Indigo Children: New Perceptions

Indigo Children: New Perceptions

By Cynthia Berkeley

Indigo Children: New Perceptions


As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming school year, I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to a new perception about our children. Each generation has its unique characteristics that define new paradigms, forcing us to review our old systems and integrate a new way of thinking. Our educational system has been greatly challenged over the past 20 years and it is a reflection of the evolution of the mind and the spirit, as evidenced by our children and their special needs.


Scientists have proven many times how the human being has evolved as a species. This has happened over thousands of years, but also as recently as the past few decades. We have to evolve in order to survive. As an example, thousands of years ago, we apparently needed those pesky teeth in the back of our jaw known as Wisdom Teeth; yet today there is an even greater need to have them extracted and we simply don’t need them anymore. This could be considered human evolution.


This process has been speeding up over the past few generations. Perhaps it’s society or maybe spirituality, but one thing we can all agree upon is that children of today are quite different than children of yesterday.


I’d like to introduce you to two new terms that describe the different characteristics of our children. Please keep in mind that these labels are not meant to define any person as greater than or less than anyone else, but is merely a tool to describe a certain set of characteristics that these children have. We are talking about the Indigo Children and the Crystal Children. The terms Indigo and Crystal are derived from the colors or visions seen in the energy field around the body. This phenomenon has been written about in several books and is a very hot topic along the internet.


The school system in Dayton, Ohio even requires new teachers to read the book The Indigo Children by Jan Tober and Lee Caroll. Other researchers and resources in this field are Doreen Virtue, PhD, with her books The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children, and The Crystal Children. (I am very proud to announce that I was a contributing resource for the last book mentioned.)


To describe these children briefly, we will start with the Indigo Children, who seem to have been born around the 1970’s and even more in the 1980’s. These children are most commonly misdiagnosed as having ADD or ADHD because they get bored very easily. These children have amazing mental abilities and they are very sensitive to the energies that surround them. They are known as the ‘system-busters’. They do not tolerate lies or manipulation and they can tell when someone is not acting with their highest integrity. The old system of guilt is not in their vocabulary or sense of judgment, which is what frustrates so many parents and teachers because that is how we were manipulated in previous generations.


The Indigos are born knowing who they are and why they are here. They are often described as having a sense of arrogance or entitlement. The school system has seen a dramatic rise in its behavioral problems over the past few years and it is mainly because the old system of teaching does not work very well with this new generation. No longer can a child sit quietly and recite memorized blocks of information. These children are constantly questioning ‘why’ and they need to know why about everything. The Indigo child wants to know every basic detail about a situation that interests him or her and doesn’t care to learn about the things that do not directly relate to his or her personal experience.


Many Indigo Children are identified as being angry and this is because they feel their intrinsic value is not honored by a system that wants to control what they think, feel and believe. Basically, the Indigo Children were born to pave the way, redesign old belief systems and make space for the Crystal Children, who will teach us some even more important lessons.


The Crystal Children are said to have started being born about 7 years ago, but I think more like 3 years ago. Some sources say they haven’t come yet but there are forerunners who are elders that carry the same characteristics . The Crystals are here to bring love. They are even more super sensitive to energies than the Indigos and are even more psychic. Some characteristics of a Crystal child are that they learn to speak at a much later age (often after 3, 4 or even 5 years old). They are most commonly misdiagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.


They have an amazing connection with nature and especially animals. They communicate telepathically with their caregivers, which is just like having a conversation inside the head. These kids have no sense of fear and their spatial integration is amazing. A Crystal child is often identified by their eyes, which are simply captivating. They have an enormous heart and so much love. Their healing abilities are intense. They are PURE LOVE!!!


Both the Indigos and Crystals are extremely sensitive to a toxic environment. This can be anything from the highly refined foods that we ingest or negative experiences or moods of the people around them. They often mirror behaviors of others so that the reflecting behavior can either be modified or encouraged. This means if someone is devaluing, being cruel or otherwise disrespecting the child, the child will behave in such a way to let that person know how they are behaving themselves. On the contrary, if someone is very nurturing, loving and honoring to the child, the child often reflects that too in order to encourage more of the same behavior. Of course, there can be some off times from this theory, but in general, the children can sense what someone is thinking and feeling and they respond accordingly. Dare to experiment with this concept the next time you are in a bad mood with a child around.


As we evolve into a more conscious species, becoming more aware of who we are spiritually and our connection to the Divine, we will see more amazing characteristics develop in ourselves and in our children. It’s no wonder that so many mainstream media outlets such as television, movies, books and music are reflecting a more mystical reality. Concepts that were once considered as science fiction or out of this world are quickly becoming more mainstream as a result of our intelligence and our evolution to process such amazing ideas. It’s time to integrate our social and educational systems to reflect the changes in our evolution. Our future and our children depend on it.



For questions or more information about Indigo and Crystal Children, please visit Cynthia at


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  1. hiya i have been told im an rainbow child. i am an indigo, a psyhic told me after meeting me once. I havent broadened deeper into it, maybe if i had the support i would. people need to be more open about it.

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