The Seven Stages of Awareness

The Seven Stages of Awareness

by Laurel Chaisson


      It is the unconscious aspiration of every human being to eventually reach the highest possible vibration. At the moment, Earth’s peak of energy is the crystalline aura – anything above that would be unable to attach to our minds and therefore would have no connection to our physical bodies. But even crystals have their ups and downs and few of them have fully reached their uppermost energy level.

      People are their purest at birth – everything after that is downhill in most cases! All babies are born with a higher-vibrational aura… not all of them start out at the highest level though, because different psychological and physical environmental changes they experience while in the womb affect their energy. Unborn children experience numerous shifts as their own highly sensitive vibration is connected deeply with their mother’s – any changes she feels emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually will immediately influence the baby. After a child is born their environment determines their vibrational level. The years between zero and five are the most active for shifts in energy though some kids will jump around even until seven years old. After seven the aura becomes stuck at one level with only up as a possibly direction.

      Some children, indigos especially, are strong and do not allow their environment to change them too much during these receptive years. They usually stay about the same colour by using automatic shields to disconnect them from the world. These include not speaking or communicating, going into trances, developing ADD/ADHD, or merely showing signs of psychic gifts that allow them to remember the higher vibrations.

      However, this doesn’t entirely work. What we didn’t think of was the need to communicate with our parents, teachers, and other adult guides. They do not have the awareness to understand our telepathy or everseeing (the ability to look into the eyes of another person and see their true meaning) so the only way to interact is to start speaking or paying attention. We forget to look inside and speak with our minds and our real meanings are lost on clumsy verbal languages. Many memories that were clear seconds after birth become dreamlike and impossible to recall. The first to disappear from remembrance is often that of our mission here on Earth, those that follow are usually the ideas connected to it and it’s importance. These indigos will grow up unconsciously seeking their purposes.

Generally, we all follow the same pattern:

1. Searching for Truth

      After the age of ten (though some begin earlier or later than usual), indigos begin to search for their truths. Through intuition-driven research, we begin to develop what they see as beliefs. Most indigos do not even realise what they are doing – we naturally ask “why” when something puzzles us! This is the time when we use our finely tuned lie-detector to decide what is true, what is half-true (for example; myths, legends, and stereotypes), and what is a deliberate lie. The lies and half-truths are tossed away or filed somewhere for further scrutiny.

2. Gathering Knowledge

      When we find something that feels true – a sensation that rises from deep within us – we find out about it. Usually this is through asking questions or, if the resources are available, learning about it through the internet, books, and television. When indigos get to this stage they begin to question themselves and their choices on religion, eating habits, sleep patterns, etc.

3. Shifting

      Questioning leads to dramatic changes. Indigos at this point are trying things out and trying to find something manmade that will suit them. This is where the starseed and otherkin theories came from; indigo children, teenagers, and adults looking to explain their presence on Earth. We also change our religious attitudes significantly, jumping from faith to faith is beneficial in forming an opinion about our own tendencies.

4. Awakening

      The outcome of all this outside searching is a spontaneous moment of insight. That moment is the exact instant of awakening, when we finally discover that we cannot shape our beliefs to suit the moulds of society – something is always out of place or missing. Usually we stop looking for answers (at least for ourselves) in outside sources and turn inward to find our truth because it was never really lost in the first place – we just buried deep within to keep it safe.

5. Remembering

      This step is like the top of the hill; once you reach it the rest of way is much easier to complete. Knowledge begins to come back to us as small bursts of wisdom (indigos usually experience this throughout their lives because they act like magnets, in a way) and slowly we develop an all-inclusive memory again.

6. Becoming

      When you begin to remember your mission it is only natural to return to your state of full awareness. Sometimes this can time because emotions like fear, hate, and embarrassment may hinder your progress. As you become your true self you will see that you no longer have need for unhealthy things in life whether they be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.

7. Being

      The final step, the ultimate goal – when you succeed at reaching this point you know that you are capable of anything and everything. Fear no longer takes an effect and embarrassment is replaced by courage and logic. Hate will seem useless because your knowledge will tell you how to fix something unhealthy. Your body will finally be able to request wholesome food intake and sleeping patterns and receive them without emotional or mental issues blocking the way.

      By reading this, you can probably categorize yourself somewhere in the seven steps (in between steps is possible and sometimes you go back and forth within them as well). I myself have just recently reached the stage of Becoming (though I am still partially in a state of Remembrance) but don’t compare yourself to me – I started shifting early so that I could be here to write this for you to read!

      Whatever state you are in, whichever direction you are going, just remember that the only way to go is up!


From the mind of Laurel Chaisson

~ by indigolifecenter on January 5, 2008.

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