Behavioral “Disorders” and Traits of *some* Indigo Children

Behavioral “Disorders” and Traits of *some* Indigo Children

by: Denali “Starr” Earnest /

-Hyperactivity -Restlessness -Insubordination -Rebellion
-Nonconformity -Failure to Apply Themselves in School -System Buster -Disruptive
-Extreme Independence -Refusal to Recognize/Respect “Authority” -Impulsivity -Inattentive
-Easily Agitated -Volatile or Emotionally Unstable -“Mood Swings” -Critical of Others
While not all Indigo Children will manifest these characteristics, it is not uncommon for many Indigo Children to display several. While some Indigo Children may be a delight to behold and the life of the party, many others will be “difficult”, moody, sullen, antisocial, hostile, aggressive and seemingly resentful of everything around them.

Many Indigo Children will be labeled or “diagnosed” with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, though medication will be of little to no value when given to an Indigo Child. While they are commonly mistaken for ADD or ADHD, what is actually going on is they are bored silly with their environment, not challenged academically, and able to multitask and work or focus on several things at the same time. (Indigo Children use holographic thought processes, as opposed to fragmentary thought processes). The educational system is an insult to most children, especially Indigo Children.
They will also frequently refuse to do things in the manner of which they are asked, even when there is really no apparent reason why. An example of this may be refusing to show the work in math, insisting on doing it in their head and not putting the thought process down on paper, which is commonly requested by teachers. Many times when an Indigo ‘gives in’ and does what is asked of them, they will do it, but still insist on doing it ‘their way’.

I was actually given 50mg of Ritalin a day (when I was 10), and it served no benefit, and neither did any other medication that was ever tried. Oddly enough, when the teachers and other individuals were *told* I was on medication-even though I was not taking it!- they noticed “Significant Improvement”.

Another frequent misdiagnosis is that of Bipolar Disorder (or any of the ‘Manic Depression’ afflictions). While Indigo Children are frequently moody and very sensitive, what is often misperceived as “mood swings”, is actually just the Indigo being distressed or troubled by things that the other individuals dont understand, and then frequently settling back down into their normal demeanor after the issue that was troubling them has been resolved or addressed, or for whatever reason is no longer a factor.
Indigo Children frequently encounter depression and suicidal tendencies, especially Adult Indigo Children. Frequently, this may be a result of traumatic incidents in the Indigo Child’s life and history, and antidepressants are (again) of little to no value, and may actually prove to be accelerating and make the Indigo Child feel worse.

You can not medicate your life away, or the problems in it. While medications can be of tremendous value to certain individuals, the problems for Indigo Children are rarely related to chemical imbalances, therefor medication is seldom any benefit, other than to make the parents or caregivers feel better ‘at least we’re doing something’. What the Indigo Children need (and probably the parents, as well), is a support group, a support network, or people they can talk to who understand what the Indigo Child is going through, and that they are not alone.

The biggest problem for Indigo Children, is constantly being told there is something “wrong” with them, when there is nothing “wrong” with them. Constantly being told this will only add to the resentment and separation the Indigo feels from you, and while they are probably aware on a conscious level that you are only trying to help and that you dont mean any harm, all the Indigo really knows and hears is that you dont understand anything about them, how they feel, what their life is like, and what they are going through.

The more alone and misunderstood Indigo Children feel, the more miserable they will become. It is a vicious cycle they are continually trapped in, and very hard to escape. Fortunately for the newer Indigo Children, there will be more of them and they will not be as alone and misinterpreted as the older Indigo Children are, though they will still face these issues.


~ by indigolifecenter on June 4, 2008.

10 Responses to “Behavioral “Disorders” and Traits of *some* Indigo Children”

  1. My son is on bipoer medicine. Should he be taken off it? He has tried to kill himself several times. he lives with my mother and he is 18 yrs old. He has closed himself off from our family. I really want a relationship with him.

  2. I ‘ve always resisted medication and always will. I know I am different and do not try to fit it. Yes, it can be a lonely path but I ‘d rather be alone than compromise my values/vision/self.

    I ‘m also working through a lot of fear right now and again, some people see that as evidence of “something being wrong” but I see it as karmic clearing. I just do my best to accept it and I know “this too shall pass”.

  3. Shelley: this must be very difficult for you and your family. But his situation is not something that is just a phase nor will it just pass. Before you can develop a relationship with him he will need to be stablized (this is not your fault) but it will be difficult. The right type of medication will be needed, hospitalization my be required and he will need strong counseling support.
    Unfortunately sites such as these are not beneficial for you or your son. On another indigo counseling site a indigo counselor told a teen’s parents that their son was an indigo who was just reacting against society and was close to God. You would be doing your son a big diservice if you told him that his abnormal behaviors are actually normal. In my work with people with psychotic illnesses I stress normal behavior as a path to self actualization.

  4. I grew up always thinking there was something wrong with me, until the day my third daughter was born. From the moment I saw her eyes I knew she was different. While my older two daughters have a small gift, my younger two have an amazing gift. I am unique, was always told by others “there is something wrong with you”. The nightmares, the dreams, the flashes…I am never wrong which frightens me and frightens others. My third daughter has the gentle gift with animals, the dreams, the flashes, everything. I desperately need someone to talk to who can help me understand all of this so that I can better understand myself in order to help my younger two so that they never grow up thinking there is something wrong with them…There is so much more I want to say, but I will wait until someone who really knows how to help me reaches out to me. By the way, there is nothing wrong with my mind.

  5. Hey, i have almost every above trait. I am 31 and still have these traits. Through meditation and intense self anaylsis, i am learning how not to act out my emotions. Emotions are inner reactions to thoughts. Systematically evaluate all your thoughts and emotions. Recognizing ones problems is the first step to solve them. All indigo`s do not fit into the same box. Our life experiences reflect this. The warriors on the front line are always a bit agressive,bolder, and way more destructive than the office personal. All on the same team. Sometimes energy gets out of control. I do think some require medication to keep from hurting themselves or others(only in serious cases). The above traits / disorders are the forces that drive some indigos. Dependent upon what degree we learned to control it within ourselves. We must all learn our limits even when we are big kids. Indigos are not here to follow the conformity systems but to tear them down. Expect some destruction behind their paths. It is just what they are programmed to do. Some to an extreme, sort of like the wild horse that will never be broken. Despite the attempts, life will never break the wildest indigos. Through history those rebellious spirits became the legends of today. Just be careful not to project more unbalanced energy towards them.

  6. I was lucky enough to rescue my Daughter from the negativity around her that I believe caused her to react in a way that ended up her being labelled ADHD. I was able to move away from the negative cycle and began working on honouring my own child for who she is and not what her behaviour (caused by the environment around her) had made her. I homeschooled because of the negative responses toward my Daughter from teachers and that was when my Daughter began to grow within herself, to the point that she is so confidant and understands that she is infact indigo and not ADHD and actually she has always known that, bright as a button, she is near 19 now and she is the most beautiful creature (biased of course) and she knows she is gorgeous too.

    It was a tough journey, my Daughter was 10 when I moved to the coast from the city and I pulled her out of school at 11.
    All that I did was made sure she knew that I loved her and that what ever it was that she did in her reaction to everything around her, that I was always there standing beside her. It took many years until she realised that I was always there, if she ran away, I was there, if she smashed the house up I was there, if she took an overdose, I was there, I even travelled 500 miles in one day to rescue her. I never gave up on her and today . We have the most beautiful relationship, We both know that no matter what mistakes we make, we are there for eachother, we have eachother forever. I see no sign of her label ADHD today, she is pure light!

  7. Growing up as an indigo has been??? interesting. I was born in 1977 and for the most part of my life I have been alone in my mission on the planet,until the last few years.
    When I was at primary school I was always that kid who was excessivly intelligent and wouldnt need to try at scholastic activities but that same kid was labelled as a trouble maker soley cause i was bored with the arbitary modes that was being forced in to my mind. I rebelled against this ,in a major way.
    When I hit my teenage years thru desperation ,frustration and sheer lonliness I delved in to the darkside of spirituality (not black magic) but using the energies of the shadows to manipulate and control my surroundings and situations. all the while knowing that this wasnt my calling and “reason” to be here,this time around. After much flirtation with these energies and maximum material gain and then karmic retaliation I found my self at the lowest point and in a world inside my self of eternal blackness and psyicaly and psychically affected by it. I felt as if I was in the most silent of black holes being forced further into oblivion lost and cajoled, begging for reprisal and searching,but unable to see the light of the source and the furthest away from the oneness I have ever been.
    I luckily found my way out through deconstruction of my ego via enlightening past times, meditation,astral travel ,creativity and music. I found my self on the path again and travled along it stopping and smelling the flowers and feeling the universe at every turn, this was when I was 19. later at university I was involved in political and creative actions and was liberated even more. HOWEVER being my stubborn self I turned away again and was compelled to find chaos and the dark self loathing place I had benefited so much from. Than kfully this time around I knew my limits and found my way out quickly although suffering karmic reprisal again, but this time it was more a universal thing that reminded me of the lessons I learnt when systematically finding the oneness in the deconstruction of the ego. At this time 24 I found about Indigos and wept,laughed and was absolute in the cataorfarisation of an “indigo” and realised (in part) why I had felt and acted the way I had and at this point i found inner peace. Since then and right through my saturn return I have been made aware of more indigos , these range in age from 20-25 and they appear at the strangest times and without me mentioning anything ask questions of me ,metaphysical societal ideological questions about the “new way” that is dawning in or around 2012. I am now truly aware that i have been placed here as a late 70s indigo to make way and make it simpler for these later indigos and prepare them for the metaphysical shift that I will be on the front line of as ,(I am and have seen in dreams and meditation) I am a warrir of the change , a leader of the struggle against the dark powers that seek to resist the shift. Im ready….and am willing.
    This was solidified to me when my son was born whos a golden child and came to me in vsions whilst in the womb and told me “its coming and WE WILL WIN” . My son is nearly 3 now and has shown me already what brilliance the world of the Oneness refound or the change will entail
    We are here. and we are ready , empwered by the true light of the source and ready to fight, not with guns not with bombs but with ou hearts ,souls,and energy…WE will not let our material things or the people who create and force them on us govern who we are…
    Love Light Hope and Peace

  8. I’m an Indigo Im 17 turning 18 and I have bipolar and ADHD and 3 other mental illness. But I am also an artist i paint and am very misunderstood and resentful of humans because all they have taught me was destruction. It does get lonely but when i read this it made me cry because someone out there understands our kind thank you.

  9. Yes even i have been told im different, very quite, very unusual, intorvert, disturbed all sorts of things have been told about me. i have shut myself up now from outer world and have created my own world, where im the boss..never taken any medications only once during serious depression and saturns transit over natal moon. I know im not different but somehow people feel that way.

  10. Hi. I am Yuliana. Iam 19 years old now. I live in Indonesia. I am now in complicated situation about my self.
    Because i think I am like indigo children but the other side I think that I am not indigo child. sometime that i feel that I KNOW everything but sometime I don’t. SOMETIMES i had some criteria about indigo child different with yours description. (but not all maybe half). I think that I am crazy of I am a indigo child. I am very confused where I can ask someone with expert of indigo child in Indonesia.

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