Are You An Indigo Adult?

Indigo Adult Characteristics:
* Are intelligent, though may not have had top grades.
* Are very creative and enjoy making things.

* Always need to know WHY, especially why they are being asked to do something.

* Had disgust and perhaps loathing for much of the required and repetitious work in school.

* Were rebellious in school in that they refused to do homework and rejected authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn’t DARE, usually due to parental pressure.

* May have experienced early existential depression and feelings of helplessness. These may have ranged from sadness to utter despair. Suicidal feelings while still in high school or younger are not uncommon in the Indigo Adult.

* Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. Indigos resist authority and caste system of employment.

* Prefer leadership positions or working alone to team positions.

* Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.

* May be extremely emotionally sensitive including crying at the drop of a hat (no shielding) Or may be the opposite and show no expression of emotion (full shielding).

* May have trouble with RAGE.

* Have trouble with systems they consider broken or ineffective, ie. political, educational, medical, and legal.

* Alienation from or anger with politics – feeling your voice won’t count and/or that the outcome really doesn’t mattter.

* Frustration with or rejection of the traditional American dream – 9-5 career, marriage, 2.5 children, house with white picket fence, etc.

* Anger at rights being taken away, fear and/or fury at “Big Brother watching you.”

* Have a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May be stymied what to do. May have trouble identifying their path.

* Have psychic or spiritual interest appear fairly young – in or before teen years.

* Had few if any Indigo role models. Having had some doesn’t mean you’re not an indigo, though.

* Have strong intuition. * Random behavior pattern or mind style – (symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder). May have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations.

* Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices.

* May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out.

* May have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities.

* Sexually are very expressive and inventive OR may reject sexuality in boredom or with intention of achieving higher spiritual connection. May explore alternative types of sexuality.

* Seek meaning to their life and understanding about the world May seek this through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and books, self-help groups and books.

* When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.

Please note, anyone could have a few of these traits, but Indigo Adults have most or all of these 25 characteristics.

First Wave Indigo Profiles
These are some of the qualities and challenges that First Wave Indigos experience.
Most Indigos can relate to at least 90% of this list
.~ Were born en masse (about 62%) between 1969 and 1987 (With stragglers before and after – 30% were born in the 50’s).~ Highly intelligent in their “Own Way.”~ Are literally “wired differently” than other people.

~ Know in their heart and core that they are here “on a mission” but many don’t remember what that is or how to go about it.

~ Have an inner awareness that what is being taught in churches and schools is NOT accurate and know there are hidden agendas around the lies that are being accepted by the masses as “Truth.” This is extremely frustrating but inspires them to uncover the cover-ups and expose The Real Truth!~ Have a strong sense of truth, ethics, justice and freedom. (That is why “authority figures” many times irritate and frustrate them). When these are in jeopardy, will give their “all” for their cause, and many times feel they would rather die than give-in to tyranny and deception.

~ Many have strong or unusual Psychic and Telekinetic abilities.

~ Have extraordinary levels of compassion.~ Have purple/UV as their favorite color or see it in their dreams.

~ Have an affinity to Knights, Castles, and Dragons.

~ Shut down psychic abilities because it scares people.

~ Feel like they could be one of the characters on the 1980’s television series “The Misfits of Science” or one of the young people in Xavier’s school for the gifted in the recent movies from the comic books “The X-Men.”

~ Many times get along better with animals and nature than people.

~ Have a bond/connection to the trees, and nature in general.

~ Can relate well to children and or the elderly

~ Feel very comfortable lounging, and would rather sit on the floor on a pillow than in a hard, uncomfortable chair. (Would prefer sitting on the floor in school, and business meetings if they could get away with it!)

~ Are very attracted to soft natural fabrics in their cloths and fuzzy blankets are the ultimate!

~ Many times get very impatient when with someone who doesn’t get to the point.

~ Creative, inventive, and very intuitive.

~ Involve themselves in human/animal rights efforts.

~ Have an innate sense of “oneness” and connectedness to all of creation. Get confused and disturbed when others don’t share their reality of “at-one-ment.”

~ High capacity for love, and therefore others may feel uncomfortable by their intensity.

~ Very sensitive, sometimes “Hyper Sensitive” and may not be able to distinguish between the emotional fields of those around them and their own personal emotions.

~ May go through periods of apathy and cynicism as coping mechanisms.

~ Intense longing for “their own kind”·.Soul Mates·but don’t know where to look.

~ Have what I endearingly term H.D.D. or “Hug Deficit Disorder” and need immense amounts of physical touching, hugs, and love to “cuddle.”

~ Because of being misunderstood and then betrayed, may develop strong trust issues, and therefore keep many of their thoughts, feelings and opinions to themselves.

~ About 30% have difficulties expressing them selves, especially in writing.

NOTE: If you read some of the poorly written correspondence from some of these First Wave Indigos, you would assume they were uneducated and nearly illiterate, but the truth is, that these same people can also be speed readers and can absorb information in seconds that would take others minutes to understand and retain.

~ Very disciplined when properly motivated.

~ Get bored and or frustrated in school.

~ Male Indigos (and many Females) for the most part don’t “do authority” very well because most of the time they are smarter than those in authority.

~ Many find themselves in “Alternative Schools.”

~ Female Indigos seem to be able to cope better with the school systems than their male counterparts.

~ Many are labeled “Dyslexic” and find themselves in “Special Classes” at school that usually never work for them.

~ Indigos have a strong desire to know “why” ·and if they don’t see “the point” in something, (or if is it isn’t explained properly), will feel it is simply not worth their time/energy and will either react with resistance or just simply “blow off” the people/things that seem not worth their time and energy.

~ Innately have their own ways of calculation and many have been accused of cheating in school because they do the answers in their head and cannot show their work.

~ Indigos have an evolved awareness of how things work, therefore, many of the rigid rules and methods of learning Math, English, and Physics (NOT metaphysics or quantum physics) make no sense to them.

~ All First wave Indigos have what might be termed as “A Gift of Healing” ….whether it is making people feel better with their humor and wit, hands on healing, animal and plant healing, healing with music and tone, or healing with new “unproven” methods.. ·some of which are natural and need no external training for.

~ Many Indigos have “Telepathic Healing” abilities and long distances make no difference to the efficiency of their work.

~ Because of their expanded perception, unusual creativity, wanting to try new things, and running way ahead of what is being taught in class, many were diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder, and put on Ritalin as children.s

~ Most Indigo’s (especially males) have a high innate aptitude for computers/electronics and or auto mechanics. It is common for them to “Just Know” how to operate and trouble shoot with very little help from a book or an instructor.

~ First Wave Indigo’s are extremely creative, and express this innate skill in many (and often times OUTRAGEOUS forms.) These skills manifest in: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Decorating, Photography, Writing (in sometimes very extreme and unique ways), Making Blueprints and Prototypes, Composing and Playing Music·.(even if they have never had lessons), inventing games, and creating new & more efficient ways of doing things.

~ Very few Indigos are interested in aggressive sports such as Football and Hockey. They would rather spend their physical exercise time and energy in personal achievement and outdoor sports such as track & field, skateboarding, mountain climbing, cycling, kayaking, etc. They are also attracted to discipline and self-defense sports such as Fencing and Martial Arts

~ Because of their feeling so foreign to this planet, a very high percentage of Indigos have been put on “Antidepressants” to make them appear “Normal” and fit in our society·.this is just a temporary fix though, and only adds to their challenges.

~ Many Indigos are drawn to Theatrics, Drama, and Stand-up Comedy. In these venues they can “pretend to be someone else” when actually they are using this as an outlet to vent and express their own views and pent up emotions. It is also a place for “misfits” to find a place of refuge and “fit in”.

~ Because of their feeling so “alien” here, many go through periods of severe grief, loneliness, and displacement·..and may turn to drugs, alcohol, or attempt suicide for a way out.

~One trademark that a high % of First Wave Indigos have, is living through extreme hardships as children, teenagers, and young adults. Many were born into family situations that were physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically abusive. These Indigos had to figure out how to balance and keep their inherent integrity levels, while being subjected to painful and life shattering experiences. A large % were implanted in such horrendous situations as: organized crime, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even ritual/cult abuse & mind control.


95 Responses to “Are You An Indigo Adult?”

  1. Thank you…I love everything you have done,

  2. I’m just one in a family of indigos (including a highly empathic child), and fortunate to have been raised by an early indigo mother. Thank you for posting this interesting blog.

  3. Ah ha! So…this explains alot. At 48, I think I qualify for the First Wave designation.

    Lucky for me, I went through accelerated schools that were not of the spit back/rehash mode. I spent all elementary and high school in one – and went to an accelerated college. It was only in medical school that I experienced difficulty with some of the classes that were wrote memorization, spoon fed or spit back/rehash. I wouldn’t waste my time with them – they were an insult to my intelligence and BORING. Thank God I didn’t have that type of schooling until that time. Who knows what kind of disaster that would have brought?

    That made gravitating to research, mind and behavioral sciences easy for me – although some of it had to be pointed out as my forte. I had an unusual knack with the mind and behavioral sciences even though I hated or disagreed with a lot of mainstream psychology per se. My Mentor pointed out that I could use my knack and throw what didn’t serve me away – a novel idea. I would have been quite unhappy in another persuit – or should I say, bored and unhappy.

    In general, I don’t get bored with life at all – there is just too much to do. Creative persuits, helping people, teaching and my mission keeps me moving forward. Boredom serves as a indication that I need to change something.

    You also helped explain why I despise big cities. I tell people that I feel suffocated, sterilized…that the energy of the earth is stifled there. Before, I explained it as my being native, an earth spirit, which is why I prefer the countryside and love the forests, mountains, streams, lakes and oceans – anything that allows me to plug into nature’s tranquility and serenity AWAY from hordes of people. I thought it was part of my native and creole upbringing. Now I know it was a little more than that!

    I am Indigo.
    I AM Indigo.

    I also agree with your statement that Indigos may adapt or tone down themself so others can better deal with us. I’ve done this and essentially split off a side of myself to help make others more comfortable with my presense. I’m not sure why people feel threatened by indigos.

    I no longer have depressive symptoms (I recall contemplating suicide when I was 5) after finding the answer to the elusive meaning of life question several decades ago. My current path is to restore my former level of vibration/energy and see what shakes out…while getting on with my mission and projects. I know what kind of ‘magic’ appeared at that former level and the magnetism that was part of it.

    Nowadays, I think I’m now old enough and versed enough to deal with peoples reactions to the light that comes from that dimension of energy. Mostly, I think I just don’t care what their reactions are anymore. I’ve lost a lot of energy and a certain ‘spark’ by splitting that part off. I want it back!

    Now here’s the weirdest part of this all…

    I only very recently came upon the term INDIGO…and for some reason, didn’t let it pass over me like most new age nonsense. Something called to me to dig in deeper AFTER I heard there was a creature known as the Indigo Adult.

    Thanks so very much for collecting this data and presenting it here.

    • i am so happy for you. i know this reply comes 2 years later. as i posted before i live in new york and wish to form a meet up group in queens or manhattan. if you or if you know of others in new york that would like this please let me know. though it sounds like you are very busy. cindy

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  5. Thank you for this information 🙂 I really love it, have read it before but it is very comforting to know that others function in a simular way… What always strucks me when I read information about Indigos, is the fact that much of it is the reason why I got diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome…I am wired differently 🙂

  6. Holy Guacamole, Batman! I appear to be an Indigo Old Man, 53 years in this incarnation. When I was in my teens, I was drawn to and accepted by older(college age) folks. It was pretty interesting, since it was the late sixties. I fit right in with the Summer of Love, without being a hippie(I liked bathing).
    Of course, the drugs were endemic, but I NEVER blacked out or didn’t know exactly what transpired during any intoxication, still remember, as a matter of fact.( I do NOT endorse casual drug use) Anyhow, Thanks for your work and support for the Young Ones. Hopefully, parents will stop medicating their children into
    the Slavery, they have bought into. Love to All as All is Love.

    • i am so happy to see so many of my generation on this blog. i live in new york and am looking to form a meet up group here. there is one in manhattan but they get together very infrequently. it’s been two years since you got a reply or are these just intro’s? cindy

  7. wow…you know, I’m 23, and I finally understand what’s been going on my entire life…

  8. At 42, I’ve just started to be ok with me. Ever feeling ALIEN on this planet its good to know that I’m not the only one here. 🙂
    God bless you for this site. I just “STUMBLED UPON” it. And as an indigo I don’t believe in coincidence. Maybe I wouldn’t be as crazy now if in my youth I could identify with others who had similar SPECIAL TALENTS. Thank God for the net. And to the newly aware, know that you are a light in this dark world, much needed, and though you may not feel it, much loved. Always be yourself, you may be the only light in someones life. PEACE \O/

  9. OMGoodness, 20 out of 25 if I counted correctly. No wonder it took me so long to get comfortable in this life.

  10. I never knew what indigo was until my mom watched the show on it and said this is you. So I looked up indigo and only half of the charactoristics fit until I found the New Wave Indigo. Then I cried. I’m 31 and for the past 10 years I’ve felt so alone. I longed to find my soul mate friend. I always said I would be my best friend if I met me. Now knowing my strange ways of thinking and feeling and my extreme sensitivity and among other things, I feel like a big weight has been lifted. I now just want to talk to onother First wave indigo just to compare.

    • Hi there,

      I have the same exprience as you too. I had alway felt lonely and never experience real happiness and joy in my life. Sometimes I feel that I’m just circling outside of the world and affraid to enter into its existence because seeing what is happening. I also feel deeply hurt and angry at hearing, watching, reading from any thing bad from the media and people. I’m also 31 years old and longing for my soulmate as well. I feel more connected and understood after I had read your post. Thank you.

  11. Knowing since i was a very small child (age 2/3) that i did just not live in this earth.. finally there are answers for who i am today and have been for so long.. the knowing has always been there.. i have two sons.. both indigo.. but here is the kicker… i am 59 yrs old!!! and i know i am not the only one of my kind .. they are just hard to find (have run into a few in my wild wild life) now things are again changing (known this since late 90s.. important physical changes.. mutating, evolving.. all this is happening and i just want to tell everyone to HANG ON it gets better LOL.. i have the drs. very confused, and just quit going as my blood has changed, my body, my skin, disease that should have been life long come and gone.. the drs just shake their heads.. fibromyalgia, diabetes, extra tooooo many white blood cells.. little need for long times of sleep but many short disapearances… astral life.. other dimensions other realities,
    highly psychic, need to be alone, could care less about legality or authority (all my life 🙂 parallel lifetimes, i visit all the time, relate better to animals than people, crazy artist sometimes others crazy scientist in my own way.. healing voice, healing words..people gravitate to me as they just “feel good” around me 🙂 nice feeling for me as well. intense desire to heal others and help then get thru this lifetime. wonderful exciting changes to come.. i have felt it for a long time .. used to call people to hear the “wake up call” now it is here and i have known when and why and where and how.. thank you soooo much for making me feel like i am not alone.. but again i am in a sense due to my age.. before my time i suppose? a teacher as i automatic write these things..? sure do wish some research would be done for us old folks.. old yes but feel like no older than 30.. thank you thank you thank you .. and bless you all.. you will one day open your door and a new reality will exist, some will love it some will not find it.. 🙂 this site has made me very very happy and no longer so alone..

  12. Thank you for being this resource of information and cncouragement for all the lovely souls of light finding their way on this planet. It’s always a great joy to find a site like yours to direct my client to when they need to get in touch with their spiritual essence and their Indigo personalities from someone else besides me. Many blessings on your beautiful work among us. I’m an Indico Adult born in 1946 but didn’t open up my awareness until the last 10 years or so. It just wasn’t a safe time or place for me until then. But here I am and walking my soul journey! Many blessings on your work!

  13. Thank you so much. Hello indigos-take care of them…Love is all we need-respect everything! Kisses and hugs Yorgos

  14. You just missed to mention that Indigo people tends to be chili addict 😉

  15. Typical skeptic I don’t always put much stock in things like this but almost 95% of everything written here describes me, to a tee.

    For one thing I could talk even before I could walk and WHY was just the beginning of my questions. I’m one of the lucky Indigo-types who’ve worked through their problems and found a kind of happiness that involves both the H.D.D. as you call it and the jumping from here to there that I crave as well. It’s often a hard dichotomy but it’s important to find a way to make it work, otherwise, us types would just implode.

  16. I am an adult indigo, born in 1957. I had my spiritual awakening approximately 10 years ago. Because I now understand “me” I was able to heal from that craziness I lived in as a child/young adult and at 50 I am on my light path. It feels so rewarding and so comforting to know who I am and why I am here incarnated in this human form. I totally identify with the posts here where they say that people are drawn to them…I experience this in every facet of my life and I used to wonder why I magnatized people with issues, but I now understand that I am here to help them and share light with them, to heal them. I no longer make excuses for the drama that comes my way, I jump in and love them and help illuminate them. LOVE is all that is real. I have an indigo son who was born in 1981. My other 2 children do not appear to be indigo’s.

    I send you Love and Light…We are one.

  17. I was looking up Sufism and other things and came across this site. Suddenly there is a sense of being and belonging. have no television in the home for a year now and stopped buying the papers four years ago to veer away from the collective consciousness and mass hysteria.
    though in the media, I get news off the net or read outside the home. My daughter is another indigo – tries so hard to fit and makes a mess.
    learnt yoga, reiki some six years ago and then life changed with a bang. Discovered through reading many different books and websites that everything is linked to the breath and chi in all cultures, experienced and still experiencing thought manifestation at different speeds on different days. Scary but very real.
    Go thru days of being too sensitive and then suddenly experience transcendence in seeing flowers on the sidewalks during peak traffic.
    Because I can let go suddenly under intense pressure and could start singing or cracking wild jokes – people have said I am spaced out, have my head in the clouds, run away from reality. Me I like myself the way I am because in the end, these same people turn to me when they lose faith.
    I have had a very difficult life but I believe in miracles because they have happened time and time again in my darkest hours.
    Love purple and its shades, have low seating in my home, fascinated by King Arthur tales (read The return of Merlin), hate filling forms and school.
    have helped innumerable people to chase their dreams even when I have been broken in spirit because I believe that the most beautiful gift you can give someone is hope.
    and love. Love has a way of blasting many obstacles.
    My biggest problem is that I cannot sustain hatred. My hatred can be as bad as the next person but I find it too heavy to sustain it.
    Another problem is that I soak other peoples moods like a sponge, even over the phone. need to bathe sometimes or move far away to recover. learning to put up a shield to protect myself. started also learning that laughter heals.
    why do I go back to problematic people and try to help them one last time. because you can make the difference. life is not about logic.
    I love being by water or the mountains – use to trek when younger. Can sit for hours without needing people then. and get healed from inside.
    Have another indigo at work. I call him Sir Galahad. He is far older but very wise. and wacky. and gets affected by people.
    I think that the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy is an indigo book. so is Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, the Alchemist, Whispering Winds of Change (Stuart Wilde), Circle of Magic (Pratchett), Synchrodestiny (Chopra). There was a time I was very closed but then I learnt that talking helps (not too much soul searching though).
    Drink lots of water, especially, after you cry. and relax. if you can find laughter in the everyday, you can use your indigo self to move many souls closer to what they want to do. Try not to make people do what they need to do. the heart has a way of wriggling out last minute.
    Love to all. light and may the force be with you. some laughter is good too. especially if you can see the cosmic laughter in life

  18. I completely understand -NOW- where I’ve been all my 57 years. In kindergarden,I understood that I wasn’t like the rest. When I read the indigo material I cried in joy that there were others like me to help with our evolution.Thank you for the site.It helps everyone with these blessings.

  19. Thanx for being there.. all of your stuff is excellent..xxxx..

  20. My granddaughter [1990] and I [1942] are indigos. I know I am one of the earlier ‘arrivals’ in the 20th century, and I am curious to know what is the earliest date you have documented. It is nicw to know she and I are not alone. From the very mmoment she was born, I knew the connection was there. we are all blessed. Explaining who she is has helped her tremendously.

    All is now known……

  21. This is amazing! Born 1957 and fell upon this site by pure chance, normally would not bother to read topics like this but was drawn and could not stop reading it. It stayed with me for days and keep coming back to read more about myself….yes, I am an Adult Indigo and for the first time ever, I finally get me! I really am not alone in my trippy world and it feels like coming home. I have arrived, at last my whole past confusing life has been explained and now I can accept myself easier, already feeling good especially about the future. Proud to be an Indigo…thank you so much for putting this on the web, truly grateful… x

  22. This realy is amazing.As a child and now even as an adult my mother and siblings all turned to me for advise.I just knew things.Even directions to a relitives house in a city i had never been to before, we got lost,so i had to tell my mom how to get to my uncles.The family still talks about that.I have 4 boys.I told my mother at 6 years old that i would have 4 boys..My oldest 3 i belive are indigo (bi-polar,Autisic,and ADHD each)thats what the schools and Drs have said.My youngest is a mistery to everyone and i get put down a lot becouse of the close conection i feel foe him.Let me explain since the day he was born anyone that sees him are drawn towards him,the teachers at school complain that if he were to where pink ribons the next day pink ribons would be the in thing.He is a performer he has to have attention most naturaly give him that but if they dont he will pull it from them he just knows what to say to people.Im afraid over the yeaRS I HAVE LOST SOME OF THE GIFT THAT I HAD but he has it and then some i cant figer out though if he is crystal or rainbow?Thank you so much for s site i can finaly relate to

  23. Are there any Indigo Adults in San Francisco? I would be interested in connecting up- safety in numbers, or sanity in numbers.


  24. Thankyou so much. I am 20 years old, born in 1987. Reading this made me feel closer to home 🙂 I know that I am not alone. I am happy to have stumbled upone this site. I wish I could stay up all night and read more, but I have school soon :(..I will be back 🙂

  25. Could it be possible that at 64 I am an Indigo…I think I am even though I am sooo old.
    I fit the description and am pretty tuned into the Ascension process but maybe I am a pre-Indigo…anyway…Howdy

  26. I was looking for somthing like this because my older child knows of and indigo who has been bothering her and my family how can anyone protect themselfs from someone like this and why would this person be bothering us like he is when we havent done nothing to deserve this …

  27. I was born in 1966, my husband in 1964…
    I think we’re both Indigos.
    There’s a lot I can relate to in that long long list…
    I know what’s meant when i read that you KNOW you’re supposed to make a mark of some kind, but you have no idea what, where, when, or how….
    how do you get on track?? how do you pick ONE thing??
    how do you just get along? People either seem to hate me with a passion or follow me around like worshippers… it’s scarey!

  28. Thank you soooo much:) I’m 31, and was beginning to feel that i truly was the only one that felt like I do. I have 3 children, all of which I firmly believe to be Indigo. My oldest was given a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome – which I have always disagreed with.
    I have a 10 month old, who is displaying extreme levels of awareness (old soul in young body)!!! Does anyone know what I can do for them, to encourage them?

  29. I kept my hair dyed purple in answer to persistent dreams for seven years. Now I know why. I fit every thing…well almost…on the list. Understanding now why some people used to just look at me and know my whole story.

  30. […] Now, keep in mind this is only based on the the group I belong to, since I know them inside and out and can hardly say that about any other vampyres around me. But I also found a relatively accurate list of modern day vampire characteristics at VAU. Anyway, here’s a few highlights, the full list of Indigo characteristics can be found here.  […]

  31. So I’ve been having these strange thoughts as I study more into Indigos and their various abilities. I’ve been recently trying to discover the source and the cause. I think I may have made a break through, but its too soon to really say. Anyways, I would like to hear from people on their experiences and such with all the information gathered I may be able to further my studies. Anyway, I’m a scholar of sorts and I’m only 21 currently, but that is besides the point. If my studies prove to have some merit, I will submit my research to various sources, including this. Being an indigo as well I feel we are bound for a greater destiny and in such, if my findings are correct I intend to open up an academy of sorts in the coming years. Please everyone with information on Indigos and their own experiences, email me at I assure you that you will be the first to know about my findings and your info will further my search for a greater truth and that all Indigo may indeed soon have a place outside of the norm in this world, I think that is what we are truly destined for. Thank you for you time.

  32. Dear friends,
    Thank you for this very comprehensive site! I’m 31, born and living in Germany. Here, very little information on the topic is available at all while even publication is difficult and considered of minor interest.

    Again, thanks for this site since I don’t know anything comparable whtin the German-speaking web.

    From the moment when I was 6, thinking about staying or leaving earth and having great conversations with God, I experienced the greatest demonstration of my own divinity.

    Of course, there exist multiple dimensions and parallel realities – no question about that. I’ve seen the gates and can descibe them in detail. Quantum physics isn’t mystery.

  33. My mother sent me to this site, now I not only believe my youngest son Nic should not have been labelled with asbergers, I also believe my daughter, my ooldest son and myself are all of this description. So now what??

  34. fuck man……i seem to be the perfecy indigo….i just happened to stumle accross this site and lo!!!!…i get to rad abt myself!!!!!.thanx and hats off to the amazing level of intelligence to have conceptualised the whole idea of INDIGO personality and put it in black and white…thanks a ton yaara!!!!

  35. I can’t believe I found this website.
    What a relief – I never really questioned my abilities or beliefs, but I sure can tell you that others in my life certainly do – whether it is family{I hide most if not all my gifts from these people} they have written me off as crazy shall I say and friends of which I have basically none to really speak of = superficial ones only. Know one seems to understand the things I see, hear, dream, have visions of. I have been gifted with the ability to dream about future events both in my own life and others as well as world events. I seem to be able to sense what others are thinking and feeling most of the time in less I purposely block it out. My first impressions are always different from what others consider a first impression, I tend to hear their thoughts. There is so much I could tell you it would take days to write it all! By the time I was six years old I was positive that I didn’t belong or fit I will say – although I was pretty sure at a much younger age [2]. I am now 41 and have a almost two year old son who I believe is a rainbow child – I knew that something was different when I realized he was expressing his needs to me telepathically. He has most if not all of the qualities of both a rainbow child as well as starting to show a lot of indigo qualities as well. He is an amazing child – I have also noticed he talks to people I cannot see and I hear voices in his room that are not just his – he points to lights and calls them GOD and has done this since he was very young – six months or so – possibly sooner but I didn’t catch it right away as I would be constantly correcting him by saying no it’s a light and he would just look at me so confused as if to say why are you calling it that when it’s not – as though I had called a cow a dog – that kind of confused look!! Anyway Thank You for reassuring me that we are special people and not odd balls in this world and I hope that there are many others who will feel this elation. I hope at some point in our lives we will come across others who are like us – because it does get lonely out here sometimes – God Bless You and Thank You

  36. I am so glad I found this website, like the Empath Report, this actually brings tears to my eyes when reading it, because I just feel relief that Im not alone with these feelings etc….

    Although I have always kind of known these things, its nice to have something written down, it kind of gives me a sense of identity, when i dont feel like i really fit in anywhere.

    Thank you xxxx

  37. Thank you for this article (and this site).

    I’m 22, and have read articles upon articles on the web about 11:11, synchronicity, twin flames/souls, soul mates, karmic relationships, and etcetera…stemming from a renewed interest in tarot cards (and readings) and astrology, that began when I was 9 or 10 years old. I relate to your articles, and have found them more than helpful as I fit most, if not all of your descriptions (or feelings, emotions, and experiences) of Indigo Adults…

    I have found that once I began *listening* to my inner voice — THE voice, really, I cannot stop, and don’t want to…although I do resist it at times. I also continue to research related subjects (on the web, especially) for reminders of my true self and for updates on information related to my purpose.

    I had/have a spiritual guide on this path who recently passed away, and I have found since then that my main resource for spiritual guidance/information has been found online — interesting.

    Anyway, I could talk and talk, but really I just wanted to let you know how significant your site is, and that it resonates and is most helpful.

    Thanks again.

  38. I am 45 y/o mother of 3 and when reading througn the discription of an indigo adult it discribed me so completely (99.9%). As a child I always felt out of place and that I didn’t quite belong anywhere at a very early age.

    As a young child and into high school I always had such a strong sence of empathy and compassion for other children, I offten sacraficed my own social acceptant to stop them from being bullied. I wasn’t with out my own physical hanicaps. I was born with cataracts but nobody realy knew I had an impairment or at level, because I didn’t treat it as one. It was the only why I knew the world, so It wasn’t a crutch. I also kept to myself more than most children, but could be social if I had to be even though it didn’t like it.

    My life has never been with out adversity, it’s always been difficult. I believe this is God’s way of making me strong, and showing me how to walk in the shoes of others. If you can’t feel what others feel than how can you advicate for them. I need to have an idea what they’ve endured to give me the strenght to take on the world in a sence. Helping other fight an injustace is what makes me the happiest.

    I am very creative, and resourceful, doctors just hate me because I always diagnose myself correctly when they haven’t. I know and figure things out all the time, and it puts a lot of people off when I can tell them how to do thier job better than they’re doing it.

    I was also floored with the mention of causing electrical disturbances, it’s not something I usually tell people about, they look at you as your crazy. All my watches and cell phones always malfuntion all the time, it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive they are. I’ve been shocked by too many wall outlets and unlike device, clear bright blue arcs, the largest being about 8 inches from my finger to a keypad on a door I was going to open, I never did open it because it burned out and had to be replaced. Everything can’t be just a coincidence! The words in this site are too on, too perfect, to complete, it’s rather scary. Though one could argue the discriptions could fit anyone, but it realy they can’t there’s too much detail in it’s entirety.

    This all started when I looked up indigo and crystal children after seeing documetary about it. My 17 year old daughter fit the discription of being an indigo so profoundly, and my 8 year old son was also discribed fitting a crystal child’s profile too completely. It was an odd yet comforting revelation.

  39. I’ve been looking into this “indigo children” thing for about 2 years, ever since my therapist Audra told me I was an indigo child. I then had a past life regression and it was so vivid, I was amazed and awakened. I fit everything about indigo children. I was diagnosed with severe ADD and ADHD after taking a computer test in 2nd grade, I was retested with the same results when I was 16. I always feel like im more ahead or above others, but I cant explain why..?? I also always ask why…about EVERYTHING! I will not watch or participate in anythng unless I know why im doing it… I have never talked with another indigo child before. If anyone would like to talk or share their experiences email me at NATNICOLE77@YAHOO.COM

  40. The people described here as well as those who describe themselves prove nothing execpt these are people with a very wide range of abilities, feelings, motivations, behaviors and learning styles. This is nothing unusual nor does it show the beginning of a New Age. Though some who claim to have spoken to God and are aware of their own divinity have other issues. The same for thos who believe that their telepaths which may/or may not develop into a psychotic disorder.
    No doubt this Asperer’s syndrome (aka as the autism spectrum) has prompted this indigo, crystal craze. No one wants to be diagnosed with something bad so lets make it all positive. I mean where else can someone who claims to be vampire as just another form of normal behavior.
    In short, none of what anybody here has said about themselves, makes you unique. Just check your latest child development or psychology book.

  41. I am so amazed on how much I can relate. I feel like I am finally understood and many things make much more sense! For a while I’ve been waiting for the time to explore my natal chart due to the odd location of planets (it may not be odd, I am just getting familiar with it), but was waiting for the right time. Somehow I found this website and as I read, tears fell. Thank you

  42. There is so many replies I doubt you’ll have time for me. I was born on the 6th of June in 1978.

    I’ve experienced levitation when I was a child, my energy levels hit the roof during the Comet Hale Bopp the psychic energy was out of control and was extremely intense. I feel the direct influence of the moon recently. I experienced the purple flame during amphetamine induced comedown 2 years ago. I am currently in Drama School and seem to be the top pupil and to be favoured by the principle due to my “talents”. I’m stuggling with my energy levels and my intuition tells me that an evolution will take place during 2012. The Transit of Venus takes place on my 34th Birthday.

    I look 15 due to my agrophobic nocturnal habits lasting all through my 20’s.

    Can you help me? I’m in a process and need guidance – I’m not sure what will happen but it will happen.


  43. This is so very very lame (lol). All this time I thought I was alone and maybe a little special and here comes this Indigo label…sheesh! I had no clue.

  44. I had been told my 10 year old daughter is an indigo child with an 85% psychic abilities. I had no idea that I too was an Indigo Adult. I am 52, and had started in the psychic areana in my early teens, and have been able to transgress myself to past lives and once to a future life. I have many encounters with the paranormal, and what really made me smile was the uncanny interest in knights, castles and the dark ages of which my family room is totally 17th century english knighthood decor. This website discribed me almost to a mirror image. Thank you for the enlightenment.

  45. Thank you for the in-sight of what is going on with the indigo people. I am a teacher and a wife. I just realize when i do research for my students, i also found similar characteristic to my husband’s daily behavior. He is 32 years old. Thank you so much, it really helps me, a lot.

  46. Amazing information. I thank you from the depths of my soul for exposing such profound knowledge! I am an indigo adult. I was born in 1980. I used your Indigo Adult Characteristics as a checklist and found that there was nothing on the list that did not describe me. I have read about people like myself scattered all over the world but your website is a fabulous resource for others to find one another and share their understandings.

  47. I am so greatful for you explaining this to me. I have had a horrible life and its seems to get even more difficult. However I have always felt a divine purpose was meant for my life. I hade unique gifts as a child, I was very psychic and extremely creative. Also I was an emtional wreck, I have been having panic attacks since I was four years old. I feel my life is not my own ,but is a tool to bring everything and everyone together and for true beauty and integrity to shine and evolve. I am always worried I don’t understand how everything could go wrong, even though I have the best of intentions. I am extremely emotional and psychic, I see visons, and even have an understanding of the unseen.
    Thank you for helping me see I am not crazy or alone. That there is a reason for my uncanny love and extreme anger toward our government and legal system. I have always felt alone and afraid, but now I feel a light of hope my come my way!
    Love, Michelle

  48. i want to die

  49. I fit your description almost perfectly, Born in 1967. I am an energy worker, reiki II, masage therapist, black belt, artist (I do just about every form of art out there), often refer to myself as a child of nature, and because I actually live what I beleive is right am often (complimentarily) referred to as not being human by my oldest friend. My wife woould also qualify as an indigo adult – some of your qualifiers I would have to ask her about – and we have what some would refer to as the perfect marriage. we talk, never fight, and enjoy each other’s similarities and differences equally – she is still in discovery of herself since she has only been free of her oppressive family for just over 4 years now. I guess the logical question is this … What do we do with all of this? What are we supposed to be doing with the gifts? Where do we go to harness and control our abilities to our (and the world’s) greatest advantage? I guess put most simply – What now?

  50. Indigo, crystal, rainbow, old soul, wayshower, sage, lightworker, masters incarnate, etc. This gets a little confusing. I believe there will be many cults built up around these labels. Though i don`t like labels, the description does fit. We all experience the full range of emotions, some to a higher degree. Whatever box or catagory you put yourself into, just remember you are unique only to you. Just because others have certain experiences does not mean you should have the same experience(herd mentality). I just wanted to remind you that you really are quite beautiful in your own uniqueness. Each one brings their own energy to increase the experience that much more. Any confusion you are perceiving is only a sign-post for you to seek clarity. Nothing is without rhym or reason reguardless of the relative (serface) observation. Saying i carry with me: There is no greater measurement of ones consciousness level than ones ability to accept what is. Any degree of inacceptance or any person, place, or thing is an area in which we need to learn and grow. Just remember, you will not receive an answer if you never ask the right questions.

  51. Wow Im an Indigo. I fit the intire profile.

  52. I have seen my aura exactly twice, so I know I am indigo even before reading this. I fit a lot of it, except I can’t leave my body and I really want to. Can some of the others tell me how they do it? Also I don’t heal myself at all well. But my life was a mess. I had a soiciopath child molesting stepfather and a mother who ran away without actually being gone. My teachers never really taught me much of what I really wanted to know. I am 50, born in 1958.

  53. I am indigo and I am in love with one

  54. I’m 26 years old. After reading this I think I might be but I am still not sure. Is this the same thing as clairsentience? Why were so many people during that specific time period born like this? And what am I supposed to do with the ability to feel other peoples’ feelings? How am I supposed to help anyone with this? That’s why I can feel their feelings, right? To help somehow. Whatever I feel all the time, i know I feel like it’s a gift. So please someone answer my questions. Why? Is this spiritual? Is it religious? And what now? How am I supposed to use this to help people?

  55. Thank Goodness I am finally finding information that brings me to a better understanding of what/who I am! This information is so valuable. My son (22) is an indigo child and his daughter is a crystal child.
    I have virtually every characteristic above except for the negative emotions like Rage, Depression, suicide etc. I’ve always been happy…if not a bit confused by my differences with most other people. I lost both of my parents before I was 11 and neither were Indigo Adults, I was raised in an invironment without any Indigo Adults and I believe thats why at 43 I’m just starting to find similar people. Thank goodness for the powers of the internet!

  56. Thanks for this site. I agree with much of what I’ve read except for the quanitification of the tests for being an Indigo. The time of birth??? the expression of suicidal tendencies???? the expression of ADD???? I am an Indigo, born 1964. This isn’t outlined in the test provided. I question everything I read including the criteria for spirituality. If anyone reads this and doubts their connectivity to collective consciousness because they don’t have 90% of the Indigo symptoms listed, this could lower the power of that life force to contribute what they were sent to contribute in this world. I guess my questioning the Indigo criteria is actually more Indigo expression. I was told that I’m an Indigo many times. I am not angry toward anyone or governments. The feeling I feel is more deep sorrow and pitty. Those who chose oppression of others are so disconnected from the light that they have a miserable existence. They are missing out on living large. EMPATHY is the gatewaay to living deeply, lovingly, wisely, and richly. Empathy is the gateway to spiritual gifts and the power of dreams, healing, premonitions, and all sorts of psychic phenomenon and living a miraculous life. For those of you who have also experienced vision, messages, and a divine calling of some kind…you might remember the acceptance delivered to us in the message. None of us are perfect.

    I’m posting this in hopes that fellow Indigos might clarify the pathway to enlarging their gifts. It isn’t underscored in anger, but is emboldened through empathy. Caution—-anger flattens your energy field, while empathy enlarges it.

    Peace Out

  57. Thank you for an insight into Indigo adult. It clearly describes who i am and i can clearly resonate with your description especially regarding WHYS & Authority. Since young, i have always felt different and that my paternal granny was my guide. We both used to sit on the front porch every nite starring into the sky and the stars feeling great joy and bliss. Does any other Indigo adult have this similar experience about looking at the sky and the stars? I would love to hear from you. Its great that i am not alone in this mission.

    Love & Light Ailin

  58. I am 33 and I know exactly what I am here to do. I recently quit my job as a therapist in a drug rehab facility. I will not go back to work for corporate America again. I have written out on a sheet of paper everything I need to do for my business to work with Indigo children using Reiki and other forms of healing.

    The problem for me is finding the strength to do what I am called to do. Not physical strength but mental strength. I kind just want to hide.

  59. I have a close friend who is what we feel is an Indigo adult now and is very hard for the rest of us to understand and cope with. This has helped a little for me to understand maybe what he feels and goes through.

  60. Yes, I too am an indigo adult. Such a burden to be lifted from my shoulders finding others of like mind! I often feel surrounded by people who seem blinded and don’t see the obvious, yet the writings here all fall within feelings and sensitivities.

    I am home at last.

  61. Thanks for making this website. I never fully understood what was wrong with me…why I felt the need to get away from my family, why I can be in a room full of people and talk to everyone, yet still feel like I don’t belong. I have a friend that has synesthesia, and when I found this website, I immediately called him and asked what he said my base color was again (he had told me, I had forgotten), and my suspicions were confirmed when he told me that I was ‘gray-blue or light blue.’ I’m an extremely rare one of my breed, as nobody in my family shares these traits, and I have another half to me…I’m Otherkin, though I don’t go as far as those people that you sometimes read about on Wikipedia. I knew about my Otherkin side…but always felt that there was another part of me, one I hadn’t discovered…and you helped me find it. I thank you, from the depth of my soul

  62. Thank you very much for shearing this….is this related with INTJ profile and Rh- factor too? I’m just curious.

  63. June 5th 2009

    I have met myself on line and it is me… I am a genetic product of 1954.

  64. hi my life has always been very hard for me to understand,my father left when i was 4yrs old,my mother me and younger had it kinda bad.i’ve never liked being told what or how to do things,i rebeled againsted ,my teachers ,mother,and any authority figures.when someone close to me gets hurt or i see someone in pain i can actualy feel their pain,i get very upset to the point where i get sick hands stay very hot but my body is cool ,when i lay my hands on someone else their pain fade’s and my hands cool off.i have attempted sucide three times and am now on dissability for mental health,i lost 6 family all in one year from different illnesses,my aunt on jan 1,(my Birthday) my exfarther inlaw on jan 15,an uncle march 1,my mother april 1,my stepfather whom i loved very much august 1,and another aunt nov 17,all in brother commited sucide by hanging on my grandmothers birthday the day before his ,i had to tell my mother that,which was very hard.i married a my boyfriend of 6 yrs (my 1st)we were wed for 11 yrs had 3 children,the last died after 32hrs.,from heart problems,he left me for a very close friend of ours,which liked to have kill me,emotionaly,i lost trust in men and women.i can meet someone for the 1st time and they don’t have to say a word and i can tell if they’re any good or not,and 90% of the time i’m right.i cand read a book of instructions from front to back and i don’t get it,but i can do what needs to be done.i hated school but i’m very smart i just didn’t like the books they gave me to read,i like books on medicine,phsycology,history,dictionaries,ect… i get along better with oldre people,and babies especially .i can do math in my head quicker tahn on paper,i can’t work a caculater i don’t get it,.when i was yound i over heard my teacher tell my mother that my IQ was high,i do not remember what it was.i have a very good memory espically names dates faces places,but have bad nerve problems i’m on antidepressants,and mood stabilizers,.what do you think,am i an indigo adult,a physic once told me that i had a white aura around me,i thaught she was just telling me that ,but all i told her was my first name and birthdate and everything she was telling me had happened,and the rest happened shortly afterwards,from money to car accidents,to where my husband was hiding his mistress(my Friend at the time).can you tell me if i am or have indigo traits?

  65. Thanks…I am 23 and i just qualify being from First wave…All the characteristics are just perfectly explained and match my life stats. Thanks again, you’ve done a GREAT JOB.

  66. Now I understand why… explains alot and Iam eager to learn more about the Indigos and myself. I feel a great sense of relieve that I am not imagining things are just plain weird. I feel a sense of peacewithin myself now that I had been loging for for quite some time. Thank you! And now, there is much work to be done!

  67. I was told by a psychiatrist at 15 that I was “like a 60 year old trapped in a teenager’s body.” I have also been told that I am indigo…but never quite understood what that meant. Now, 6 years later, it is more transparent to me. Thank you for helping me open my eyes..

  68. Hello. Did you answer Jason Kennedy? I would be interested in reading your response please. Call it what you may (indigo,rainbow,golden,crystal), analyse it, box it, label it, characterise it; it is the nature of like energy to attract like energy, so ultimately if you notice yet another street lamp blowing above your head or the telepathy in your family doesn’t always result in the toilet seat being put down, then, don’t over think it! because sooner or later we’re all coming together as “one” anyhow.

  69. I need to be directed to some kind of a guide to indigo guides, because I am one. I’m 42, the time when I’m supposed to be seasoned enough to begin my true calling; I just need to know how to go about that mission. Is there a website where I can contact other indigo guides so we can help each other?

  70. Brightest Blessings & Sensuous Greetings:

    As I was reading Your post I felt the greatest flutter in My heart… Your post resonantes as a truth to Me so much so that it created a feeling of fear first and then passed over to the appreciation of understanding somethings about Myself… That felt good…

    I have just recently(4 years on the journey) been blessed to realize My life purpose after experiencing all of what You post…

    To know that there is a greater plan & purpose is the most liberating feeling in the world…

    To be able to have Your entire life explained as that greater purpose is bliss…

    Thank You for this very informative post…

    Continue to share & spread Your Divine Light…

    Love & Life
    (Loving Life)

  71. Thank you, I felt hopeless thinking that I was alone with the ups and downs in my life, in addition to the weird sensitivities in my environment and people surrounding me. Thanks now I know I am not alone.

  72. I am not alone anymore. I know where I fit into things in life.

    Thank you

  73. I just want to say thank you for this information! For years I have felt like I couldn’t be myself in front of a lot people and based on a few things that have happened recently I finally feel I have permission to be me! It’s like that song…”this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…”

  74. Thought you might be interested in exploring and contributing to the new forum

  75. i…i think i need to know you people, every single one of these traites i have, not one of them escaped me with only one minor differences…

    instad of turning to cults, i turned to video games, imagining i was the characters in the games themselves. whenever i wanted to hurtmyself becuse of school or my mother, i would turn to the games and blow up space pirates and metroids…every one of these traites here, is something i have done or thought…i think i need your guys help.

  76. This has completely blown me away. Part of me resents being ‘categorized’, but that’s only part of me. Mostly, I’m happy to find someone who agrees that I’m not just ‘weird’ or ‘nuts’ or ‘crazy’. I said ‘yes’ to almost all of the questions.
    I would like to help in any way I can, although I cannot contribute monetarily at this time. Hopefully, that will change soon.

  77. I recognise all of the above, but I’d rather not label myself. I’m simply me (a 46 old teacher) who connects way better to her students than to most adults…. I was born in 1963 and I’ve always had the feeling of being born too soon. I was the one that was ‘different’, so I thought that I was kind of misplaced in the world. Now I understand that every person feels alone and afraid at some point in his or her life.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that every person with some kind of awareness to what’s going on in life and in the world, can be labeled as an Indigo. So let’s all just be human and make the best of the time we have been given.

    Love, Ingrid

  78. i was married to an indigo. we were young when we met i was 17 he was 20 . we were crazy in love he died 5 months ago we were together a long time. he did unconventional work. before he died he told me stuff he kept hidden. it freaked me out. but i am healing and love him beyond words. i am finding myself but i want a male indigo friend and maybe someone to go out with. i know it seems odd. since my twin flame is not here in the physical. i know he would want me to be happy. i have a lot to offer. i am totally out of the box as we all are. there is a new life expo in new york at the hotel new yorker oct 16-18 2009 if you are in the new york area come. hope to make some new friends. want to just enjoy the 3d life again. much love to all, cindy

  79. Blessings–all my Indigo, Rainbow & Crystal friends. We ride with an elevated spiritual energy. And we are healers for this distraught world. We thought that we marched to the beat of our own drum but now we recognize that there are many spirited souls like ourselves and together–UNITED, I really believe that we can make a difference in assisting our world in becoming a much healthier place to share. It is a matter of degree and persistence and in maintaining our faith in whatever we perceive God, (the unknowable essence) to be that will support our journey together.
    I am a 53 year old mother of 2 who is continually encouraged by friends and family to write a book about my life and hardships & triumphs. I know that our hardships are often blessings in disguise to bring us out of our ego and into our spirit. There is a beautiful quote from Abdu’l’Baha (Baha’i) that says, “Tests are benefits from God for which we should be thankful for. Grief and sorrow do not come to us by chance. They are sent by the divine mercy for our own perfecting”. Isn’t tha so profound? And true.
    Nineety percent of the Indigo adult profile describes me more than I could have imagined. I am an attractive woman (inside & out) yet it has been somewhat challenging meeting like-spirited men who are on the same WAVE length as myself. I have noticed that women resonate much more than men in terms of these Indigo characteristics. As an Indigo Adult, I was delighted to see one of the characteristics being the interference of our energy systems with computers, light bulbs, street lamps, etc. I continually interupt electrical fields (turning off or on street lamps, computer malfunctions, light bulbs burning out, etc.) and have been called a witch. I see myself as more of a healer with both feet planted on the ground but my soul with the stars. As our beautiful planet becomes more and more challenged, people like ourselves must rise up together to make a difference in our world and that of our children, etc. I love nature, the arts and people but feel very sad that so many of the souls around me do NOT connect to what we Indigo persons share spiritually. It is NOT about religion in its old form although religion in its purest form is beautiful and the word religion means to bind together. (UNITY) It is about world unity and working together for the good of all. We, Indigo Rainbow and Crystal souls are sensitive, passionate, loving and conscientious people. We already are aware of the world problems (such as lack of care, lack of love, indifference, greed–ego based illusions) and most of the answers (such as involvement, love, empathy, oneness–spiritual based truths).
    Let’s help the rest of the world to catch up. I could go on for hours here, really as I want to share so much with you. I have a seriously disabled daughter who also is really evolved (beyond my understanding in some ways) and who is also my teacher (in many ways) and I need to take care of some other more daily matters at the moment. I do believe strongly that we are created noble and the potential that we all have to make a huge difference on this beautiful planet is mind-boggling. Lets keep our lights bright, our heads up and be confident in who we are; what are gifts are; and in our abilities, both great and small to make this home of ours healthier, happier and brighter. May light, healing, forgiveness and love surround you all. Blessings, Heidi L.

  80. For Casey… Casey, the key to your future is letting your past go. Every experience you had, no matter how painful, happened because you planned it in this life to help you grow spiritually. Accept that the events in your life are meant to teach you. Embrace the pain, anger, frustration, humiliation and then release it to the Universe.

  81. My suggestions to those of you that want to find more Indigo’s is to create a Meetup group around your city. That’s what I did. It’s free to join and it’s like 15.00 or so to keep it up monthly. But, if you want, you can meet some people and drop the group thing. I’ve had mine since August. We’ve had several meetings since then and it sure is nice to know other people around me get it. *-*

  82. Anyone had trouble keeping or creating friendships throughout their life?

  83. I have not. I am of the opinion that friends are constantly changing as we grow and we intuitively feel (or that other person does) that there is nothing else to learn from that person and nowhere else to go. I have a core group of about 5 friends but I no longer seek out the company of just anyone. I had a difficult time with that when I was younger and in my 20’s but now I am way more at peace with the idea of impermanence.

  84. This made me cry. I’ve even seen my aura before, and it is indeed a deep indigo blue that fades out into a beautiful, bright, ocean blue the further away from my body it goes. Sometimes I also recognize others immediately as Indigos, but with others they seem like they *could* be Indigo, but I can’t rightly tell because they don’t have the same healing gifts or psychic gifts I do. How can you tell if someone my age is just creative and “unique” or if they are an Indigo?

  85. This Is exactly me. Very interesting to read as well.

  86. So we’re all indigo – now what?

  87. So now, Tasj, perhaps you have some answered questions. Now you move forward with more awareness. Now you can share it with others that are struggling. Now what for you? That’s something only you can answer. What do you want?

  88. is it possible to be one soul in TWO BODYS OR SHARE ONE SOUL IN TWO BODY’S i was told that i shared a soul with my husband who crossed 8 months ago. i need to finish my mission. i want to know if he still will finish with me. possible a desirable walk-in.
    of course it would be his choice to reconnect to this dimension or move on to another.
    i am not sure if he completed his journey.

  89. Cindy, my Meetup is in Florida. Try and search for Indigo groups in you area. It’s really been a great way for my to connect with like-minded people. We’ve learned a lot about one another and “Indigo” phenomenon.

  90. yes i’ve been aware of this since childhood. there was no name for what and who i am.
    when i was very young i thought i was adopted. my parents would laugh. i remember when right before entering grade school one of my aunt’s said to me”your going to start school” my reply was “no i’m not”. i felt that i had all the information for light already.
    i was a poor student. i was placed in what you could call back then “slow classes”. i felt at home there because there were like minded souls. going through life and being an early indigo was difficult. no one identified with my ideas. but you know i was very happy. i formed my own alliance with myself. i was always self aware. today i fit in with so many people that are younger than myself. it works. i love my friends of my generation but they resonate in a different way. it is a bit easier now. i have such a love of this life and people that i feel blessed that i incarnated on this world. i do have purpose and i am finally coming into my own. if any of you are from new york please write to me. there is an indigo group through meet up but they do not get together very often. does anyone wish to get together. i live in queens and if someone wanted to co-develop a group that would be excellent! by the way i an the person who wrote about two body’s sharing one soul december 25. please look at it and if anyone has more information about this please let me know. much love to everyone on their life journey. cindy

    • I don’t know about the two souls in one body thing. To me it kinda sounds like crap. Something someone made up to feel better. I believe that another persons spirit and vibration could be so strong that it would resonate within another person strongly even after they have made their transition to another plane. Cindy, this blog isn’t very lively. I would suggest if you would like more feedback you could try if you haven’t already. I bet people would jump on your question about two souls. I feel I have moved out of the spiritual aspect of being in Indigo. I am moving toward the action phase. In my experience, the adult population of Indigo’s spend more time dwelling on what they can do for themselves in regards to learning more about spirituality and developing their intuition, etc…I am ready to MOVE ON and do what we are here to do. In my group we have decided to talk more about that instead of the other things. We are all writing books which I think is funny. Our next group will be about how to encourage and help one another become published. =) I would like to talk to you about this more, if you want you can check out the Indigo Society of Jacksonville, FL and write me there! Take care!

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