Indigo adults’. There is really no more to the term than that – it is just a matter of preference for some, while others abandon any reference to such labels completely.

Indigo Scout
Those typically born up until 1975 are known as scouts because they incarnated on Earth to pave the way for the coming Indigo World generations to ensure their safety and success in connecting to their mission.

Indigo Generation
The increased amount of Indigo color present in the aura of newborn babies today represents a new ‘Indigo Generation’. Since the appearance of Indigo Scouts some 30 years ago, the number of babies with a prominent indigo aura has steadily increased. As these newborns continue to grow in numbers they will be regarded as the new Indigo Generation. This represents the manifestation of a new frequency of light consciousness affecting humanity in a global spiritual awakening know as Ascension. Many on the planet are now experiencing the effect of the Indigo Generation – even if they are unaware of its direct manifestation. This could be in the form of finding a closer affinity with nature, an unexplained change of diet or physical sensitivities; an awareness of the environment or simply an inner desire to be more spiritual… hence also the Indigo Generation awareness.

Indigo Awareness
The Indigo’s natural, direct perception of inherent truth, independent of linear brain reasoning. This ability is often why Indigos find it difficult to interact socially, or feel out of sorts within traditional social systems.

Indigo Energy
This term refers to the desire among Indigos to champion a cause, help others or to correct an unjust situation. Indigos are very aware of the need to eliminate greed and corruption and will even find the idea of competition somewhat of an ‘alien’ concept to them.

Indigo Power
This is the Indigo’s inherent and recalled abilities in any or all of the four C’s: Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentients and Clairvoyance. Each Indigo is born with one or more of these four C’s to help them achieve their life’s mission.

Indigo Artist
An Indigo of artistic persuasion; attracted to all forms of music, performance, visual and creative art activities and professions.

Indigo Conceptualist
An Indigo who enjoys project-based activities or jobs, such as those in architecture, archaeology or engineering.

Indigo Humanist
The type of Indigo who actively seeks out service-type professions and/or seeks responsibility to help humanity on a large scale. These also include those who seek to heal others.

Indigo Interdimensional
An Indigo who is able to see the ‘big picture’ of an idea or situation and is comfortable with the responsibility of pulling the strings and calling the shots within a project or profession.

Indigo World
Planet Earth post 2012, where the growing majority of its inhabitants is fully cognizant of their expanded natural abilities and live within the new vibration of compassion, universal harmony and understanding.

An evolution in consciousness – the Crystal, Star and Rainbow Children – defined.

Crystal Children
The Crystal Children will be more consciously aware of their direct contact to the divine. They will provide insight into our innate potential abilities and operate from a viewpoint of group consciousness. As they grow, the idea of ‘competition’ will seem strange. They will bring much love and unity to the people of Earth and radiate this in their beingness for others to see. The Crystal Children, who are born in the new millennium, will be attentive of their mission to bring a higher consciousness to the world. By the time they are young adults they will be at the forefront of shaping the new earth with their teachings and healing abilities; having benefited from the authority on Earth of the Indigos before them.

Star Children
Star Children is a concept that has evolved from those who are aware that they have come to earth seemingly ‘from the stars’ to teach its inhabitants of the higher dimensions and to raise the vibration of the planet in its transition of consciousness. They have natural clairvoyant ability, specifically, telepathy. They are aware of Man’s extraterrestrial beginning and see themselves somewhat separate from others. The concept of Star Children is controversial, even among the Indigo community.

Rainbow Children
The future will behold an Indigo World where the children born will be known as a “Rainbow”. This signifies their evolutionary leap from that of the human species as we currently know it. This is reflected in their level of consciousness and demonstrated in the vibrant multi-colors of their aura and their seamless access to the multi-dimensional layers of individual awareness. The world of the Rainbow Children will be so radically different from what we know today that it appears to be almost incomprehensible to our current perception of the future.


6 Responses to “Indigo Definitions”

  1. Question, what about indigo teens? ages 16-19.. we kinda get left out in a lot of these descriptions I noticed, and most inidigo sites cannot place us in a category due to the fact that it’s just overly complicated or they just simply don’t know. It’s confusing for us, especially my friends who are like me, it makes us feel extremely out of place and like were floating in mid air. Perhaps you could possibly answer my question unlike other websites, my email is

  2. I too would like to hear about this if you’ve got something to say. I would really appreciate that.

  3. You are not in a category, yet. Your brain is still developing, the pathways as described elsewhere are not linear. Average brains developing on one linear path are more subdued and have an easier function to complete. They believe they can multi task, but are really still attending to one thing then another. They easily go back and forth between tasks. Indigos will be multi tasking in a different dimension actually being productive simultaneously. If you are indigo you are building non-linear and multiple connections-developing the ability to attend to multiple tasks. They are not ADHD because they attend to everything…just not able to complete a task in routine linear thinker’s ways. Clarity will come.

  4. Such a strange sense of relief I get finding this site and the questions/answers here. I am very definitely an Indigo artist/inter-dimensional and along with my son, 16, have been struggling with adolescent issues, institutions and the intense energies that move us/through us as we continue to awaken.

  5. This is a difficult task ahead but we must never give up. At every level we have the sight of what is to come. We will soon see time as we know it melt away.

  6. II fall into this catagory, also Star People. I believe in everything that You have written. I am a very spiritual person. I believe in the esoteric as well as metaphysics. I would like to learn more about Indigo. From what I have read, all of the characteristics of the Indigos apply to me. I was born in
    June 11 1960. I am also an 11. I would like some more information.
    I am a fashion designer/artist.
    Thank You Very Much
    Sincerely:Perfecto Rodriguez II

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