Auras Explained

Auras Explained

An aura, contrary to popular belief, is not something that is entirely spiritual. Auras are electromagnetic fields that surround every living and non- living thing upon the Earth and within every planet and galaxy in the Universe. Electromagnetic fields are fields that are composed of a combination of naturally-present electrical and magnetic waves and particles which, because of gravitational pull, are brought to vibrate continuously. The continuous vibrational movement of this electromagnetic field produces electrical frequencies; it is these frequencies that combine to form the aura (the electromagnetic field that produces the aura is referred to as the auric field). Once these frequencies reach a certain level, they can be seen by the human eye in the form of colors.

Everyone is capable of seeing auras, the human eye is expertly configured to do so; however, very few individuals are physically apt enough to see auras without meditation or metaphysical aid because of the lack of knowledge present on how to use the energy within the brain that would normally allow for such. In times passed, the brain possessed a great deal more electromagnetic energy than it does at this point in evolution; this is due to the fact that more electrical and mitochondrial energy (ATP) became more necessary as time has gone by and, in compensation, the electromagnetic energy that is necessary to assist the eyes in seeing auric fields was diminished because it was not needed as badly as it once was (consequently, this is also why metaphysical and psionic abilities are not easily carried out physically by the brain today as they once were). Even with the substantially low amount of electromagnetic energy within the brain at this point in time, that can be increased slightly and auric fields can become visible with the human eyes. This increase is automatically done when meditation and/or metaphysical ability is used.

When the individual’s mind comes to obtain the proper amount of electromagnetic energy, the human eyes will automatically begin to perceive the aura. With some, this will last only a few seconds but with others, it will last as long as is desired. The colors of the auric field range in intensity and hue; some auras will be cloudy or very clear, are a range of colors, and may be changed (in the case of living things) or fixed in color range (non-living things). A popular misconception is that auras are only composed of one color; that is not the cause. Even if the human eye can only perceive one color, there is often many different frequencies present indicating different hues of that color; these frequencies can be determined by the electrokenetic individual or by a machine called a UV/Visible Spectrophotometer (UV/VS). There are some auric fields that are not a color at all but rather a visible manifestation of structural form (the Crystalline and Octarine aura for example), and it is these auric fields that usually prove easier to see by the individual in the rare event that this type of aura is present because of the uniqueness of the aura (it being structural rather than colored).

Many people have placed meaning depending on the dominant color of the aura. These meaning are varied in general but there is one auric color that have an all but universal meaning; that auric color is black and indicates that the individual or thing (plant or animal) is no longer living physically. Though auras tend to be composed of many colors or many different hues of the same color, there is always a dominant color (electrical frequency) present within the auric field.

Russia, specifically Moscow, was the first country to pioneer scientific research with auras. The first experiment was done on October 5th, 1939 by Semion Kirlian using a technique called the Kirlian Effect (Nikola Tesla did primitive auric studies in the 19th century but Kirlian receive the credit…history does that a lot *laughs*). The Kirlian Effect uses high voltage electricity across the body and that is struck onto film; the resulting image is a detailed picture of the auric field from a numerical frequency standpoint and a colored standpoint as well. With the use of the Kirlian Effect, auras that do not contain the normal range of color on the color spectrum (Crystal and Octarine, for example) are seen as the actual structure as well as differing hues of grey and white.

Many people over the centuries have attempted to make fake castings of auric fields with simple camera tricks, but this is very easily seen through because of the regular shape that the camera will always produce; auras are constantly on motion, thus, when they are seen, it is never in a concise pattern. All living, and non-living, things have an aura, and it does not take pure metaphysical ability to be able to see that aura; metaphysical aid is usually needed because of the manner in which our brains are not configured at this stage in evolution, but it is not something that is purely supernatural and should not be treated as such because it deprives the individual of doing what is in fact doable with only knowledge of the mind and using the sense of sight properly.

Credit for writing this information goes to Kawmra from Yahoo! chat. Her username is mircasshebor, and she is often found hosting a room “Indigo Child’s Light”, that can be accessed through the room list on Yahoo! messenger, under the ‘Religions & Beliefs’ category. So, if you are interested in these matters, why not pop by and have some fun. ^^

Also, credits to the Savyo Genetics Institue for gathering the data pertaining to the scientific insights on the aura matter.

Additional information can be found at by M. Desmarquet and by Pamala Oslie.

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3 Responses to “Auras Explained”

  1. I’ve been seeing auras since before I could remember.. It all seems to normal to me…

  2. thank you
    i have seen them since i was a child
    i actually had my picture done and it was indigo and royal blue and some magenta
    I have always been able as i said to see them and i can feel energy also I can also feel peoples emotions by just coming near them or walking into a room since i was a child any input would be appreciated

  3. I cannot see auras, but i can feel energy also I can also feel peoples emotions by just coming near them or walking into a room.

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