Harmonising your energy

Harmonising your energy

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The following is a small collection of self-help techniques that can be used to replenish energy, balance energy, open a more direct channel of communication between people and heal. They are quite generic and mostly rely on the strength of visualization and faith by the person who is performing them. They involve no tools nor do they belong to any particular religion or belief system. While the author does not guarantee that anyone will be able to successfully use them upon first attempt, the author believes that with enough practice and determination, anyone should be able to use them to some extent.

  Balancing / Grounding

A good way to ground is through balancing the energy flow through your energy channels. This technique can also be used to replenish energy or just clean it. It is a safe grounding method, because there is no way one could give away too much energy when following it, or too little.

The basic idea of this technique is connecting with the universe and the earth as two ‘opposites’, representing the physical energy and the more subtle cosmic energy. To do so, one envisions white ray entering one’s crown chakra from above, and going down through the other 6 chakras in order, then flowing out of the root chakra and into the ground. At the same time, one envisions a white ray coming up from the ground, through the root chakra, and going up through the other 6 chakras in order, then flowing out of the crown chakra into the universe. Then one focuses on feeling these flows, optionally expanding them throughout the entire body, breathing deeply, letting the spare energy go away naturally and fresh energy coming in. A good way to end is focus on spreading energy throughout one’s body equally and diverting one’s attention from the flows, without closing them. They are there naturally all the time anyways, just usually less noticeable, and sometimes get a little rusty.


This technique is useful for replenishing oneself with energy, raising one’s frequency, cleaning. It can feel overwhelming at first, but it is not harmful and becomes more manageable with practice.

This technique relies on acknowledging and experiencing one’s connection with the universe. To do so, one visualizes or imagines the universe or source, an infinite amount of pure and loving energy, within themselves. It is a good idea to focus this feeling at the heart chakra, or in case of energy blockage, in the location of the blockage. Then one expands this feeling all over their body, breathing deeply and relaxing, slowly raising one’s frequency. One then lets the feeling expand outside the limits of their physical body, feeling connection with the universe around and within them. One can stay in such state for as long as it is felt necessary. At the end, one empties their mind, relaxes and lets the feeling slowly fade out, breathing slowly and deeply.


This technique is aimed at how one interacts with other people. It is based on the belief that it is best to communicate to others on the basis of soul equality and harmonious relationship. The purpose is to achieve direct, truthful communication without the interference of ego.

This method relies on the idea that is supposedly enclosed in the word ‘namaste’ – the divine in me greets the divine in you. To do so, one visualizes the person they are communicating with – or will communicate with in future – in front of them, with both of their eyes at equal level. Then one visualizes synchronizing their breathing with that of the other person. Then one can in their mind tell the other person the message one wants to convey. To end, one thanks the other person, and ends the visualization.


This is a very generic healing technique that is, nevertheless, effective. It can be performed by anyone who has strong will and no ill intentions. It is based on directing positive, loving energy with one’s mind towards the ailment and curing it by reestablishing healthy energy flow.

This method is based on the belief that illnesses can be cured or at least remedied by reestablishing healthy energy flow. To do so, one places their hands over the place that is affected by the illness – for example, head in case of headache – and visualizes positive, loving and healing energy flowing from the universe through their hands into that area. One visualizes the positive energy being used to reestablish healthy, smooth flow of energy in the afflicted area, smoothing out any knots and filling any holes that might be there. Additionally, one can visualize the pain or illness as a dark formation that is transmuted into soft, warm light through using that energy, and dissipates. One can also accompany the procedure by projecting warmth onto the area that is being healed. To end it, it is usually a good idea to make smooth moving motions along the surface of the area, as if smoothening the energy flow out.

Credit for writing this information goes to Lii, aka naistals on Yahoo!. She is often found in the room “Indigo Child’s Light”, that can be accessed through the room list on Yahoo! messenger under the ‘Religions & Beliefs’ category. So, if you are interested in these matters, why not pop by and have some fun. ^^

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