Indigo Life Foundation

Indigo Life Foundation

I have many plans for the Indigo Life Foundation, which includes the Indigo Life Center project. We’re currently looking into grant options to get as many of the projects underway. Below is our first draft of ideas that we’re passionate about and looking to pursue. Although, obviously I have strong personal beliefs regarding Indigos and our purpose, the Foundation will not have specific religious or spiritual ties. I believe that enlightenment comes from within. By supporting the world through Love and making positive changes to those in need, the raise in conscientiousness will come. I want those of all religions and beliefs to feel free in coming to us for assistance and love.

Indigo Life Foundation


Indigo Life Publications

Ø 2 Documentaries would be to start.

1) Indigo Life Foundation funding film. A film to promote donations to the foundation and all of the following programs it contains.

2) An Indigo documentary, explaining “Indigos”. Many have described Indigos as The New Children. This documentary would explain who Indigos are through the eyes of all social groups and religions. Basically it would a documentary giving all angles of the purpose for Indigos but at the same time, proving the point that Indigos are here, how to know if you’re an Indigo, and what it means to be an Indigo. It also would have important nutritional and behavioral information for Indigos and their families. This is to give awareness that Indigos ARE here and we ARE different, while giving several ideas as to why. We are not here to push any specific belief system on anyone.

Ø POZ News Show & Magazine

POZ (short for positive) news show and magazine would be a knock off to the tabloid show, TMZ. Except instead of reporting the dysfunctional aspects of celebrities, we would report on all of the good and positive things celebrities are doing to help the world. Besides celebrities, we would also report on people all over the world stepping up and making a difference. We would give global awareness to positive projects in need, as well as ourselves.

Indigo Life Center

Ø Offering emotional & spiritual healing / counseling to both children and adults

This would be a center where people can come and find themselves. Basically free life coaching to adults and families in need of support & education. Even parenting education and assistance.

· Eventually, I would like to have 2 extensions to this Center.

¨ Indigo Life Shelter: The homeless shelter would not only supply the basic food and shelter needs of the homeless but also offer the counseling aspect. We would counsel each family and determine ways that we can assist them to get back on their feet. Either through education, skill training or mental health assistance.

¨ Indigo Life Rehab: This would be a very intensive rehab facility where we would not only deal with the addiction, but heavily work on the emotional and spiritual aspects that brought them to that point.

Indigo Learning Center

Ø Offering free tutoring for students of all ages. Helping students get a better handle on their subjects by presenting the subjects in different ways to relate better to the students.

Ø Offering free classes to the community. The classes would be based on subject which are of importance, such as nutrition & parenting classes, as well as based on subjects that are in popular demand at the time. Anyone who is an expert on a specific subject would have the ability to offer a class to the community and if we approve the topic, we would host & publicize it.

Eventually, this would turn into Indigo Life School, with alternative teaching methods. This would be a school for open and independent minded children. And we could find the true potential in all children with different forms of learning. We would always be looking for the best ways to bring the best out of our children, with love, understanding and compassion.

The Green House

Ø This is a program to help increase the education on living in harmony with our earth. Educating on easy ways to live green but also showing people how we can learn from nature as well as protecting animals and nature.

Eventually, I would like to create The Green House Market, where we would promote the local and organic farmers. It would be a grocery store where local farmers can sell their products. This would be set up so the local farmers can work together to promote their items without having to have the pressure of advertising and promoting their individual farm. People would go to one place to find all the local and organic food they want. This will lower the price of local and organic food as well as promote the local economy for each town who has these markets.

Thank you for all your support so far!

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I would appreciate any feedback and further ideas!
If you would like to become an investor or are able to assist in the pursuit of any of the below projects in any way… feel free to contact me at

Much Love

Rev Allyson


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