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Twin Flames
“And when one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”

2,500 years ago.

How will you know you have met your twin?

Here are some of the symptoms given by others who have had the experience…

1. Chances are you’ve met through a set of unusual circumstances that were totally unplanned and unexpected.

2. There is a powerful, instantaneous feeling that you have known the other before.

3. You felt an immediate and deep connection for one another.

4. There is an electrifying feeling between the two of you that words cannot describe.

5. The relationship is immediate, as though no time had been lost since you were last together.

6. It feels as though you had never really lived before the reunion occurred.

7. You feel a deep sense of sacredness and unity with God that you’ve have never known before.

8. It brings on feelings you never thought possible.

9. The two of you are inseparable.

10. When you look into each other’s eyes, time and space have no meaning.

11. There are no barriers between the two of you. The relationship is a totally open one.

12. Your conversations seem to go on forever.

13. The two of you have a strong urge to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way.

14. You give to the other and never think of receiving in return.

15. There is a special sacredness to your relationship that transcends anything you’ve ever experienced before.

16. You still have karma with your twin from previous lives, but the two of you resolve it all with total forgiveness and unconditional love.

17. Neither one of you are dependent on the other for your sense of self.

18. There is a strong sense of unlimitedness eternity to your feelings.

19. Your feelings for each other are very spiritual.

20. There are no restrictions within the relationship. All is freedom without the need for ownership or control.

21. The two of you know without doubt that you have been brought together for a reason.

22. You do not compete with one another nor do you pretend to be other than who you are.

23. In spite of your sameness, there is no doubt you feel a sense of completion through the other.

24. Trust, patience and acceptance of each other’s weaknesses happen automatically.

25. There is a great sense of purpose and meaning to the relationship.

26. Your sexuality with one another is a sacred act that celebrates the unconditional love you have for one another.

27. The two of you become more and more one, without losing your individual identities.

28. When you look into the other’s eyes, you see yourself.

29. You experience a sense of completeness that is without comparison.

30. The degree of intimacy and friendship the two of you develop is without parallel.

31. You recognize that the two of you are Godmates.

There is no doubt that some of the symptoms described above are also common to soul mate relationships. What really sets the twin soul union apart from all the rest is the profound degree of completeness experienced and the overwhelming sense of spirituality unique to these partnerships. Two other powerful symptoms of spiritually mature twins is their powerful connection to God and their desire to serve humanity in some meaningful way.

There is also a very sacred sense of intimacy and feeling of divinely inspired wholeness that one finds within a twin soul relationship. It is not by accident nor is it without purpose. Rather, it is a magnificent and loving part of our Creator’s plan for us. There is no doubt that the intensity behind the twin union is more than enough to jump start the journey that will lead us back to our Source, which will happen someday.

How do we prepare for our Twin?

We prepare by growing spiritually, so that we become whole and independent. We have to increase our vibrations by eradicating greed, lust and anger. From our normal selfishness we repeatedly convert it to selflessness. The greatest task is to humble ourselves, otherwise pride would blind us to our twin. Then comes a stage of divine discontent, which can be obliterated by forgiveness. Forgive oneself first and then forgive the others. Then learn to love oneself and then others. In the life before the one in which we would be meeting our twins we should be well developed spiritually. Our mission is known, and we would be pursuing our life plan with determination and joy. There would be self-discipline. One twin could be running parallel jobs without realizing the presence of the other. And yet, one twin is helping the other through energy interchange. This process is not recognized by both. The best way to increase our spiritual status is to go inwards. Summarizing the methods for preparation to meet our twin:

1. Spiritual discipline: Adopt a spiritual discipline, which includes meditation. The latter would accomplish silence and stillness with emptiness of thoughts. In that silence and stillness a small little voice will surface to let us know what further steps to take. This discipline would also help us to eradicate lust, greed, anger, selfishness and pride. It is of course a slow process, but with meditation it is faster than any other method. In the depth of that emptiness and stillness, bliss will automatically arise, and if one is able to retain that bliss, joy and happiness will be our lot throughout the day. ‘Be still and know that I am God’.

2. Let go: While on this path, the essential goal would be to let go. One must be satisfied with what material comfort that is available to us. ‘Enough is enough’ should be everybody’s motto. The pursuit of the 5 C’s in the developing and developed countries has been the bugbear. They work furiously just to acquire (1) cars, (2) condominium, (3) credit cards, (4) career, and (5) clubs membership to neurotic proportions. They forget that we cannot take it with us. A story here would illustrate this point brilliantly. A young student is sent overseas to study certain skills. This overseas country has a currency control. No money may be brought in or taken out of the country. However the student may earn a living to feed himself and pay for his tuition fees. The scholarship is for ten years. So he took a part time job while studying the skills that he was sent to learn. This part time job was so successful that in two years he made it a full time job. Then he acquired a flat, a car with credit cards. He joined prestigious clubs of that country, and he made his lucrative job his career, forgetting what he went there for. The skills that he went to learn were compassion, wisdom and unconditional love. All these were totally forgotten. So by the end of ten years at which time he has to go home, he failed miserably to acquire these skills. Neither could he bring home all his wealth because the foreign country does not allow any expatriation of its currency, and also his home country does not use money. The currency in his home is karma and merit. This is exactly what happens to all of us, except that the length of overseas study is between 50 to 80 years and not ten. And the country of our foreign study is planet earth. Our home is the spirit world.

3. Our path and skills: We are all endowed with certain skills, carried over from past lives. We follow our propensities and the one that gives us the most happiness should be grasped and developed as a profession or vocation. It may not be lucrative at all, but nevertheless it is satisfying. With this talent as his lifework he may be able to earn a living as well as provide a service to mankind. That means if one’s job were to help the handicapped, the aged sick or retarded children then one’s occupation would also be part of one’s spiritual growth. If our work is to teach the young, equally one should put one’s heart and soul into the teaching and not merely take the teaching as earning one’s keep. The teacher should also instill spiritual qualities in his instructions.

4. Nature and Nurture: In our recreation, one should indulge in nature. Exercising on the beach or in the woods or amongst the trees is par excellence. Walking in the woods, swimming in the seas and gardening to grow flowers and bushes for beauty should be actively cultivated. Other forms of recreations should include appreciation of classical music. Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert and Mahler are the music of choice. If one is not familiar with these composers, try to learn to appreciate them. Loud, rock music especially of the hard metal variety should be avoided at all costs, because these types of music would definitely end up in deafness and it also arouses our third chakra to unseemly proportions. Lastly, one should care for this body and mind. Proper food, vegetables and fish, and avoidance of alcohol, drugs and smoking constitute clean living. Then enough rest in the form of sleep should do for the ordinary person, but for the spiritually minded, meditation is a must.

5. The penultimate step: From now onwards we must behave as if every relationship could possibly be the ultimate one. She or he may not be the right one, but at least we know how to behave when we finally meet the real twin. Every time we enter into a relationship, we treat the other person as if he or she is our twin. The other person’s happiness must be above our own. We go to great lengths to make the other happy and secure even to our own detriment. One must remember that at this penultimate stage, both twins are on the verge of enlightenment and periods of loneliness or solitude invariably accompanies the seekers. These periods of loneliness are a false sense of separation from our soul. Therefore, meditating inwards to realize our true self is an immediate solution. When our true self is realized, bliss is there. The loneliness and sadness will vanish right away with the light accompanying the soul.

Recognizing the Twin

Twin souls have the same vibrations. They come form the same mold, although not from the same womb. They are like one person bisected into two, but not one soul divided into two. Therefore, even after millions of years of separation, when they meet they know instinctively that that this is the twin. Their vision, feeling and purpose are one. They see the same vision from the same spot, unlike two other people with two different sets of eyes, which see the same scene juxtaposed with one another. The twin souls see the same scene with their combined third eye. The scene arouses the same feeling in both, although both are of different personalities. In fact what they see may even be complimentary. This must be the case, as they are now brought together for a single purpose. The feeling for each other is nothing less than divines love. The unconditionality of their love equals loving your neighbour as thyself or loving the other as yourself. One does not love the other despite the other’s faults; one loves the other for the other’s faults as much as for the other’s virtues.

The love of twin souls is an ideal to be copied by all. The harmony and care do not allow of envy, irritation or exasperation for the other. Pain and suffering are not allowed to emerge from either party. If there is any infliction of pain it is due to an error of omission or lack of awareness. There is absolutely no intention to hurt.

The First Meeting

As mentioned by Omraam Mikhael Ivahov, twin souls meet about twelve times in our human incarnations. That means before this last sojourn, there could have been at least eleven previous meetings. Every meeting would have been melodramatic, memorable and electric. According to Sufi teachings, twin souls are like two Roman rings interlocking with each other. They may come very close when they enter a relationship in an incarnation, which means the two rings almost superimpose. But when they separate due to disagreements or reincarnating in different countries, the rings try to break away, but it is not possible. They remain inter-linked throughout their sojourns on earth and during intermissions in spirit. There is always a varying amount of common space between the two rings. During any twin-soul encounter, it is bound to be hypnotically momentous. A special feeling of energy seems to pass from one to the another beyond their control. This passage of energy is both nice and exciting. This is twin soul recognizing one another without involving the intellect. These twin souls encounter the same feeling and the same quality of love and it means the end of their loneliness. However, not all meetings of twin souls end well. Some cannot even get together. Some divorce after marriage, and they die without fulfillment. Of course, these are not their last incarnations.

Now in the last meeting before their ascent to the spiritual realms, both twins are either enlightened or nearly so. Therefore at this stage the recognition must be mutual. As they are so developed their mission in this last incarnation has a common purpose. Having the same aspirations, both would be working for the good of humanity. Their same intensity of love and compassion would make them persistent in their common pursuit. One could be the leader or innovator whilst the other is the steady workhorse. Both must be preferably, in either in arts or in science. So that the effort is not dissipated by one being in the arts and the other in science. However, this fact is not essential. Their common goal is generally to uplift and enhance the quality of humanity. Both could be in the healing profession or in the promotion of arts etc. Even if they do not work in the same place, having the same vision their work could become complimentary, since they have the same preferences, tastes and predilection. Their mental capacity is of the same order. Their tastes in food, music and sense of humour are all the same. Both will either like the mountains or the sea. Their handwriting and the lines on their palms are similar. At this stage of development, they both possess a polished sense of humour and are good-natured. One could go on ad nauseam. You have to meet a couple of twin souls yourself to see how much in unison they behave. Of course, as human beings there may be twin souls who still have some differences and friendly competition may ensue. The outcome is the betterment of humanity. The so-called fight would not last long and the make-up is the sweeter. Sometimes twin souls appear to be doing the same thing at the same time, e.g. writing letters to one another at the same time.

Before the meeting, the twins usually can sense that the time is coming near for them to meet. Then when they meet during the last incarnation, the charged electricity and explosion would indicate in no uncertain terms that ‘this is it’. However, this is not the end. Rather, it is the beginning of an ongoing process in this last incarnation. Both have still to develop and practice. Both have to continue to work at themselves so that their perfection will entitle them to journey in the spiritual realms forever never to return to earth.

When they do meet, the age difference is of no consequence to them. The disparity could be as much as fifty years, but it is totally of no importance to the twins. They do not try to change each other for both accept each other as they are. Both are usually in the same state of health: both are either healthy or both are in the same state of incapacity. Both normally have strong telepathic linkages, and if one is sad so is the other. Conversely, happiness in one very often infects the other even though they may be thousands of miles apart. Lastly, both tend to incarnate into similar social circumstances; otherwise some difficulties may arise due to the disparate social status.

False Twin

Sometimes in our enthusiasm we see a twin when he or she is not one. In a joyful relationship, the mistake is understandable. However, the mistake may be stretched until both parties are hurt, more so by the dreamer. We grab at the similarities and enlarge them to fantasy level. Then when the relationship is dying, when everybody else can see it, the illusion is still perpetuated to our great cost.

With our karma we formulate our G-plan (life plan) before coming down to earth. Our G-plan can still be modified or changed because of our freedom of choice. On the other hand in the matter of our twin, there is no choice. From the moment we individualize, our twin is destined to come back to us in the final incarnation. No amount of imagination or wishing can bring forth our twin at the time we want it.

In our loneliness, we are very vulnerable. We ourselves may construct the delusion and the make belief will drive us further away from our true twin. So-called gurus, who will pronounce to a lonely woman that she is his twin soul, may also accentuate the illusion. After some time the guru will discard this ‘twin’ and go for another. The same ploy is used. Because he is a guru the woman tends to believe him implicitly. Sometimes the guru even mentions that he has two twins! This false guru dazzles the disciple with his light, as the victim wants to believe because of her loneliness, and it is better to have a twin who is a guru than to have one who is an ordinary person.

The time to meet our twin is beyond our control. It entirely depends on the spiritual progress of the twins. After sounding the warning above, I would like to end this section with a cheerful note. As we cross over to the Aquarian age, there will be many meetings of twin souls, much more than hitherto. This is the good news. That also means that at each meeting the twosome will emit a light much brighter than the sum of two. It also means that with so many twins joining up throughout the whole world, there will be a great proliferation of lights across the globe, and this on its own will change the consciousness of planet earth. We would certainly be entering the age of enlightenment during this Aquarian age.

Twin Soul Sex

When they do meet, physical sex will not be the end all and be all of all pleasures. Of course, they still enjoy sexual pleasure, but it is no more the ultimate. It is love between two bodies as well as two souls. At this present age very few twins are already consummating their union in spirit. Physically they do not have to be together. They may be thousands of miles apart, but their spirits meet and conjoin. The joy and pleasure is much more satisfying than physical lovemaking. This is the opinion of all those who have experienced it.

Twin Soul Difficulties

When twin souls first meet even in their final incarnation, some of them will have differences in physical, emotional and intellectual content of the two personalities. Firstly, one soul has to adjust his difficulties within himself. Then he has to match whatever he has to the other. That means he has to clear all his own foibles, needs, cravings and ill will before he meets his twin as a fully satisfied individual. He should be ready to serve the other by putting the requirements of the other twin before his own. And vice versa. The struggle between themselves and together will definitely go to enhance the twinship. This is so because they have different psychological background and different personalities with emotional divergence. There will be normal conflicts when the two have such a close relationship, but the conflicts will be rapidly resolved. This is because their goal is the same. The emotional conflict is almost unbearable because they are twins. So in order not to see the other suffer, they tend to solve the problem as soon as possible.

As they have been travelling by themselves, they have earned good and bad karma of their own. Once they meet and work together, they must now try and clear both karmic debts jointly. Similarly, good karma earned by both independently will be enjoyed by both. In fact, as karma is created at the soul level, both have been influenced by the other’s karma imperceptibly.

There will definitely be stress in some couples, and in these they may even break up temporarily. Some couples will have to suffer together because of joined karma. There are so many possibilities in so many combinations and permutations. In some, the different backgrounds and karma would have brought together two very different individuals. This fact does not bother them at all. In this instance, “opposites do attract”. All the differences go to complement their lives. So differences in physical, emotional and psychological make up do not tear them apart irrevocably, because their souls are joined together like Siamese twins. The compatibility here is at the spiritual level. That alone counts.

Obstacles to be encountered

The obstacles within the individual should mostly be solved by the time of the meeting. However, there may be few external obstacles that present themselves. One or both twins could have already been married when they meet. The eternal triangle is usually dealt by the almost enlightened individuals with accommodation to the existing families. If one were to hear that someone has walked out on the family to be with his or her twin soul, one can rest assured that it is not a twin soul union in their final incarnation. The already committed twin is too responsible and would continue to honour the pre-existing marriage. The twins will know that there must be a very good reason for this inconvenience. It could be a test or because of unresolved karmic obligations. The twins would then remain as loving friends or colleagues without marriage disruptions. This is due to fact that they are no more powered by passionate physical sex, as their love is above that. They may meet at night in spirit for the purpose of uplifting a common cause. They may meet in either the astral or mental world. They know that their separation is temporary and nothing in the world can stop their final union. Of course very occasionally their meeting could precipitate a marriage breakup, but this is with a marriage that is already collapsing. The breakup may induce some benefit to the aggrieved members, who can start anew with their own new partners. With this in mind, the twins who are uniting in this last incarnation, would have cultivated fidelity, joy, love and trust, and their union would be as solid as a rock.

However, there may still be a few cases, where one soul has not reached the same level as the other. One partner may outgrow the other, and the demands of the less developed may be irksome to most other partners. However to the developed twin this mild set back must be met with tolerance and patience, otherwise the growth may be stunted. At this juncture it is a shame to let the stunting be a deterrent for further growth. For instance, if one soul were to suffer from some neurotic illness, this fact may be detrimental for both. So the care-giving partner has to sacrifice his smooth progression to confront the neurotic partner with the truth of the difficulty. This may rock the marriage, but it has to be done. You do not spare the rod because you are afraid to hurt the naughty child. The soft stance will hurt the child more at a later date. This self-sacrifice must be persistent and long standing otherwise it will not work, for most neurotic diseases are brought over from past lives. The effort is worth it for it is for the mutual good of both, and the reward is enlightenment with the ultimate union with one’s twin. Thence the cross over to the higher spiritual realms never to return to earth again!


Every body on earth has been drawing closer and closer to his or her twin soul, whether they know it or not, whether they want it or not. The journey of this search started the minute we individualize aeons ago. In the earlier stages, we were ignorant of this treasure hunt. We just obeyed our instincts and desires. It is only now when we are crossing over to the Aquarian age that we are much more aware of the reason for this path. There appears to be some degree of urgency in this search, just because we are nearing the end of our search. When we are going to meet our twin is not for us to know. It can be tomorrow or even the next life. As in the mystic path, when one finds oneself in the ‘dark night of the soul’, one knows that the time is nigh. At this stage of our search, the loneliness is intense. This darkness of sadness, suffering and pain has no end in sight. However, lo and behold one’s twin suddenly turns up at the next corner! She could be the nurse, doctor or the social worker. Or the twin may be at the church gathering that you started to attend. One never knows, but the twin will certainly appear. If it is not in this life, then it will be the next life at the latest. So do not despair. The twin will definitely turn up. You have no choice in this matter.


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  1. is there anyone else who is currently struggling with a twin soul?
    it would be great to be able to talk about it to someone who
    actually understands.

  2. A quick question…
    Is this text written for people in general or people with a “spiritual mindset”?
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I do know that words like “must” and “should” and “avoid” seems to have the exact opposite effect for those who live in harmony with themselves.

  3. Sylvia you can email me at One second your in total bliss but then when your having trouble with your twin soul it hurts more then you ever imagined.

  4. Yes, I’m struggeling with my twin soul at the moment. I’ll tell you a bit about it, hope it’s not too long winded!
    We met about 3 years ago by chance, it was at my last school I went to (I’ve been to 4 different ones) and he lived in the same village and so was on the same bus. Well, first of all I noticed him sitting at the back and we occasionally glanced at each other but for a while, it was nothing more than that. I got a boyfriend (someone I met through a friend) and he was very sweet, spoilt me to death and we shared a lot of common interests but my heart just wasnt in it, I tried convincing myself that this stranger was nothing but it never worked. So I got rid of him with some guilt and at the time, my female friend who I was with declared that she liked him (my twin flame) I couldnt help but feel anger.. due to previous experiences I found it very hard to express anger. This made me realise that I actually had feelings for him and I was just confused before. He was unusual in style, with long hair and extremely quiet but it felt like a relief when I met him. I was also alternative in style and after he discovered that I liked the same music he began looking at me for long intervals. A lot of the time he couldnt look me in the eye and I felt on edge if we stood next to each other, there was a shift in my energy. I used to look foward to seeing him on the bus in the morning and we always looked at each other before I sat down. Each of our friends made fun of us like teens do and I remember the embaracement I felt. Also a trusted friend of mine asked him if he liked me and he said yes, when she told me I was shocked but happy. At the time I was very immature and so didnt act on this, I just looked away from him. Towards our exams I remember him turning round a lot and looking at me as he did and still we hadnt spoken a word after 2 years. This lack of action wore me down to believing it was an illusion and had a lot of things going on with my family. My mum was in Australia (I live in UK) with my brother and I found it hard to cope, I was living in a tiny house with my nan who I argued with so it ended with me leaving for Australia. I will never forget how I felt when the plane was taking off, incredible sadness. When I got there it was pure hell, she was living with her partner who has 6 kids and I didnt get on with them. I was so used to a quiet environment and it really upset me, especially when one of them decided to pick on me. I’d had enough and said I wanted to leave after a week of being there. I missed him so much and dreamt of him every night, I just couldnt get him out of my head it was driving me insane. Because of a pending visa, I had to stay for a total of 4 months.. this time was really tough and I felt extremely depressed. I tried staying in contact with my friends and they did for a bit but it waned and they all though I had gone for good. I also know there were rumours about me living there and that I had gone off with boys and I know that he knew, it hurt me even more. When I finally returned, I had to wait a whole year till I could go to the sixth form and join the others.. I was on benefits and very depressed, I missed him so badly, I just wanted to see him, see that he was still alive (I know that sounds crazy but thats really the urgency I felt). When I did eventually see him again, he didnt want to know me and completely ignored me as if I didnt exist. I was so upset and desperatly vied his attention. My best friend was talking to him and it annoyed me, the way he accepted her but not me. I know she told him and the others that I’d gone off with boys when I was away and the wouldnt accept me in the group. There was awkwardness for a while but they soon realised I was genuine and shared their interests more so than her. I spent time with him but we still never spoke and he was distant, he didnt look at me anymore, I felt heartbroken. Eventually they left after completing their 2 years of sixth form and left. I really didnt want him to leave because I knew I wouldnt see him much. I stayed on for half a year extra then dropped out due to apathy an depression. Very rarely we would all meet up and play video games like we used to but it would never be the same, everyone had their own lives.. All but me who sat there and couldnt sleep, plauged by my feeling and had terrible nightmares if I did sleep. I lost appetite and a lot of weight, I also lost my style and slipped into being a frumpy nobody. I felt like giving up to be honest. It got to the point where I forced myself to speak with him, I discovered that he worked in a local shop and so would sometimes go in.. I spoke to him very casually and breifly for the first time in nearly 3 years and it felt as though the words fell out of my mouth. I had moved from about 4 different houses in this time and was waiting to move back into the village but when I did he went away to America for a few months. I missed him terribly and even got the same job as him, in hope he would come back but he never did. When he returned from America I saw him rarely, there was one time when we were going to the same concert. I spoke with him again when we were alone waiting for the train. We were alone for once, without other people and we had a decent convosation, even laughed about how bad the job was. Now, it is slightly worse.. we dont see a lot of each other, infact I havent seen him since November but I sometimes talk online. I just feel he doesnt want anything to do with me but I cant let go. He is still in my dreams and on my mind a lot and I’m now having councelling for my depression and anxiety. He is going on a world trip in May and wont be back till around September, I’m happy for him but wish I could be with him, I wonder why life is punishing me so hard. I feel empty.

  5. I loved this article and am on this path at the moment. I have a problem, howver with the analogy of “sparing the rod” and “naughty child”. This image simply does not agree with the unconditional love. While I understand the necessity to confront and initiate, such a violent image is offputting to me.

  6. I agree with a lot of this, and much of it reminds me of my current partner and I. I’m not so sure about the idea that certain feelings are supposed to be instantaneous or automatic. It’s my personal belief that love must be cultivated; trust and harmony develop with time, patience, compassion, etc.

  7. i am compelled to this sight

  8. What if you feel you found your twin flame and that person died?

  9. I am so grateful to find this page! It is the most sensible and grounded I have found on the topic, and truly helpful to me as I walk my path in discriminating what comes from God love and what comes from ego. Thank you!

  10. I am in Sydney Australia and have been blessed to have met my Twin Flame in the flesh nearly three years ago.

    For reasons I don’t yet understand circumstances pulled us apart and we are now both in other relationships. However, I think of him always and long to be with him.

    We actually never entered into a traditional relationship, we didn’t sleep together, we never even kissed – but the feeling I had with him is unlike anything I can comprehend. It felt like I was dead [in a good way], I had no thoughts in his presence and it was as if we were talking to eachother silently. I could read him, I understood him. It was pure esctacy, spontaneous bliss, I felt my being expand so far as if we were one. It was as if I was one with everything – I ceased to exist almost!

    He rejected me in the end and I carry so much pain for he is still in my circle of influence here in the physical. I know we are always connected on a higher level; however, I long to be with him. It is not sexual. I just long to be near his essence again.

    I think I really scared him as he had not had the spiritual training I had had prior to the experience and I know he was experiencing the profound bliss I did as well. It scared him as his preconceptions were stripped away – it frightened him away.

    He also appeared to me in dreams before we even met. He would just be standing there; like he was waiting.

    Recently, we ran into eachother, but I was with my current partner and I couldn’t talk to him properly. However; then I felt it again – as if a higher part of me was talkig to him and I felt such bliss and peace. After the encounter I just cried and cried it really stirred me up.

    My current partner and I had karmic ties and his spirit came to me for deep healing. I was able to help him quite quickly and nothing more occurred. Then after [my twin] flew away, I was left so alone and shattered. My current partner got in touch with me, we were friends for a while, but things led to other things – I needed someone to help me heal this time!!!!! As I felt as if my soul had been through the wars of heaven and hell and back again. I have never felt so much pain being separated from my twin and my current partner helped me to numb the pain.

    Two years later I am feeling so much stronger and my awareness again is pulling me to work with My twin in the physical; it seems I cannot esacpe him; the syncronicity of it is uncanny. No matter what I seem to be doing or what situation I find myself in he always seems to turn up or I will meet someone randomly who is connected to him. My heart chakra aches for him.

    Also, we are both in relationships now and I feel like I am being ‘unfaithful’ to my current partner when I have this connection although unrealized in the physical with someone else.

    I don’t want to hurt my current partner; I care for him very deeply and I am protective of his beautiful soul ; I love and care for him deeply but I know it is nothing like what my twin and i are capable of- I would do anything for it to work out with my twin and no one to get hurt – the pull is very very strong. Also, I don’t want to hurt the woman he is with – at times I am very jealous, but I know their connection should not be dishonoured.

    What should I do?

    I am interested in working with you all as I have experienced the Twin Flame energy and I know the power it has ; it is so pure as if you are breathing the light of consciousness living in its love… it holds suh immense healing power – but It can also be soooo painful; as if when are seperated from your twin you are experiencing all pain of life times and life times of separation gone by.

  11. hi guys, my advice for everyone in pain over their twin would be to go back into meditation or a spiritual discipline of somesort. The gift that the twin flame is and the experience itself should teach us furtehr about unconditional love so that we may see this human experience through the eyes of god – observing and never judging ourselves, always forgiving and divine. This journey is truely bout surrender; surrender to the divine plan and faith. all we may do as humans is develop our awareness and our strength to carrry the light of consciousness. If dharma does not manifest things as we desire as we are in pain as a result this pain comes from our ego’s rejection of what is – it is our fear and our control freak rising its little head. go into meditation again and you will see. you twin is never far from you. surrender yourself to consciousness and know that all is good. the pain is a mind game. go into meditation and see it for what it really is. focus on the present moment and divinity may guide you together again – who knows? it really is inconsequential. and do your very best to persuade the mind from replaying the past – guide it back to present like the naughty little child it is and just be…be grateful for the encounter with your twin – it is so rare – so so beautiful. know that all is good and when dharma decides once more for you to unite you will – not when your ego sees it so – dharma decides when; not a moment before not a moment late. it is so perfect… control is the expression of your ego – its frail little fear of death. but there is no death – right? surrender, let go, trust and accept and the twin flame energy will be yours once more. trust! god speed and love to you all. xxx

  12. i think i have found my twin soul, but he broke up with me just 3 weeks after we started going out. It’s been over a month now since it happened and I want to get over him, and i know that it should not be that hard to do so because the relationship only lasted for 3 weeks. I find this circumstance quite weird. I felt such a connection with him but apparently he does not…

  13. I too have met my twin. I have been on the spiritual path for more than 15 years but stepped up my training over the last 5 years by joining my first development group at that time and then just recently joining my second group when I moved towns.

    We me two months ago at my new group that I belong to. We recognised each other immediately. I had been given a vision of him in my teens so was astonished to see him in the flesh. Every week our connection has intensified.

    We have a few obstacles though, which we are both working through. We’re both married with children! Both marriages are rocky. But we are both trying to do the right thing by our current partners and children. We’ve decided that our spiritual work is our purpose for now.

    It’s so great to be around others in this situation.

    Thank you so much for sharing your article.

  14. I met my twin 3 years ago. At that time I had never heard of the term. So I wasn’t even looking or expecting it. We were both doing community volunteer work. It was an intense mutual attraction from the very start. I admired him and respected him a great deal, as a community leader. He was everything I had always dreamed of: Handsome, charismatic, kind, generous, successful…and, to my dismay, married. I was single, and would have respected that he was unavailable, however, he was very attracted to me and not happy in his marriage, so it quickly developed into many blissful, romantic dates and long, intimate conversations which never seemed to end. The challenge: he was not willing to leave his marriage, so we would see one another, but he would never kiss me or make any sexual advances. Somehow we both knew that our love for one another is deep, eternal, unconditional and beyond the physical.

    Over the years I have struggled with this spiritual, romantic connection with no physical intimacy, learned a lot about myself, and grown much stronger and more independent. It has been very painful, loving him from a distance. Recently I have learned to let go and love him and be with him, spiritually. This is the only way I can continue, as finding someone else, I feel, is not right.

    He is also a man’s man, and you gals must understand that although they feel the connection and feel the “love”, men are not well equipped to deal with such intense emotions. They fear falling in love much more than women do, and will sometimes “run” away or talk themselves out of it, to save their hearts from pain. So if you have a twin flame connection, and he seems to have turned his back on you, it is more than likely to save himself from the pain of losing you. It is also very difficult for men to leave their wives, and children, and they will usually tolerate an unhappy situation rather than walk away from responsibility.

    So what can we do, while we wait? I have been taking good care of myself, running, dieting, making myself as pretty as possible, working to improve my career, and financial situation, spending more time with my two sons, and learning and growing, spiritually.

    There is no guarantee that we will ever be with our twin, in this life time, but one can only trust that the connection is eternal, divine and real. I feel for all of you, your pain, but we can only abide by God’s will and live and love with humility and gratitude, knowing that this is a journey we must travel.

  15. i feel verey drawen to hathor i feel that we are twin flames verey identical but im trying to understand how we will meet and the flipside to the relationship in the flesh

  16. I, too have had a twin soul experience. I am a 57 y.o. married woman and met my twin when he was a student of mine. The feelings were/are unmistakeable and I feel him “with” me frequently.

    At the time I met him he was only 14 y.o. (he is now 20) and I cam to his home to teach him on his keyboard (I teach piano). Once I started to understand what this was I wrote a poem to him, his mother found it and freaked out, even though there was nothing romantic in the poem. It went: “When I am still, you are here. You are still here”.
    She fired me, asked me never to come to her home again. Then she took out an “Order of Peace” through the courts. I wrote him and brought it to his school. Once she found it (she was always going through his things, I found out later) I was arrested, put in jail. This woman then paid off the States Atty’s office to set me up and hold me for longer.
    I spent 7 months in jail on false charges coming out of the original charge. I was released after a hearing where the charges were proven false, but the only way she would agree to dropping them were if I was given a very serious probation of 5 years!!!!?! Not having any contact now in any way except through spirit for the past 44 months – only 16 to go.
    Did find out that I am bipolar and was medicated as a result of landing in jail for “inappropriate behavior”. I take mood stabilizers but he is still “here”. As part of my evaluation, I told the psychiatrist that I would willingly be committed to a mental hospital if I was wrong about the boy’s feelings for me. I wasn’t (they asked him then). I was right about this and wonder what will happen after the next 16 months are over.
    I don’t want to break up my marriage – it’s good and we had adopted a child before all of this happened. My husband is a soulmate of mine, but the boy is my twin.
    I sincerely hope we can find a way to at least communicate and be best friends once this is over. Very painful for both of us and now he despises his mother for her part in all of this (I know this, because I can feel it).
    My husband doesn’t believe in Twin Souls and thinks it was a figment of my imagination and because I had been mismedicated (given antidepressants alone while undiagnosed for bipolar). He feels this sent me into manic behavior, explaining what I did. But that’s not the reason. When he (the twin) thinks of me I feel total bliss and understanding, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and this boy was with me for every day I was locked away, comforting and loving me through all of it and beyond.
    I understand from spirit that he has very bad karma because of the way he treated me the last time we incarnated together, which does explain why it is so difficult this time and way wrong ages, etc. I totally forgive him, but karma is karma and I can’t change anything that has or will happen. My only prayer is that we can at the very least be friends and I pray my marriage to a VERY GOOD and PATIENT MAN will survive the meeting. I love my husband and son, but my twin connection goes way beyond all of this to something beyond time and space and I don’t know how any of us will be once we are free of the probation restrictions. I am counting the days. I can’t help it. As ridiculous as this sounds. I am hoping he will just be my very best friend – like a physical twin would be.

  17. Hi, I am not sure if I have met my twin flame, but a friend of my partners came into my life last year, 12 months ago.
    from day 1 I experienced some really profound feelings. I didn’t want to let him out of my sight.
    he is married with children and I am in a relationship and I also have children. I have never had this feling with anyone, when he is around I feel sometimes I can read his intent. I have experienced millions of different emotions and I feel like I have grown 100 years in the last 12 months.
    he is such a beautiful man that I fear it is just attraction. although I have seen lots of good looking men and none of them have led me to feel this way.
    our backgrounds are extremely similar and things haapen on a regular basis to lead me to either see him, hear his name or read something about him.
    it’s like, no matter if I wanted to forget him, I simply can’t because he always pops up.
    I feel like I am in love with him and yet I have only seen him a few times.
    the day after I met him I came across an article on the internet about twin flames and what was written seemed to be my situations.
    I am terrified to die and yet I would die for him, no one has ever had that effect on me. does this sound like he is my twin>

  18. I just want to say that this site is so beautifully done 🙂 Great job! Everything you have created is so obviously done with love.


  19. Dear Mel, I felt the same way when I met my twin. He is very handsome and charismatic, the type many women would want to be with. For a long time I thought his attention towards me was just his way of flirting with all women. Yet I knew there was something special, and mutual between us. His caring for me, spending time with me, without asking for sex, told me he had genuine feelings. It has been 3 years, since we first met, but my initial feelings for him are still the same. In the last 2 months he has shown more that he is in love with me. He asked me to be his soulmate, which was very unusual, since we have never spoken about that topic. He recognizes we have a connection that can’t be broken. I also knew that I could die for him if necessary. Whatever makes him happy makes me happy. I told him my greatest fear was for my soulmate to die before I do, and I would be left alone here. But that is another thing to deal with, when or if it happens. The spiritual work is hard enough for now, and I am often in agony, not able to be with him physically. I hope he can overcome the barriers for us coming together, as I am waiting for him, and will wait an eternity, if necessary.

  20. How can you tell if he is your twinsoul when you have only met him online and not in the flesh. All the symptoms are the same. I have that problem. 19 months now, and my life has changed completely. Hope there is somebody else out there with similar situation. Thanks Joanna

  21. Joanna, You need to arrange a meeting,then you will know. What is preventing your meeting? Is he across the world in a different country? Even so, spirit should help you find a way to get together. What are the symptoms you experience?

  22. Hi Mary….yes, there are many symptoms, and yes we live very far apart. Somewhere on this site, I wrote all about it. You can read it there….PLEASE do. I would love to read your opinion there. Sure you will find it as you open this site. Actually, I wrote it this evening. Thank you for your comment.

  23. Twinsoule, TwinFlames and soulmates….you will find it there. Thank you Mary.

  24. Does anyone know how that painting is by, at the top of the page? Its beautiful.

  25. Im still shocked that I found my twin soul. right now me and him are close friends, we had lots of struggles in the begining. We meet in my nieghborhood . he and my friend where talking online and she decided to meet him. Its the middle of the night and i hear her in my window saying come with me in case this guy kills me so i did. he met us with a group of his friends under a street light in a car. my friend introduces me to him and at that moment we connected. it was so different i felt so happy, alive. later that night we go back to his place and him and my friend went into the room together, but he couldnt even do anythng to all he could do was think of me he said. after he dropped us home. he told me that he told his friend that he was going to have me and marry. So since him and my friend were a not going to happen he just stop talking to her. but she got over it bc she had lots of guys. 3 months later she wanted me to call him so i did he answered and we talked for awhile. then text that day then met up. and we started to date. we had so many problems were in engaged in 11 days in to dating. but idk what any of the problems were but the were there. we broke up and ever since we been going back and forth. we get these signs to talk to each other and even if we dont we dream the same dreams and talk to each other. I cant leave this state im stuck here and so is he. sometimes it gets to be so much bc im so young and hes young also. but our plane is next year after we get college off the groung to get married

  26. So I’ve finally come to believe, after years of inner debates, my close guy friend, is indeed, my twin flame. He even once called us “two peas in a pod” right around the time we started to practically become best friends.

    It all started back, when I was 14. I was young and what not, he was 16, in hs, and I thought he was cute. Something happened, he said something and it got to me and I avoid him. About two years later I joined our highschools rotc program and thats when I met him again. He then started to try and talk to me, flirt with me and be near me, alot, while I on the other hand rolled my eyes, thought he was being annoying, and used to think to myself *oy vey just go away!!!*, haha. So something happened, he didn’t get to graduate on time and had to leave school for 6 months his senior year, while that happened, we both ended up in summer school together, and he had changed, I could see it in his eyes and written all over his entire face, and we never truly had a real conversation, but I just knew. Then one day, at the end of summer school, he spoke up and we talked, something shifted form that moment. We ended up having a class together, and thats what bonded us for life. It was like he his soul had said “no! you can not leave and must have these obstacles!”, so that he could bond with me and form something special. In a matter of 3-4 weeks it felt as though I’ve known him for years. I went through some trials of problems and he stood by me, either right next me letting me cry on his shoulder being a patient guy or by phone/email/text giving me words of wisdom and support, because he was training in texas or north carolina for the army and so thats why he couldn’t be around at times. But I was reading about how you just know something is up or that they are not all that well and you feel it and its not happening to you the physical aspect of it? I have that all the time about him. Like when he went on his first tour to afgahan, I felt as though he was stressed out and anxiety was kicking in and that he was really home sick, then he comes home 3 weeks right after that! I found out he was so unhappy and home sick that he wasn’t himself the whole time and almost got himself into big trouble and they sent him home because they didn’t want him to end up with PTSD.

    Now its present day, and I look back to the last 6 1/2 – 8 years of knowing him, and I see so many things that ring true to a twin flame. For example: we love love the same music, we quote all the same movies, I can say a joke and he gets it and everyone else is clueless, we think on the same level, he’ll say something out loud that I was thinking and then call him out on that happening, we are both in the medical professions, we are both on the same silly/goofy level and enjoy it, we are so open these days that we don’t worry anymore, we were sexually attracted to each other at one point or another and are still to this day, we bicker and argue but we resolve it as soon as we can if its possible, and the list goes on. We have kept a romantic distance due to a few things: the friendship is very strong, there have been other people that get in the way, when we try to he has someone or I’m currently involved, we were only single three times since we’ve been friends and in those three times we’ve kissed, but something trumatic happen to me that made me learn to love more and be more centered and I noticed it in him like it somehow manifest in him at the same time, he ended up getting a gf around the trumatic incident but they are rocky grounds of recently due to the fact she is going to school 15hrs away. I’m patient and don’t interfere with his current situation, well except that I’ve told him how I felt and that its okay and only want him to be happy, which for two months we didn’t talk and it literally felt like half of me was dead for some reason and about a week before I told him that i got into a car accident, I walked out with no bruises, but I think it was a karmic sign that we shouldn’t be around each other just yet, that we had to work through some things and learn patients with one another. Now recently this past 2 weeks, we started talked, after his gf went to college (she is a freshman by the way), and its like I’m alive again. I just know down the line, and feel secure, that he is feeling the same way, that we are going to finally try, I’m not in a rush, cause I have a feeling that its not the end for us, just the beginning of something even better, my soul feels it, to the point of like a humming in my heart of peace and serenity.

    So I do believe I have a twin flame and even though we’re not together, we feel the same thing and I think the time is approaching…

  27. Can someone PLEASE help me. I have met my twin flame and we feel so deeply for each other. He had been married for 33 years and has left his wife to be with me. I have been married for 15 years and have told my husband that I want a divorce. I have three school age children who are not coping well. They are threating to live with their dad and they hate me. I can’t cope. Do I leave my twin flame and be miserable and life will have no meaning or do I do the right thing for the kids and stay?
    Please I am dying inside. Please offer some advice.

  28. Sylvia I would love to speak with you.. or any others who need help or advice on twin flames. Your twin flame is not apart from you EVER. You find the twin within. The twin is more than just a physical body. 2008 is the year of the twin flame. Many are awakening to the twin and much advice is given. You will find it when the time is right.

    Find me at

  29. Wow. Just found your site today. I’ve posted a link to your web log in mine,

    I am posting my book about my relationship with my twin soul, Scott in thie life, and how the bonds of living love have transcended death.

    Above all, relationships of the soul are mysterious, and a blessing.


    Paul Crockett

  30. Laura, it’s your guilt that’s killing you, and it will make you ill if not resolved. Who says what’s the “right” thing? Love is always greater than fear, so acknowledge your fear and stay constantly connected with the loving source within. The unconditional love of twin flames will help your twin understand what you need to do for yourself (when you care and love yourself, you will do the same for your children and husband, even if you leave him). I totally understand what you’re going through. The pain of separation from your twin is total illusion, convincingly real at times, and the only solution I’ve found is to hold the intent of knowing who we really are while surrendering to Spirit–it’s the limited self that wants to make it all better and never really can with out spirit. Be well!

  31. Joanna, haven’t heard from you in awhile. Is everything ok? I hope you are coping well. I have not seen my twin since Sept 17. but I hope to see him on Dec 3.

  32. I had first seen my twin in passing and jokingly stated he was Hot.At that time we had not made eye contact.The second time I seen him I felt a strong connection with him in passing again still no eye contact.The first time we were together for a long period of time we finally made eye contact and it felt like I was LOOKING INTO THE MIRROR AT MYSELF and time stopped for ever.I was in another time and place and he had the most kind smile on his face ,I broke our gaze and was terrified.I knew nothing about twin souls.That night I googled “what does it mean when you see a mirror reflection in some ones eyes?”I began to find articles on TWIN SOULS.I then started seeing signs of the twin flame.Such as the 11 and the ying yang sign(everywhere).It feels like my soul is shooting out of my chest and intertwining with his when were near one another.We have alot of similarities and have asked eachother alot of personal questions in our very few short alone conversations.I would normally feel jealousy when someone I like talks about their realationship with another women but not with him all I feel is the love he has for her but not a jealous feeling because I know the love he has for me is 1 million times greater even though we just met.I feel at peace when were alone together but nervous when we have alot of other people around us like they can see how I feel.I know he feels the same way I do because he can’t keep his eyes off me.It’s not a sexual attraction even though I find him overwhelmingly beautifly handsome. I dont really dont know what to do.I couldn’t sleep well for four days after the first gaze into our eyes.Every time I looked into the mirror my eyes were dialated.It was like I was on drugs.We also have the same unique color eyes.I also felt like I could see everthing brighter and more detailed than before it was like being reborn everthing has come to life .Im trying to play it cool but at this time I am just trying to educate myself on why I am feeling these feelings.Oh and I wasn’t looking for a soulmate or twinflame I have just been content with myself.Any advice?It would be greatly appreciated because I havent been able to share my feelings withanyone else they would think I was losing

  33. So I don’t have any answers to the above posts but have questions of my own. I wrote this before I even found out what a twin flame is. I only learnt about this concept 2 weeks ago. I wrote the below before that. I wrote this when I was journalling and trying to speak to my higher self.

    “We were drawn together because there is work to be done. We both have the same needs and insecurities and it was important to bring us both together so that we could appreciate life and love.We both bring light and love and in order to do this for others, we had to find it in ourselves through each other.We were meant to be. To love and to live. Our spirits rejoice in each other and our physical selves are playing this out. There is no right or wrong. There is only now.We experience the now strongly with each other.”

    I still don’t know if he ism y twin flame… despite the fact that every person who is remotely psychic says he is and this is the most intense experience of my life. I know it is intense for him too but I know nothing else which means we aren’t open right? I see 111 or 1111 constantly. We are both with others and it would be complicated so I guess that means we should just live our lives and I shouldn’t even think about it anymore but i cannot seem to ttop. This is overwhelming. I’m so tired. It goes on in my dreams. It;s always on my mind. it’s exhausting.

  34. I’ve read this multipule times. This is such a great article. You really have a great way of writing. Take care and I hope all is well with you.

  35. Hello emma, thank you so much for your very insightful and enlightening comment…

  36. I am currently living with a beautiful soul whom I believe is my twin. She has helped me in so many ways, it would take too long to list. This page is a great help to anyone who genuinly interested in finding their twin. Thanks, B

  37. I had an interview with a new company(public/human services) and that was when I saw him first. I noticed him noticing me more than me noticing him. My mind was more on the job, but I did gravitate towards his energy and I subconsciously processed the fact that he was “different”. The next two times I saw him, which was in passing, he would always look my way. I feel he was trying to get my attention. It took me the third to see him, for me to really understand. It was all in his eyes. I felt as though I could see in him and him me. F.Y.I-I KNEW NOTHING OF TWIN SOULS/FLAMES, NOTHING!
    The way we met at work the third time was strange. I walk in and there he is resting with his head down. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get his attention. I thought if I walked by him with enough wind stirred up, he would be able to smell me. So, I did walk by him, but to no avail… or so I thought. Two seconds as I arrive in another part of the office, here he comes. The thing about this is he was coming to clock out- when his shift was over two-hours before(maybe he was getting O.T.???) So, as he standing next to me, we lock eyes and there it all began. All of the people in the room, ceased to exist for there was only Him and I. It was like meeting some old friend an being excited to see them, except we never embraced or said a word. I could read in him that “he wanted to take me with him, so we could just sleep and dream next to one another”. I, then, dropped my eyes(not sure why). The first time we really looked into each others eyes, at the same time, it was like nothing else. Everything around us was inert and we were pure energy. After this, my poetry took a shift. It became all about light, mirrors, gravity, synastry, past lives, and tantra. More scientific than anything. I became more spiritual and talked with God frequently(not just about love). I remember writing how the days were so much more brighter. I was totally surrounded by positivity. I was caring for the sick and feeling good.
    For a while, I did not see him for all we’ve said to each other was hello. I did not even know his name. I had an offer for a better position and for some reason I felt compelled to decline, for I felt fear of never seeing him again(see, I told ya I didn’t know about Twins). I accepted the position at a later date. That way I’d have a chance to see him and talk to him, a little.
    I had a friend who told me he was on a website, so I e-mailed him and he immediately asked me out. I agreed and that same night we went out. We talked and it was then we found out that he was fresh out of a relationship and I was ending a tumultuous one. He asked me if I wanted more children- we both have one child I said yes; I asked him, and he said yes. We just had a good time. I, letting my ego interfere, wrote to him my love-profession. I completely forgot about his ended relationship. I am not the person who jumps from one relationship to next. My first long term had 3 years in between my second. It wasn’t until our year apart that I realized how selfish I was. I asked him in, spiritually, to forgive me. Through the year apart, I learned patience, tolerance, unconditional love, and that we would be together someday. He contacted me after the 11 month “separation” and telling me he wanted to see me. I agree and we hang out with his child and have a good time. It seems as if no time was lost. It was 11 months and it was tough, but I did not hate him or feel any agnst. I was feeling only positive vibes. He has a very calming nature, but I notice he can be a little nervous in my presence. I asked him why he got in contact and he says it was a song I liked(I do not remember telling him about it, though). I think he wasn’t telling the truth, though… oh, well. We are still friends, who like to joke and watch movies. I just think I need to spruce myself up more and more, before we can be one. I have been doing a lot of healing and not just for him, but for me. I want nothing more than to go give and help this world. He inspires me to be more and to have more. I am never angry with him. If I get frustrated, it is only momentarily. I, then, swallow down the ego and keep going, better and stronger. The pain from the last year is kind of hard for me to remember, but I do remember feeling it. I look back at all of the poetry and it just shows me that Twins exist. I had such a profound interest in mirrors and light. It wasn’t until Nov. 2008 that I discovered Twin Flame Phenomenon. It’s funny, because a couple of weeks after I discovered Twins, he contacted me for the first time in 11 mos. I could feel him so strongly leading up to his return. I experienced so many emotions that were not just my own, but his.

  38. I have a twin flame who is 16 years my junior. We have had a tough time. we have only had a total of maybe 10 weeks of good times. No one has mentioned when your twin flame has baggage and has to work through it before you can get to the good part. As a result of our tough times I have been in communication with my angels. They only send me messages regarding him. they only do this to make sure I dont give up and hang in there. It has been hard I started a web ring on my website. I have had to seek readers since last year to help me with this. It has turned my world upside down! I have been assured that this year great steps in maturity will be made, but it will take him two years to come into himself. Meanwhile we will reconncet in feb- march of this year. I need support, help and guidance. If there is anyone who can help I would appreciate it.

  39. ok I have a conflict. my best friend and I are both 15 (that is not the problem). We are both girls(not the problem). She is BI and I think I am straight(not the problem). I think I love her(that is the problem). when I am around her I feel completed like I never want her to go. When she is sad I am sad. She was my first real friend. and if marring her would ensure that she would always be around I would do it. is it possible for twins to be the same gender? could she be my twin? I am SO CONFUSED. please help

  40. When I saw him the first time, I had one of those classic film moments: everything in the room (i.e. all the people walking, dancing, eating, drinking, and moving around in the nightclub) went into slow-motion (I am not kidding, and I’ve never done drugs), while his immediate surrounding (which later i came to recognize it as his auric field) lit up as if from both the inside and outside at the same time. It was a magically eternal moment. He was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes on. The experience shook me up and the sight of him took my breath away.

    I did not meet him that night, but 3 months later at another high school party we were briefly introduced. I thought he was way out of my league, and there was another boy chasing after me that night whom I was concerned about avoiding and not hurting… So I did not pay the ‘god incarnate’ any attention. (Or I did my best not to.)

    To my surprise a few weeks later, we found ourselves unexpectedly in the same small group of people going out dancing. Teenagers living it big in Brazil. At an opportune moment, he pulled me in for a kiss on the dance floor. That was my first kiss. It was both an explosion of light and energy, and a mundane physical experience wrapped up into one: both rainbow and saliva.

    I discovered later that he remembered meeting me… he described exactly what I had been wearing at the party where we were introduced… that he had tried catching my eye all night, unsuccessfully.

    He left for an exchange program in Canada for one year, and shortly after his return I left to attend college in the U.S. There has never been any communication between us beyond those fleeting moments within a group of teenage friends, but I continue to feel, now almost 20 years later, a pull towards his being and a connection with his spirit that is beyond anything else I can put into words. It is otherworldly.

    Back then, as teenagers, we did have the opportunity (twice!) to have sex, but I was too chicken. I was virgin and scared. He was 2 years younger than me, experienced, and very interested in taking things further… but they never did go there. We were never boyfriend and girlfriend; these were just ‘hook-ups’.

    Once, 3 or 4 years ago while in deep meditation, I smelled flowers. It sent me twirling and I immediately thought “Jesus…!?” right, because I had read about people smelling flowers when visited by his presence. I was a budding channel too, so I did actually expect a response. There was a gentle energy of negation to my question. Still in semi-stupefied awe, I then asked “Buddha?!…”, only to receive the same eternally loving gentle energy of negation to my question. So then I asked “Who is this?” And to my complete amazement, I heard the one name, the only name attached to a single person with no other possibilities existing because I had never met another person by that name… my teenage first kiss beau.

    It took me weeks to gather the courage to ask a (living) mutual acquaintance if he (the twin / teenage beau) had passed over. (I had been living overseas for 15 years.) To my surprise he was alive and thriving in local community activism. It took me a couple years to figure out that the higher spirit aspect of an incarnate being has (mostly or reasonably) free access to the universe, and that an enlightened entity might indeed be incarnate and living a relatively simple and mundane life.

    My twin and I may not be rejoined in this life. We met briefly in our youth, and maybe we will cross paths again in our old age. We’ve got our own work to do. As my heart opens and my senses expand I find that all of humanity is worth my attention. I feel my twin with me, I feel already what it is like to reunite, and I look forward to the end of the journey as much as I hold precious each moment of it.

    If you find yourself obsessing over your ‘twin’ rest assured that he or she is likely Not whom your essence truly longs for. Unconditional love does not obsess or worry. It resides in a world of delight and awe and curiosity and complete trust.

    If you find that you have never had an unexplainable metaphysical moment with your twin, chances are that what you’ve got in your life is soulmateship. When two vibrations come together, and these two vibrations are actually the Same vibration, the physical world suffers moments of ‘adjustment’… at least according to our bodily senses.

    There is much more to share, but this post is too long already.

    Light & Love,

  41. Hi, im new here, but i need help, i have met my twin flame but it took me about two years to find out this term existed, before that i had to listen to really religious people tell me i had an uncanny soul tie but no matter how much i prayed for him to go away, the connection was still there, there was simply nothing i could do to get it to disappear, the more i fought the harder it was and the stronger the tie got, when i would try to avoid him he would pop up everywhere in the most random places, and i never run into people in my town, but i would always run into him, the story is too long to post, and i have told so many people only to be told to forget about him and move on which i cannot do, this has been going on for four years, im in highschool age 18, but this all started when i was 14, i had to put into an alternative school because the pain of seeing him was too strong and interferring with my work, my heart and mind are always at battle with this situation, my brain says hes an asshole while my heart cannot live without him, i dont like him i love him and i cannot escape him and in the mean time since im tied to him i feel all the drama and crap thats going on in his life and its getting really annoying, i really need someone to talk to who understands, sometimes i think im crazy but nothing helps and i have lost all my interests that i had before i met him, now all i can think about is him and i wanna like other things and have other focuses but everytime i try i always fail, please someone help.

  42. well well, it must have been fait that brought me here,

    and i thank you for the information, i do now know what it means

    im 19, and i truely believe i have met my twin flame.

    we think alike, she tells me stories, and i invision them

    her natural scent is inticing, we think, act and even walk alike,

    we come from different worlds.. but at the same time the same inviornment.

    i don’t know why im so intertwined in this fait. but by some given road. i found my place.

  43. I know without a shadow of a doubt I have met my twin flame and I am married and he has someone. We have spent times together in nature and exchanged energy work, however we have not crossed the line of saying we love each other. I for one know it is a consciousness love. My heart pounds when I am away from him and I have not told him about my love for him. Came close to it but I ran the other day because I am married. My heart feels like it is going to break loose out of my chest, and can’t sleep. Any advise. love amlotus

  44. Ying, Yang … I had this same exact experience ! It was telepathic . I saw myself and felt myself being pulled towards this person aka me . It was so unreal .No time and space etc … It has been a problem trying to connect in person . : ( makes me sad but Así es la vida. Its better I experienced this than not . I hear when this happens that it could be the last incarnation on earth but I also read other things that say you have to get together as in a relationship to complete our earth stay. Im confused but I will tell you one thing . Im ready for this to be my last incarnation !

  45. I don’t know if I have a twin. I am married with children. My husband is a wonderful man, but I know that he is not my “twin” so to speak. I have realized for a long time that I have tried to make him someone he is not. And I have come to discover why. I feel sad that I do not have someone to feel the deep passion that I have inside me and share all those things with . I have read everything on this page and I wonder is there really someone out there that connects with me in that way. I don’t typically get online and write like this but I felt compelled to voice my opinion. I hope that when this life passes I will at least get the chance to stand next to the one and feel the emotion of love so deep. But I don’t know if that exists here. I have made my choices with life and would never want to hurt anyone that I love to search for something that probably doesn’t exist, at least not in my life time. I wish for everyone that they do find the “twin” of their soul. And maybe one day I will find mine.

  46. I have met my twin falme and not only can we feel each other, we can also speak to each other telepathically. Recently he died and now my soul is really hurting. I do not know how to stop this pain. I loved everything about him and could easy see his flaws but i loved him, and he really knew how to love me. We wrote to each other and he made love songs for me. We are the same age. i was born only 1 week behind him, and it was god that arranged for us to be together as I prayed to God to find me the man that was right for me, and he did the sme thing as well. However my soul mate is famous and is now gone. How am I ever to live without him. I need him, I love him. My family now has me omn a death watch as they knew how very, very much we loved each other. How does one handle that, how am I ever to go on, I am 50 years old and I cannot ever imagine living until 70 until i meet him agin in heaven. I find myself going to psychics alot as i am unable to handle all of this. Please share your thoughts

  47. Honestly, i’m struggling to find if I even have a twin. I’m deeply worried that I’m just insane and all of this is in my head. I’ve been told before that I do have a twin, (I even had encounters that were shocking). I remeber when I was in Wal-mart looking at markers a couple of months ago. I think felt someone staring at me first before he stood right next to me. I look up right at him wondering “oh…” and he looks down on me smiling when I’m thinking he’s pretty cute. His closeness to me felt almost suffocting. His presence like electricity staring and right into the depths of my mind and soul. It scared me to death. It was too much for me to bear. The emotions were defintly intense. So I ran away scared. Can anyone tell me what the hell has happend, please? I am in deire need of assistance. At least tell me I’m crazy. (no spam)

  48. I met my twin flame in jazz band in high school 10 years ago. I am only recently turning myself to acknowledge that’s what he is. I fought it for so long. He continues to fight it. But there, in class, we’d be playing music, and my friend told me that he would stare at me – just stare – through the entire class. Somehow his buddies didn’t notice, and when I finally confronted him about it because it made me so angry that he would just stare, and apparently, HE didn’t even know he was staring. I would look at him, and immediately see myself, inevitably all the things I didn’t like about myself, and I would have to turn away. It was frustrating also because I did feel this undeniable attraction and desire to be with him, but physically found him, bluntly, butt ugly! I can only imagine he was dealing with many of the same frustrations. But the best day was this one day we were just chilling in class. I was talking to a friend and my spirit noticed him staring. He was at the other side of the room just playing guitar nonchalantly, and suddenly started playing “I’ll Be Watching You”. Later I was angered by the fact that we were unable to face these feelings and just be together, but in that moment, I told my emotions to shut up, and I swear it felt like our souls were dancing between us. I have never felt so alive, and at the time, we were both mostly oblivious to it!

    Since then, I have been married and divorced to a guy that it just wasn’t right with. I thought I met my twin after divrocing, but it turns out he was a close soul mate. We did come together sexually, and my first thought was – ahhh this is what it will be like with [the guy from highschool]. I hated that I had that thought (this was nearly 2 years ago). I thought the one I was with was it, and all of a sudden this thought pops in my head – I still haven’t even seen the first guy in over 8 years. We have travelled in similar circles, both playing the same kind of music, but just haven’t bumped into each other. We’re friends on facebook and I’ve been trying to do some meditations to reach him as he’s going through a lot of emotional turmoil right now. I want him to let me help him! I try in meditation, and I’m getting somewhere, but he’s fighting it tooth and nail. I understand why, because it’s scary. It made me furios for years. I am trying now to embrace the love and enjoy the positive feelings. We both love the same kind of music and I can usually find him there. Although that’s unfulfilling sometimes too, because I want him by my side, where people can see. Right now people just think I’m nuts – the few I’m close enough to tell… I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future…

  49. I decided to check out various sites on the internet to find an answer to the deep pain i was feeling after finally meeting my twin flame. Luckily this is a normal reaction, especially the intense fear and desperation i feel. I have read some of the comments above only to realise that my gut feeling is right and i have found my twin flame through an extremely bizarre coincidence. Initially he found me one morning online, when my heart was weak and needed his support. He built me up through the months and made me stronger. I know know why this was so, as i have to be strong to deal with some of the emotional baggage he is suffering in his marriage and the constant pain i feel because of the distance between us. I have also searched for psychic guidance, each one telling me to hang on in there and that he is my soulmate/twin flame. usually this kind of anxiety has me running as far away as possible. At times it becomes unbearable, but he always seems to come back to me to give me reassurance. We often talk about how lucky we are to find each other in this lifetime, but we also discuss how cruel it is that we are so far apart. Throughout my lifetime quest to find my soulmate, i never would have thought that in my wildest dreams things could be so complicated. Spiritually my mind has been woken, which i think is truly wonderful but my existence on earth can only be described as if i am floating over my life, waiting to be reunited with him. I understand that we both have lessons to learn and there are times when for peace of mind i really want to be swallowed up or disappear to the mountains to get away from the yearning i feel for him. I am trying my best to focus on positivity as i know this will encourage growth and in a sense bring us closer together but who said it was going to be this hard?????

  50. Illusion keeps us all in fear. Awakening means we awaken from the illusion to the truth of the light! This illusion of seperation, is just that an illusion! You CANNOT be seperated from your twin or God that resides within. What is not FAITH is FEAR.

    Just sayin’..


  51. I’m happy to say that I’ve found my twin flame at a young age. I read through each of the indicators of a twin flame multiple times, and I cried realizing that we fit every single point and that we now can be blessed with the eternity we’ve longed for so dearly. It’s amazing how easily your twin flame opens you up. We’ve both felt a sense of sensory empathy and can even read each other’s state of health. What’s even crazier is we have only talked through Skype, Facebook, and on the phone, and in 6 days we will meet for the first time, and I can already feel this amazing electricity building.

    The feeling is so beautiful and intense, and something in me is calling for her, and I know that this relationship will lead us to forever. All I have to do is look in her eyes.

  52. hi guys, i met my twin soul either in 2004/2005. it was halloween and as i am pagan i went to a local public gathering place, there must have been about 70 people there, surrounded by a bonfire, kids, adults. as soon as i got there i could feel someone looking at me, and when i found him, it was like all of a sudden…there was this huge electric spark…current, i coudlnt look away from him-and not just by the way he looked, this feeling… i think he noticed it too.i mean, i wasnt lookng for anyone as i was in a relationship at the time. we didnt actually speak to eachother-which i deeply regret.but his face…i cant get him off my mind even now. ive had a few boyfriends since, but nothing serious as i just feel hollow.i went around asking everyone that night who he was, and nobody knew.the only thing i knew was that he had the same spiritual beliefe as i, or similar. i didnt understand what is was, it was like i was left feeling so hollow when i knew he had left. and since then i have found sites on twin flames etc. i have spent years looking for him, the only thing i managed to find out was that he lived in the same city as me. about 2 years ago now, i thougt i was seeing him…like he was actually in front of me, i could feel him next to me,his essence. it still happens now every so often. ive also had a lot of memories about him, just not in this incarnation. i know this sounds nuts. anyway i found a site a few weeks ago, and it meantioned that when you meet your twin, you form an instant bond, like an astral connection/communication-which kinda explains why i was “seeing him” sometimes he was crying, others he just looked so alone.empty. but he was always looking straight at me, like he could see me too. this only went on for a few seconds at a time. i have had my tarot and angel cards done recently-both by myself and others. they all say the same thing, that he is going to come back into my life again. ive done alot of reading since i last saw him, so now im not sure if i dread seeing him again or i am looking foreward to it. im so confused, lol , if anyone could help me id deeply appreciate it. i know pagans see this slightly different then christians etc, but isnt it all the same when it comes down to your twin?

  53. I believe I may have met my twin flame someone please help me to understand. It all started with a glance and a smile from me there was just something that attracted me to him. Everytime I was out he would show himself to me. It has been a year and ten month and I have not had a real conversation with him. I believe I am have telepathy and he knew what I was saying. When I look into his eyes I don’t feel lonely or lost. I feel like I am complete and my search is over. One encounter I was out dancing and he entered the building and without looking at him I knew he was there and he had a vibration so strong that I felt it. When I looked up there he was and I flinched because of what I had just experienced. That same night my heart was spilling over and I could hardly breath that was scary for me. I was feeling so much emotions I had to leave I felt so much love for him.

    My next encounter I needed to go out did not want to stay home and cry just lost my grandma. There he was vying for my attention but I just let it go because I was in between a state of grieving and trying not to cry. I felt his presence again looked up and smiled but he show no emotion so there I was feeling sad. I believe that night I had an out of body experience because I was in a crowded place and I think I left my body. The next thing I look up and there he is talking to my girlfriend which he never does. So for all this time he cannot say anything to me but is talking to my gfriend I was so angry but brushed it off. Later I find out that he told her that he just had a baby girl, my heart sunk and I felt actually happy for him and sad at the same time. Is that even possible. Then I overheard him talking to his friend that he messed up and I was thinking to myself what did he mess up?! The strangest thing happened he accidentally bumped into me touching my arm and embracing me from behind I felt at safe at home and my breath was taken away. I was OMG who was that and when I turned around it was him and we both said sorry at the same time. He looked at me in away like are you okay and I transponded a yeah and then I had a questioning look like what is wrong with you? All this and no words spoken but what happened next was overwelming because I was not expecting anything like it we looked at each other for an eternity, I felt like my soul left my body and went to him and then his eyes sparkled like two bright stars and then a light came from him and a light came from mine like yin and yang and joined together in ball of orange light like a never ending circle!!! Can anyone help me I thought I was going out of my mind, I just need to know and I cannot stop thinking about him

  54. I think I found my twin soul but we can not be together. I first saw him and without thinking about it,right away I said “he’s my soul mate!” which surprised me. I have never said it before. Is it possible? Please help? I really want to know if I could of saw my twin soul without actualy meeting him. Could I have found him?

  55. My twin soul and i met about 10 & a 1/2 years ago. At the time he was dealing with the effects of a boken marriage and i was in a defacto relationship. The first time we was for about 5 min via another person it was instant recognition but neither of us new of twins souls at that time. About 2 months later we met again at a party and could not stay away from eachother yet at the same time we acnkoleged that what ever this is between us we could not act on as neither of us were right within ourselves at the time. A couple of time he came to visit but it was too difficult for him to live only 2 hrs away from me and not come to visit. So because i was still in a relationship he moved 3 states away to avoid disruption to my life. Just before he left he came to visit and said that if this is what we think it is then it will happen when the time is right.

    18 months later we were both free emotionally and started speaking on the phone for about 2 months and then he cme for a visit. Wow did the sparks fly and we made love for the first time! when he had to return home we could feel and hear the tearing of our souls. We could not stay apart so 6 weeks he moved in with me and we were married 18 months later, 3 years to the date that we first met.

    Just in the last 18 month we have been at odds. During this time we were under some extreme pressures and we started to loose focus on our connection. I was reading alot of spiritual growth books and he was plodding along slowly (what he calls) dying inside. As a result the pain for both of us was so unbearable, to be living in the same house and known the connection was being closed, that we had to seperate. It was like we had no control over our connection. He went to another woman and my initial response was of pure pain (it felt like my soul was literlay being torn in 2) and anger but in less than a week i was looking at how i had been emotionally unavailable to him and equaly to blame for our connection closing so to speak. My love was lock away with a ball of grief and i was numb. My anger completely subsided and i have this sense of complete calm and knowing that the reason for all of this was that we had become unbalanced on a spiritual level. For me to let go of anger in this way is new to me and given my upbringing i am not usually able to let go of anger and forgive especially when it comes to men. So this has surprised me. Both of us could not live together with out the connection being alive. It was like each of us was live less than alf an existance. During the first week we were seperated he took some leaps in his spiritual development and is now unsure if we are twin souls. He is wondering if maybe the other person is. So i have been reminding him of what true twins soul connection involves. I know we are and it is what we have believed for the past 9 year of our marriage. I believe that we had become stagnent in our spiritual growth due to life’s pressures and so the universe took control and gave us a jolt to get back on our path. In the last couple of week we have had some amazing spiritual experiences. One in particular was when we were meditating at the beach at night. The spirit of his daughter who died many years ago came to me with a message for him it was simple and short and i had no idea what it meant. So I told him and he told me he had asked a question concerning this while with the other woman and got a confused answer. But the message i provided had answered his question with clarity. This amazed me as i knew i have contact with my guides but had never channeled a spirit known to someone else before.

    At the moment i am being patien and can even discus this other woman with him objectively without any feelings of anger or resentment and i am even looking at whats best for this other woman. Wow am i suprised at myself because this is unlike me in a character sense but obviously i am developed enough to offer unconditional love to him and as a result our connection is stronger than ever. He is having difficulty meditating to the depths he did while away on holidays. I think when not practiced on a daily basis it is easier to achieve a meaningfu meditation while away from the daily clutter life tends to bring. I do not believe this other woman is his twin as she intruded on our marriage and twins dont create that type of conflict for their twin. I do believe that maybe there is some karmic lesson their for both of them and he needs to learn tis before we can get on with our joint spiritual work. Both of us feel awake again in the spiritual sense and know that there is great things to be done. He is still struggling with what has taken place but is slowly digesting it as well as healing from the imense pain we felt beore the seperateion of our marriage. After all we are spiritual being stuck in a physical body with a mountain of conditioning to overcome. But we cannot pass by without touching eachother and we can feel eachother without even touching. if he is down i feel it and visa versa. We have been trying to find another word to describe our connection as love does not seem big enough.
    Does anyone have a word that suits the incredible feelings of being connect with your twin?

    Has anyone been through a similar experience to this i would love to hear about it. my email is

  56. I was recently reunited with my twin, it was random, I was not searching her out. I had in the past tried to find her, but found out she was married and I gave up my search. 20 something years ago I knew we had a connection that was more than I could handle at that time so we went our separate ways. During my walk along the path of life I ran into things that would remind me of her, and I moved on with two wives but both failed because they were not my twin, I did not connect with either on the level that I do with my true twin. This time around, we are moving slowly, we are taking our time to get to a level that we are spiritually on the same level, this time, I want to be capiable to take this to the next level, to move beyond and transcend all because she is the twin I have always knew was.

  57. This site is amazing and very insightful..I met my twin flame about 1 year ago. On our first encounter I knew that something phenomenal happened, I experienced a physical push from the unknown and our eyes locked onto each others in the middle of our conversation, It was like the world ceased to exist for an eternity,but it was only seconds. I had to litteraly shake myself to regain my composure. Although I have always been spirtual, I have never experienced anything like that. After our first meeting it would be months befor I would see him again. Our first encounter never left me but I pushed it to the back of my mined. He is the boss of the company that I had applied for a job at. While long story short I got a job at the company. We would be spending alot of hours together. Unfortunatly he is in a relationship already. We have connected so fast and so easiily that when we look into each others eyes it is scary at times. I know with out a doubt he knows me and I know him. Just by one glance I know what kind of mood he is in. When I first heard that he was in a relationship my heart litterly felt like it was broken in to pieces. But I pulled myself together and tried to be proffesioinal at work. I could tell that he was frustrated becuase I would no longer look him in the eyes and he new that I was trying to break away. But try as I might I cannot release him. He has gone to be with her for the holidays (we work in a small remote community) I believe that it is out of obligation. I will never push him. We have never discussed our feelings it just is…..We both know it. He is a good man. I used to pray that he would choose me. Now with some research and understanding of what is happening I feel like my soul can rest and be happy that I am god blessed. I pray that he will have rest and that one day he will understand what is happening to him. He is a mans man and I think this may scare him…I just wanted to add about our connection at first I thought it was soul mates but something just seemed off (not that I knew much about soulmates either) but in my quest to figure out what was going on I came upon this twinflame and I knew it fit our situation….I am so grateful for all the information that is out there and look forward to experiencing more of lifes wonderful experiences. Life truly is Awsome!

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