Is Your Child a Rainbow or Golden Child?

Characteristics of Rainbow and Golden Children.


Rainbow Children

This is the fully developed Thirteen Dimensional Universal Human Being, able to carry and transmit all the Rays of Incarnation and Evolution within their vibrational field

• Have very strong wills and personalities

• Be very high energy

• Be very attuned to colour and colour vibrations around them and other aspects of clairvoyance

• Have passionate creativity

• Love bright clothing and colourful environments

• Bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life

• Expect instant manifestation of whatever they think/need

• Have healing abilities

• Have telepathy and clairaudience

• Perfectly balanced in masculine and feminine energies

• Confident without aggressiveness* (Unless they have no other choice, i.e. self-defence in the existing dominate third dimensional consciousness)

• Intuitive and psychic without effort

• Magical and can bend time

• Go without food and sleep for the most part

• Able to live in the world without being swayed by it* (Possibly. Rainbows have the ability to walk where things are not, i.e. in parallel worlds.)

• Become invisible*(Walk in the Astral Plane.)

• Not be negatively affected by harsh energies, while still retaining their ultra-sensitivity, empathy and clairsentience* (Some Pioneers find harsh energy depleting most likely because they may be suffering from an imbalance.)

• No karma*(Twin Flames share Karma so if theirs has incarnated on this Earth before while they haven’t, they may have to deal with any existing Karma that their Twin may have. Rare cases though.)

• Completely connected to all that is* (Pioneers may become disconnected on occasion, especially in their early years when dogged by the dominating third dimensional consciousness.)

• Aware of their shadow side, but have brought it to the light*(Or are in the process of doing so.)

• These children are the mirror of all actions and energy of love*(Reflect others back on themselves and give their unconditional love to everyone and everything.)

• Do not choose dysfunctional families* (Pioneers may choose difficult life paths or families that need their pureness, their light and their energy of love.)

• They are all about service*(They do however recognise the importance of the ego in the grand design.)

• Operate purely out of joy, not need or impulse*(Again understand the importance of the ego.)

• May have big eyes like the Crystal Children,

• Unlike the Crystal Children they are totally trusting

• Entirely fearless of everybody and practically everything

Golden Children (Also referred to as ‘Gifted’ Children)

Based on Pioneers.

• The Golden Children will have the same characteristics as Rainbow Children

• Have a Golden Aura

• An early interest in surroundings

• Super-sensitivity to surroundings

• Strong curiosity and powers of observation

• An extensive vocabulary

• An exceptional memory

• May talk early and fluently

• The ability to read early – often self-taught

• Can choose to concentrate for long periods

• The propensity to ask shrewd/unusual questions

• The ability to grasp ideas quickly

• A “quirky” sense of humour

• Less need for sleep

• A thirst for knowledge about the most unlikely subjects

• Insatiable curiosity

• A critical attitude, especially self-criticism

• Requires emotionally stable and secure adults around him/her

• Will resist authority

• May become easily frustrated because of his/her big ideas and not having the resources or people to assist him/her in carrying these tasks to fruition

• Learns from an exploratory level and resists rote memory and just being a listener

• Cannot sit still unless absorbed in something of his/her own interest

• Very compassionate

• If they experience failure early, may give up and develop permanent learning blocks

• Exhibit a high IQ, but they often exhibit “frozen” creativity as well

• Has avid interest in science or literature

• Has a wide range of interests

• Is resourceful – solving problems by ingenious methods

• Is creative in new ideas, seeing associations, pursuing innovations

• Is perceptually open to his or her environment

• Has the capacity to use knowledge and information other than to memorise

• Shows superior judgement in evaluating things

• Learns rapidly, easily and efficiently

• Uses a lot of commonsense

• Retains and uses information which has been heard or read

• Is persistent

• Has a high energy level

• Is independent

• Is friendly and outgoing

• Is fluent in producing and elaborating on ideas

• Is flexible in thinking patterns

• Senses when problems exist

• Acts spontaneously, intuitively

• Provides multiple solutions or responses to problems

• Is intellectually playful, interested in fantasy, imagination

• Always trying to adapt or improve things

• Doesn’t mind being different

• Is bored with memorisation and recitation

• Produces unexpected, sometimes “silly” responses

• Is considered, and perhaps resented, by some peers as “crazy”

• Can show unusual degrees of originality, concentration and persistent hard work on projects

• Can stimulate, organise and arouse others

• Recognises skills and abilities possessed by others

• Can articulate ideas clearly

• Can listen to others empathetically

• Exercises authority reliably and responsibly

• Demonstrates endurance, stamina and persistence in physical activities and is rhythmic

• Responds readily to rhythm, melody and harmony

• Uses music to express feeling or experience

• Enjoys dance and dramatic activities with musical elements

• Uses voice to reflect changes in mood

• Communicates feelings by means of facial expressions, gestures and bodily movements

• Demonstrates ability to dramatise feelings and experiences

• Uses art to express feelings and experiences


~ by indigolifecenter on January 3, 2008.

14 Responses to “Is Your Child a Rainbow or Golden Child?”

  1. I know I’m definitely a “golden child”. The first thing I did after I was born was not cry, but I looked around curiously at all my surroundings! I think there needs to be more education about Rainbows and Golden kids. There are so few of them but they’re coming so quickly! Lots is known about indigos and crystals but not much information is available about rainbows and golden kids.

  2. Thank yoo so much for listing the characteristics of the golden children. My child is now four, but has been different from the moment she was born. Totally alert and staring, aware of everything, including the hot meal they brought in at the hospital. She frustratingly sensitive to loud noise, strong light and intense energies. And the there’s her highly strung personaility… I ticked off 90% of the characteristics on your list as being her (some I can’t answer yet – she’s not old enough). Anyway, is there anywhere I can get more information?
    Thanks for a great website!

  3. Hi I am so delighted to see your list here of golden children. I have a 7yr son who is golden (nearly all on your list), and he is a handful to raise. I would love some info and tips on raising him. Where can I get more info?

  4. Wow. My Mom just told me last night about the Golden children. My boys are 16 & Indigos (as am I) I assumed my 7 yr old daughter was a Crystal but there were alot of characteristics that just did not match up. After reading this list – She is 100% Golden. I am in awe of her. She looks at me, the Mother, with so much patience in her eyes it makes you think of how a Grandparent would look to their Grandchild. She was recently accepted into the “Gifted” program at her school. Thank you so much for putting this info out. – Namaste

  5. Golden children are coming with a special huge mission… To save the world through Love & thus receive the begining of Golden Age.
    Their main characteristic is that they shine by thenselves, then are notoriously selftrusted, with no negative reaction to the others, no fear to people being aware of situations. Linguistics high habilities. Masculine & femenine identification developed. Conscious of the fact of leaving the body as the “end” of present birth. Awareness of time & space, & highly sensitive about wheather & enviroment… Gifted for music & arts in general & mathematics… may be better educated in a respectfull atittude for their choices, decitions… and by having a healthy natural feeding. Vegetarianism is an exelent option for them!

    More information deeply expected!

    And hope this blog will be a base for further information!

  6. Thanks for the information on the golden children. When my child was a baby, he was very quiet and had these big staring eyes that would follow people as they moved. He was very observant as well. Where can we get more information on the golden children and rainbow chidlren?

  7. I was very excited when I saw the list for Golden Child because my son (2.5 yrs old) fits most of the characteristics, except for the ones where he isn’t old enough to exhibit yet. Thanks for the list. Looking for more info too.

  8. someone say that i had a golden aura, so i look it up to is exactly what it means and got this. 70% of this sounds like me when i was younger, so i was wondering if you don’t exactly have a emotionally stable and secure adults/parents in your life could that be it of is all THIS something else.

  9. Thank you for the info on golden children. I am now 17, and have always felt out of touch and out of time… also, I never felt right with the Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow characteristics. This is very definitely me.

  10. I totally agree with Gretchen, I was born with my eyes wide open making eye contact with the midwife and I looked like a 6 month old baby! I was born advanced cognitively and physically. I’m now 30 but was reading at 3, talk non stop, identified as gifted with a strong imagination, use both sides of my brain, have an IQ of 146, musical and as an adult have become a linguist speaking three languages (for now…!) I can tick off every single thing on that list! At first I thought I could be Crystal, then that I might be a bit of a Rainbow but then I scrolled down to Golden!
    I guess we can fit into them all to an extent but it’s the one we fit into most that tells us which we are. I resonated with the others to an extent but with Golden I ticked off every single thing! Also in terms of being considered a ‘master’ as a Golden, my life path number is 11 which is a Master number. I also share a telepathic connection with other lightworkers, one fellow Golden in particular, it’s very strong with him.

  11. Oooh, also my Spirit Guide started to call me a Golden Child quite often about 11 years ago and I wondered what the heck that meant. My colouring is very golden – I have golden brown eyes and light golden brown hair – and I thought maybe that’s what he meant but since reading this today now I know! And I’m sure my Guide calling me this would have started long before this classification was identified!
    Bright Blessings xxxxxxxx

  12. my little girl is 5 years old everything started with her at birth i can explain everything if i am contacted back she has all of the charactaristics of the indigo and almost all of the golden and about 10 of the rainbow somebody please help i am new to all of this but i know my daughter is very very gifted please help

  13. wow!! thankyou soooooo much for the information on golden children. i, like a few others on this, did not cry when i was born and am always taking in infromation. i feel like i am a mix of an indigo and a golden. more so golden than indigo…. is that possible? to be a mix of those two and to actually be a golden child. i noticed most of the people who responded to this said that their child was a golden but they were all really young. i am 17 so i dont know if that fits… what is the age that golden children should be around?

  14. Further to my previous comments, I recently had my aura done and guess what – it’s golden!! =D

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