So what is energy?

So what is energy?

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You may be surprised to learn that everything is made of energy.  Atoms, molecules, light, sound and color have energy.  Our bodies are made of energy.  Thoughts, emotions, actions and environments have energy.

All forms of energy have a vibration or frequency.  (Now you know the inspiration for the title of this ezine!) David Hawkins measured the frequency of emotions.  In “Power vs. Force”, he reported shame has the lowest vibration at 20, anger vibrated at 150, acceptance vibrated at 350, love vibrated at 500 and enlightenment vibrated above 700.

Now, take a moment and test this out:

1) Think of a time when you were sad or fearful.

2) Notice how you feel.

3) Think of a time when you were really happy and joyful.

4) Notice how you feel.

5) What was different between the two experiences?

For many of you, it is likely the lower vibration emotions of sadness or fear felt heavier to you.  It is also likely the higher vibration emotions of love, peace and joy felt lighter to you.

The point here is that each of us has an energy field. The energy of our thoughts and feelings extends beyond our physical bodies and affects the spaces around us.  So, whatever you are thinking and feeling goes beyond you and influences people around you.  In turn, other people’s thoughts and feelings influence you.

Have you ever walked into a house and felt uncomfortable even though there was nothing obvious to be concerned about?  That’s the energy left behind from whatever lower vibration thoughts and emotions were being experienced in that house.  Even when the people who live there aren’t home, the “heavy” energy still hangs around.

The good news is you can learn to work with energy. You can consciously work with energy in a competent way.  That can make a big difference in your life.   And that’s what Good Vibes with Karen is all about.  Change the energy and change your life!

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2 Responses to “So what is energy?”

  1. I can relate to everything you say as I seem to be avoidin so many places and people. I know I can feel their energies to the point I feel sick. This is also happenig to my daughter who is an Indigo.

  2. My daughter (7) says she “sees energy” and will sometimes say a color. I’m thinking she can read auras! If true, then no fair because that’s been an interest of mine for a decade. (She didn’t know that).
    What is the term for one who can see auras and energy?

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