Indigo Documentary

Indigo Documentary

Indigo Life Foundation is in the beginning stages of creating our own Indigo Documentary…The purpose of the documentary is to give different religious and personal views as to WHY Indigos are here. I want the viewer, irregardless of the viewers religious, political and personal views, to walk away realizing that Indigo people exist and we’re a positive force towards the future.This would be a basic yet very educational introduction to Indigos, Crystals and Rainbow people, worldwide. I want those who are Indigo (but don’t know it yet) and their families.. to finally realize truth, understanding and love. The documentary is estimated to cost between $10 – $15K but any donation, even $5, will be of great assistance. We have a wonderful film editor on board who is donating much of her time at no cost to this project, otherwise it would cost much more!

We’re in the process of applying to grants for funding, however, the more donations we receive, the more likely we’re receive the grant funding. (Sounds a bit backwards to me, but thats how it seems to work)

If you would like like to donate to the documentary and/ or other Indigo Life Foundation projects… please do so below.

If you’d like to be a part of the documentary, please send your inquiry to

Thank you to everyones love and support!

Much Love,

Rev Allyson

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6 Responses to “Indigo Documentary”

  1. I’m a sound designer/composer for film (indigo artist/inter-dimensional) I am just connecting to the Indigo community. I wonder if I could be of assistance in some way later in the post-production of the documentary.

  2. Hello! I can identify with this website because I’m an indigo adult. Just want to let you know that since the site uses an old fashioned black background, you might want to let your readers know that they can highlight it so it can be read. Some people don’t know how to highlight it, so they will just skip to the next site on the subject. The new age is going toward the light… using light backgrounds for their web pages. Just thought you’d like to know that. Some people can read the black pages, but it’s still an eye strain.

  3. I am here because I have been searching for an answer for my daughter who seems to have all the charecterisitics of Indigo. Practically each one. She is 20 years old with a learning difficulty. She is in her own way fighting to get things changed for disabled people. The sad part that although she fights she keeps getting knocked back but with her inner strength seems to go back and fight more and more. As her mother I can no longer cope with her pain and sadness of what she has endured in her short life. There are so many sites that tell you about Indigo. Yes they are super people, loving and with a heart of gold. None I have found that can tell me when that pain will stop or if she will experience the happiness she so rightly deserves as a person. So sometimes it makes me wonder if ehr journey will be filled with pain or is there something really worth her fighting for. Can I have hope that life is for living and that will be filled with love.

  4. We would be more than happy to help. My boyfriend channels spiritual music one which he calls inner peace and it resonates the higher frequencys. There are others as well. He has never taken piano lessons he just knew how to play. We together can also tell a few stories about the mini miricales that enabled us to get where we belong. He I believe is more of a crystal than Indigo where I am defiently an Indigo. We can actually send energy out and it can be felt by others. He also does Reiki he does not use symbols he uses his own energy and its even felt by those who are not awake or just normal people. Email us if you need assistance at if you would like our help.

  5. Thank you so much for doing this… for sitting down and writing all of this info – for getting the info out there. As an indigo (23yrs) its good to know I’m not alone. Even though I know better 😉

    To simone – I feel your pain like I feel my own mothers pain… she has the same feelings and it hurts to read your words as it almost sounds like my own mothers words. The ones she wished she could say to me.
    I don’t know what to say – other than we have alot of inner strength. 🙂 It doesn’t ever get easier, but it does seem to get easier. But thats only in my own personal opinion.
    I think it hurts the close ppl around us more than it does to us. We feel it…oh yes we do – holy moly yes! but somehow its alright. Have no idea how that works, but it does.
    Maybe its because we kinda built for it. lol
    Just be there for her. Even if it makes no sense at all. Thats the biggest gift of all when I can just relax with my mom. And be taken care of.

    Oh and about the screen Linda Camp, yes it is easier on the yes to use a lighter background. But I would not say that it has anything to do with ‘dark’ and ‘light’, the colour black is actually a sign of Protection, it is ALL the colours mixed together so its actually a positive vibration. And a black screen uses up less electricity – hence saving the environment. Check out Google’s Eco-Friendly platform.

    Thanx again for all the hard work.
    Love & Laughter

  6. I am a professional musician and composer. I sing and play piano and I am an Indigo adult. Is there some way that I may be of help. I would like to learn more. Heidi L.

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