List of Metaphysical and Psionic Abilities

List of Metaphysical and Psionic Abilities

(Many common to Indigo Adults & Children -once their gifts are fully awakened)

Metaphysical Abilities

EmpathyThe ability to feel the emotions of others directly with only the use of the mind.

TelepathyThe ability to transmit, know, and manipulate thoughts with only the use of the mind.

Clairsentience The ability to perceive the astral/ethereal world with the use of the physical senses.

ClairvoyanceThe ability to see things at a distance without the use of physical sight initially; remote viewing can be another term for clairvoyance; this ability can apply to both the physical and/or astral/ethereal world.

PrecognitionThe ability to see into the future through indirect perception; However since the exact future is not perceivable due to the fact that the future is always changing, it is highly unlikely to ever get an exact image of what is to come. This is why the author uses the phrase “indirect perception” to define this ability.

Retrocognition The ability to see into the past through direct perception. Since the past has already taken place, it is possible that one would get an exact perception of the past; this is why the author uses the phrase “direct perception” to define the ability.

ChannelingThe ability to receive a spiritual entity; automatic writing falls under this as well.

Astral Projection The ability to project one’s astral/ethereal form away from the physical world.

Psionic Abilities

TelekinesisThe ability to move objects with only the use of the mind.

Pyrokinesis The ability to manipulate heat with the use of the mind.

Electrokinesis The ability to manipulate electrical fields with only the use of the mind.

MagnokinesisThe ability to manipulate magnetic fields with only the use of the mind.

Photokinesis The ability to manipulate light with only the use of the mind.

HydrokinesisThe ability to manipulate water with only the use of the mind.

Aerokinesis The ability to manipulate air with only the use of the mind.

Noted Exceptions

VitakinesisThe ability to heal mentally and/or physically with only the use of the mind.

Latrosis The ability to heal physical condition with only the use of the mind.

MentatisThe ability to heal mental condition with only the use of the mind.

AlgesisThe ability to harm physically with only the use of the mind.

QuantakinesisThe ability to manipulate certain homeostatic and inherited internal characteristics in the body with only the use of the mind..

Sensory EmpathyThe ability to know the emotions and internal physical state of others with only the use of the mind.

Common Misconceptions About Metaphysical and Psionic Abilities

There are numerous misconceptions that many people take as fact when it comes to metaphysical and psionic abilities; the author will not list all of them here, but some of the more common fallacies will be taken into account.

1. “Empathy lets you know exactly what the other person is feeling, gives physical sensations of how the other person is feeling, and is the individual’s thoughts.”

Contrary to popular belief, empathy does not always let you know what the other person is feeling exactly. There can be just a general knowledge that the person is feeling a certain way but not an exact feeling or location of that feeling. For example, a person can be in pain and the empath knows that the person is in pain but does not know where or what type of pain.

Empathy, in the basic sense, does not allow the empath to physically feel what the other person is feeling. This is a completely different ability termed “sensor empathy”. Empathy only allows for the emotions to be felt, not thoughts.

2. “Telepathy shows you every thought of the individual all of the time.”

Telepathy does not show you every single thought of the individual; the ability tends to show thoughts that are the most significant in the mind and that have a directional pattern to them; this means, put simply, that directed thoughts are going to be thoughts that are known, but telepathy is not a process that occurs all of the time; it tends to be selective; from what is known, this is due to brainwave patterns.

3. “Channeling gives the recipient the abilities of the channeled entity.”

This is simply not true. Unlike various forms of possession, the body is not involved in this process, only the conscious and subconscious mind. Channeling only involves verbal speech and writing/drawing in a conscious manner, but the tone of speech is not as if spoken by someone else; it is simply the words being transmitted from the mind because of the entity present; the writing/drawing occurs in the same manner. Any abilities that the entity may have are not transmitted to the individual either; this is due to the energy required during the channeling process.

4. “Psionic abilities allow you to control things such as time, the weather, all elements (fire, earth, etc.), and gravity.”

To be respectfully blunt, those with psionic abilities are not the X-men or the cast from Captain Planet; in other words, such individuals cannot control every aspect of the physical world. Time can be made to seem distorted but not directly controlled (this distortion goes along with telepathy), nor can the weather be controlled globally or otherwise as some might wish to believe or do believe. A psionic individual may be able to make snow begin to swirl around them, but a snow storm or anything other than a distance of a 5-6 feet in the distance is just not possible; the human brain is only capable of so much before it suffers damage (the brain; not the mind).

All elements can be used by the psionic individual who posses such abilities, but it is not the elements themselves that are being manipulated, it is the temperature or form of the element that is undergoing this manipulation. If one claims that they can manipulate fire, they are manipulating heat (pyrokinesis); if one claims that they can manipulate earth, they are simply moving it in some way (telekinesis); if one claims that they can manipulate wind, they are simply moving particles (again, telekinesis). There is also no such ability as what has been turned “cryokinesis” which supposedly means that one can manipulate things of a cold nature (usually ice is used as an example); there is no such thing as “cold” as being a completely different temperature set; it is simply a decreases of a heated temperature; thus, the ability is still pyrokinesis.

The supposed ability of “Gravokinesis” is the ability to manipulate gravity. This false ability has undergone the same problems as the elemental abilities mentioned above; if gravity is manipulated, objects are, put simply, not bound to the *everything that comes up must come down” situation; thus, these objects can be levitated and thus “defy” gravity; this is nothing more than telekinesis in practice.

5. “An object or element can be completely controlled by an individual using psionic abilities.”

This is a fallacy, pure and simple. Nothing can be completely controlled; only manipulated. For example, If one picks up a rock and throws it; it is not completely controlled because various other aspects (wind, for example) will have influence over how it moves through the air and land; even if the person dealing with the rock is a psisentient, other factors still come into play because of all of the other aspects that cannot be controlled at the same time; the rock cannot be completely controlled; only manipulated.

Credit for writing this information goes to Kawmra from Yahoo! chat. Her username is mircasshebor, and she is often found hosting a room “Indigo Child’s Light”, that can be accessed through the room list on Yahoo! messenger. So, if you are interested in these matters, why not pop by and have some fun. ^^


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  1. I believe that this is an area that should be taken seriously, because people who have these abilities can help stop global catastrophe. I for one would like to end the war overseas.

  2. ui89 my name is vanessa kjh

  3. The weather can be manipulated on a large scale but cannot be controlled, for example rain is caused my moving clouds the effect is rain as one but secondly somewhere else will not get rain. and as for snow, winter it can be manipulated but in summer you have no chance.

  4. i curently practice a type of energy/chi expelation please e-mial me with questons, consern,or guidens

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