Twin Souls, Twin Flames & Soul Mates…

Twin Souls, Twin Flames & Soul Mates

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Stories and information regarding the challenges and gifts of the ultimate love union, the phenomena of spiritual twins or twin souls… two hearts that beat as one.

What are Soul Mates and Twin Souls?

Soul Mates are souls we The Love of Souls, Jean Delville, soulmates, twinsouls, twinflames, love, divine union, sacred sexuality, reincarnation, love, relationship, sex, spirituality, metaphysical, ascension, 11:11, lightworker, soul, spirit, god, goddesshave met and lived with in many life times. They have been our lovers, spouses, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers, students, friends, and family, or even our enemies, victims, or tormenters. We contract with these souls to return to earth together for greater learning and growth.

Twin souls, also called Twin Flames or Twin Rays, are the other half of your soul. This is based on the belief that we are all parts of the Divine Being, God, All That Is, Source, Spirit, Creator. The Divine Being, in order to experience Its Self, divided into many souls, each in turn divided into many others and many others. The final splitting of the many neutrally gendered souls created male and female halves of a whole, the Twin Soul.

Soul Mates

We have many soul mates, the first larger splitting of souls. These souls resonate with us and there is a comfort in that recognition. We evolve and reincarnate with these souls through many lifetimes, learning lessons in our many unions and partings, you can say on some level we are all soul mates one with another, learning and growing together. Not all these lessons are loving or comforting as lessons in forgiveness and unconditional love are challenging. Sometimes we are the “victim”, and sometimes we are the “darkness” that shows another soul their light. This is where freewill and choice comes into the “game”, how we react or perceive our relationships. Someone can come into your life and cause you much pain and suffering, this is a soul contract between you to grow and evolve in love and forgiveness. This is one perception of karma, and one that will free you from the karmic cycle of “I kill you, now you kill me” type of karmic dance some souls are involved in for many lifetimes. You break the cycle by acting rather than reacting, by freeing the ego from the soul and learning to love and forgive even in suffering.

Our greatest joy and our greatest pain are both conceived in these soul mate relationships, our feelings intensified by our soul connections, whether for good or bad. You can often spot a soul mate or karmic relationship by “love at first site” or “revulsion at first site”, depending upon the lessons you’ve contracted to learn from this soul.

One can live a lifetime in joy and harmony with a resonant soul mate, and this a beautiful, but rare gift.

Becoming “Whole” Before “Two” Becomes “One”

It is said that one does not meet their Twin Soul or Twin Flame until they have learned many lessons of love, loss and forgiveness through close Soul Mate relationships, that the heart is made resilient and strong through pain and loss, and must be so to face the intensity of being with the other half of their soul.

Many people who have met their Twin Soul had experienced a “Dark Night of the Soul”, or a major spiritual transformation just prior to meeting, or upon meeting this soul. It’s almost as if you need to be “emptied out” emotionally, spiritually and mentally as a test of your spirit. Meeting your “other half” can be a magical, maddening experience that opens your perceptions. Some experience an opening of their psychic awareness as their heart expands in this unbounded and unconditional love. The fact is, your life will not be the same, and whether you perceive this as a gift or a curse is the challenge of your soul’s evolution. The Twin Soul connection is always a triad involving the Divine Spirit/All That Is, two people connected by soul, connected to God.

Before one can physically unite with their Twin Soul, one must do the conscious work of healing and becoming whole within their self. Twin Soul love cannot exist in a codependent, ego-based relationship, or from a perceived “need” that the other person will make you whole. Both must often face separations while they strengthen their own connection to Spirit and find their strength and purpose on their own.

Each half will find balance in their male/female, yin/yang before union. When both halves of the Soul become strong pillars on their own, have healed and resolved karmic ties in the present life, then they can unite to fulfill their Divine purpose, but the challenges do not end. There is an intensity that can be frightening when dealing with your mirror, your weaknesses and strengths magnified, unresolved issues and wounds painfully open to push you to further healing, or cause ego to run from the relationship in fear. It’s important for Twin Souls to find their greater purpose, whether it’s a task they will accomplish together, or alone, there will be work to be done.

Some Twin Souls do not unite physically here on Earth, and the relationship may last a lifetime on the spiritual level alone, while one or both may be living physically with another soul in karmic agreement. Some Twin Souls other halves are not even on the Earth plane at the same time and will offer guidance and comfort from beyond as a “guardian angel”.

Psychic Connections and Synchronicity

Psychic and spiritual connection with your twin soul is intense and profound. Many experience a feeling of connection in a matrix of golden white threads of light, whether consciously or in a dream state. Some have strong psychic connection with their twin, feeling their thoughts embrace them mutually in an ecstatic place of comfort and bliss. You may feel your twin’s pain and suffering in heart-wrenching anguish. Often physical symptoms are shared between twins, simultaneous nosebleeds, headaches, body aches are confirmed by both twins.

synchronicity: the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality; used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung

Synchronicity plays an important part in twin soul meetings… I like to say that synchronicity is God’s way of getting your attention. You may find simular experiences in the same timeframes before you even met, marriages, births, divorces, illnesses. You may find that you had lived as neighbors in totally different towns at some point in your lifes or vacationed in the same country at the same time.

11:11 and Twin Souls

One of the most intriguing messages of synchronicity has to do with the numbers 11:11, you may find those numbers jumping out at you from digital clocks, restaurant receipts, license plates, phone numbers and such.

“The appearance of 11:11 is an always beneficial act of Divine Intervention. It tells you that it is time to take a good look around you and see what is real and what is illusory. It’s time to pierce the veils of illusion which keep us bound to an unreal world. You have been chosen, because you are ready, to step into a Greater Reality. To lead the way for others into a new way of living, into a Greater Love. To ascend from duality into Oneness. The 11:11 is the bridge between duality and Oneness. It is our pathway into the Unknown. ” from Solara & the 11:11

In numerology, the numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers, numbers that have their own unique meanings before being broken down into 2 and 4 respectively. In numerology the number 11 is often considered the number of the “spiritual messenger”, a number of spiritual illumination signifying a channel for the information between the “higher” and “lower”, a connection between conscious and unconscious, heaven and earth, yin and yang, male and female. Two “ones” joined, that make the pillars to the heavenly gate. The vibration and message of “two into one” and “ones’ into two”, the power of “one” twice amplified … this is a perfect symbol of the twin soul.

Many twin flames have experienced this phenomena of 11’s in birthdates, numerology, dates of meeting and such, and constantly receive the same 11:11 messages. I believe it can only be a symbol of the greater work that twin souls have been united on this earth to do.

How Do You Know if You’ve Met Your Twin?
Romantic Day by Jim Warren

Meeting the “other half of your soul” is generally so life changing and profound that this question is unnecessary…. you just know. Twin souls will both recognize this extraordinary bond, whether they are evolved and whole enough to acknowledge and act upon it is another thing. Meeting with your twin soul brings about an internal spiritual revolution, a deeper connection and understanding of the Divine and the Universal Oneness, this is the greatest gift of knowing your twin. Twin soul love is not to be confused with an obsessive/compulsive disorder, it’s not a desire to “possess” another, but truly a challenge to love unconditionally and without expectation, to be whole and complete within yourself before joining with the other whole and complete side of your soul. The longing and desire to be with your twin soul is intense, but through growth and perception can be seen as the greater longing to join with the Divine, and that is the true lesson, you are two halves of a much greater whole.

When you meet your twin, there will be no “game-playing” or manipulation, you will have the need to be transparently honest in your relationship and communication with one another. If there is karma from past lives to work out between you, it will be apparent and consciously worked out. If you or your twin is committed to another relationship, you will respect and honor that bond and realize the tests of unconditional love. Meeting your twin soul challenges you to grow spiritually, heal mentally, emotionally, physically, and to see beyond time, ego, and physical limitations. You will be driven with the desire to be the best manifestation of your soul on earth. This is not a relationship of hearts and flowers, but one that will be tested in fire and will endure beyond time and space.

I need to caution that all of these signs are not “proof” of meeting the other half of your soul, very often we are challenged by the meeting of a “near twin” or karmic soul mate that can mirror all these signs. In my own experience, the man I believed with my entire being of being my twinflame, turned out to be a karmic soul mate, and one of the most painful lessons of my life. Thus, this article has been rewritten eliminating some of the original text. After these few years of reflection, I’ve come to see that there are no guarantees in life, in all our lessons we are called to learn unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, a meeting with a karmic soul mate can be the ultimate test of your spiritual evolution. Many people have written me, asking me to somehow confirm their belief that they have met their twin soul. There is no confirmation until the ultimate reunion with Divine Source, until then the greatest message I have received is, “Do not fear being “wrong.”

In other words, if we are so determined to believe that this or that certain person is our twin, we tend to become blinded to the rest of the lessons in life. Life is about love in all forms, how can we truly grow without trusting in the wisdom of the Universe to bring to us those which will teach us best? Love is not about expectation, love is without condition, but relationships on this Earth are all about conditions. I would advise anyone who believes they have met their twin, yet is in such pain from that meeting, that perhaps the time for union is not right, or that they are enmeshed in a karmic soul mate or “near twin” relationship. Only in “letting go” can we be prepared to receive what is truly ours. There are some that believe the “reunion” with our twinflame is truly within, that we carry the essence of our beloved within our soul, and we are challenged to manifest that love in all we do, without attachment, without expectation, we become ONE.

I hope you find clarity and comfort in the articles, features and links about Soul Mates, Twin Souls & Twin Flames that I’ve collected on these pages.( )

Blessings of peace, love & light,


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  1. […] … well, not so good right now.Β  I’d just come upon a blog on my blog surfing page, speaking of soulmates and twin souls, twin flames.Β  Thinking about first connecting with a certain person, and how on point so much of this post is […]

  2. wow this is amazing. i dont agree or well believe the god thing since im an atheist however i call my best friend my universal twin since i know when theres something wrong with him n i jus know wat hes doin its freaky but kool.

  3. I believe i met my twin flame we separated and he is in a relationship but i feel him around me and he feels me, there is this bond that can not be broken but the relationship was so intense he ran from it, it scared me too. I also feel he is starting to expect the fact that we complete each other, in his words he said we are one, and he does not believe in God but knows we are spiritually connected. His ego is getting in the way of this reunion but i feel that with time he will accept what is meant to be. In the mean time i had to learn to love myself unconditionally and in the process i learned to love others in the same capacity. Knowing my twin flame has truly helped me grow as a person, i honesty want him to be happy, and everything i do i strive to be the best at it. But it has been a true test for me, i had to understand that my twin has to still work out his problems and me my own issues, its not a fairy tale far from it, its a tragic love story in a way, but i have not turned my back on him, i feel like there is unfinished business between us and i know there is. I believe in pure love, i never thought i would but just this experience alone has opened my eyes to what is possible in this world, and beyond.

  4. Throughout my short lifetime so far I have felt so lonely. I have great friends and a loving family, but there is still an empty feeling deep down inside. There can not possibly be a physical pain as bad as this feeling inside. I feel like I have grown spiritually and have a lot of understanding of the things around me. I see things differently than other people I talk to. I have always hoped that someone out there would understand me.
    One time I was sleeping out side with my friends. We woke up and they went inside to eat. I stayed outside, something felt different that morning. My dog started barking at the fence and ran towards it. I looked up and saw a flash of something white, like a piece of white cloth fluttering in the wind. I ran over to see what it was and there was nothing there. My dog wouldn’t just go crazy for no reason, and i really did see something.
    I kept thinking about that and I slowly started noticing things that have always been there. I’m not religious and I never really thought anything significant about gardian angels, and I don’t keep little knik-knacks around for decoration or something, but I have always had these two little angels statues on my night stand. The boy angel is always closest to me. I wondered to myself why I even had those and why I left them on my nightstand like that. Also, in my favorite tarot deck there is a card that always comes up for my past. It has always been my favorite card because it is the gemini card in the tarot and I am a gemini. The girl on the card also looks just like me. And the boy, I noticed one day, looked just like him. He is a person I just know exists. I stated noticing that he was there all along, beside me. I started having dreams about him, about us, together. In one dream he would be my twin brother, which is wierd, i am an only child and am happy about it. The next night he wouldn’t be my brother, but my lover. I felt so confused, and kind of grossed out at having these different kinds of feelings for the same person. I truely believed this person to be real, in some form, but it hurt to bad to think he might not really exist at all.
    My friends at school always ask me who I have a crush on, they always tell me to stop being lame and get a myspace. But none of the boys are him, and I doubt I would find him on myspace.
    I started to feel crazy, because I was falling in love with a person that was only in my dreams, a person that might not be real. I just turned 18 yesterday and I am not happy about it. It is just one step closer to becoming a crazy old cat lady, alone forever in this life time because he is not here.
    Then I started search the internet and found this website. It was like I wrote it myself. I know I have had past lives with him at my side but where is he now?
    I don’t know if I am just a weak person and need to grow more in this life before i find him or what. It might sound bad, but I worry that he is just a spirit that watches over me. That would be good, but it also means that I will have to be a crazy cat lady because I don’t think I can love a human being in this life unless it is him in a human body. Am I just a weak person to hope and wish so much that he were in a human body, so that I could actually hug him and be with him? I know I am supposed to feel whole within myself before i can meet up with him in this life but how can I feel whole when he is not with me. I feel so lost and i don’t think I could really ever tell a human being about this face to face, he is too special to me to just tell the world about him.
    What should I do? Should I just wait to find him in this life? Or wait to meet up with him in the spiritual world? What would he want me to do? He is a stronger person than I am, what would he do?

  5. Gabriel, you are not crazy or weak, just confused & disorientated because your outer life is not reflecting what you experience in inner. The path you are on is painful & lonely one – accept that this is so & LOVE & HONOUR YOURSELF FOR CHOOSING IT… Make regular time in your life to feel deeply into your pain; keep going into it deeper & deeper until you find the Love within it (it WILL happen, & believe Me when I say it IS worth it)…
    Ask him in inner to help & support you… He is stronger person than you in that he has a level of certainty & faith that you do not experience. But you are stronger than him BECAUSE you have chosen to open into your doubt & confusion. Ultimately your making that journey will be Deep Healing for you both… TRUST what you are Feeling, Believe in YourSelf & the importance of the inner work that you are doing. You will descend into a Deep Dark place of UnKnowing… You will keep descending until You have forgotten what it is to Feel solid ground beneath your feet… You will keep trying to Feel solid ground & it will not be there… the ONLY way through is to Trust that wherever You are going is where You need to be… There WILL come a time when You have Sense of solid ground beneath your feet again, but You will be totally changed – unable to tolerate pretence of any kind, You will be firmly grounded in Absolute Truth… Then & only then will there be possibility for the two of You to be reunited…
    You have long hard lonely road ahead… You will be tested WAY beyond what you perceive to be limits of your endurance, both in inner & in outer world. Be gentle & loving with YourSelf. Remember that at level of Soul You have CHOSEN this journey. Honour the Sacredness of your journey, of your choice, of YourSelf, & of your Beloved.
    You WILL come through this, & you WILL be GLAD you made the journey, maybe not for a long time (my own journey from time of meeting my Beloved in outer has been more than 7 years now; before that I had almost 40 years of Feeling hir presence in my life & not knowing if it was in inner or outer or both). I tell you this not to discourage you but to let you know that even DECADES of such pain & uncertainty can ultimately be immensely positive… I am as yet not reunited with My Beloved in outer but I KNOW WITH TOTAL CERTAINTY THAT IT IS NOW VERY CLOSE…
    The most powerful way that you can help yourself is by connecting consciously with energy of the Goddess… Check out this website for starters: . Ask the angels for support, the fairies, walk in nature, hold crystals, eat simple nourishing food, do simple things that nourish you… Most of all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & HONOUR THE LOVE YOU FEEL FOR & FROM HIM…
    Namaste my friend.
    Love & Rainbows, Amama

  6. Thank you

  7. How do you know when it is getting close to reunite? What do you feel?

  8. Hi Gabriel,
    When it starts, you have flashes of TOTAL UTTER KNOWING that you found ‘The One’…. then times when there are more of them, & times when there are fewer… At times you experience that total utter knowing & AT SAME TIME TOTAL UTTER DOUBT… it is REALLY confusing at times… Throughout it all though at deepest level of Yourself, you are ALWAYS aware of the Truth in the background & that awareness gradually over time kind of ‘expands’ & becomes more ‘solid’. It can help ALOT if you can find yourself ways at times to ‘distract’ yourself from focussing on it directly – lol crap TV does the trick wonderfully… Focussing on your awareness directly all of the time can have effect of actually ‘pushing you away’ from it, because you can too easily get into trying to ‘speed up the process’… I have found MANY times that when I am in the doubt, watching mind-numbing TV or doing something really mundane like the washing up so my primary focus of awareness is NOT the situation I am dealing with, will bring me to place where even though I am still feeling the doubt at surface level, I am profoundly aware of Truth in my peripheral awareness… kind of like when you can see stars out corner of your eye but when you look at them directly they are practically or even totally invisible…
    As it gets closer to reunite you just feel a kind of growing sense of ‘solidity’ within yourself, that you are becoming more & more Present to Yourself & the realisation comes stronger & stronger that he IS yourself & you are also him – LITERALLY you know him AS yourself, so the closer reuniting is, the more WHOLE YOU FEEL & the less you experience any sense of difference/distance between ‘you’ & ‘him’… & the more Expansive is your Sense of Self… It isn’t a feeling I know how to explain clearly, all I can say is, you just KNOW – you still experience doubts, & let me tell you at that stage they are MANY TIMES MORE INTENSE because you have had the times of experiencing intense connection – it can Feel at times like total torture at every level of your Being… I have found the ONLY way to get through this without losing my sanity is to do things that help me to reconnect with Truth – for example connecting with the beauty of nature, for me, cloud watching has been especially helpful, plus rainbows, the ocean, trees, watching the play of light & shade, colours -especially bright rainbow colours… The thing is, this process CANNOT be rushed… it is like a butterfly emerging from its chysalis – if someone tries to help it, the butterfly dies, because the process of getting itself out of the chrysalis strengthens its wings & without that process it cannot fly… Or it is like childbirth – i would recommend you reading about NATURAL childbirth & the different stages of labour, because understanding those processes really helps to mentally understand the Feelings of this process you cannot see but are experiencing so intensely (A truly amazing book is Spiritual Midwifery, but Ina May Gaskin)… You can nourish yourself in the process – for example, listen to or play music/look at or make art that inspires you & reminds you of him &/or of the energy of your Love… The more Deeply you can connect mentally, physicaly, emotionally, spiritually with the Love at Deepest levels of Feeling, the better – you will FEEL it organically changing you at every level in a way that I do not know how to describe other than it is MANY times more intense than orgasm… lol or maybe it ‘orgasm at higher/deeper level’ or something – all i know is before all of this I never expereinced ANYTHING like what I am trying to describe here… & I don’t mean ‘sex’, although it can & does happen that way, it’s more SENSUALITY… oh i almost forgot, another thing you can experiment with is your sense of smell – I have found for example that the smell of rose geranium essential oil can INSTANTLY bring me to powerful feeling of what I trying to describe… Colours also – or combinations of colours can have same effect… I guess what I trying to say is, you can ENJOY this process, or at least have times when it is intensely pleasurable… When I have been trhough the hardest times, I have many times lost sight of that & become incredibly depressed – other times, I find I suddenly start thinking what would my Beloved want for Me??? Of course, for Me to be HAPPY… so then I can focus on what makes ME happy, knowing that it makes My Beloved happy too… I guess what I trying to say is, don’t focus on ‘when it getting close’ – or at least not obsessively so, because I know from my own experience that it leads ONLY to pain… Better to focus on your own happiness – if you don’t know how, ask yourself what you want to experience from & with him & then find ways to GIVE THAT TO YOURSELF… Another good book by the way is ‘My Life is Now’ by Doreen Banaszak – it’s not about soul mates, but talks ALOT about the importance of Feeling what you desire to Feel when You have what you desire – BEFORE you have it…
    My deep & long-term sense of this journey is that when you Feel SAME Love, Joy & Wonder for YOURSELF as you do for your Beloved, that is when you come together – i.e. when there is no DIFFERENCE between you, there is no DISTANCE between you… & ‘no distance’ manifest is ‘together’… see what I am beginning to understand is that it My Sense of us BEING separate that MAKES IT SO… & now I finally UNDERSTANDING that, it kind of magically dissolving in way that I never experienced before… I now have VERY powerful sense that I & my Beloved will very soon be reunited, & the hardest thing is to simply ACCEPT that is so, without trying to ‘rush’ it by ‘wanting it to go faster’, because if I am ‘wanting’, I am not EXPERIENCING what IS, but trying to replace it with something else…
    I don’t know if any this makes sense to you – sorry, not very much in word space this morning… Anyway, hope it helps.
    Love & rainbows,Amama

  9. Hi Gabriel, I have been thinking alot since I wrote this morning… The most important thing I think you need to know is not to ‘grab hold’ of your Beloved, but to LOVE HIM & LET HIM GO… If he comes back to you, LOVE HIM AGAIN & LET HIM GO… Keep on doing this – it is REALLY powerful… IF you are meant to be together, you will be, but ONLY if you can both RESPECT each other’s autonomy… If he keeps coming back to you, you will know it is because he has CHOSEN to do so… Equally, there may be times when you feel anger towards him & push him away (or want to do so)… If it happens, honour that need within yourself – it is your autonomy that needs to be your focal point at such times… If & when you are ready to choose to be with him, that also is immensely powerful – you may find he has stuff come up for him that he needs to resolve, or he may be able to forgive you & take you back into his heart… It is kind of like a dance of your deepest emotions – lol yeah dancing is WONDERFUL way to express your feelings…
    This time of being together in inner without physical presence is actually IMMENSE gift, as it gives you freedom to learn to relate without having to deal with physical consequences of misunderstandings or whatever… TALK with him in inner… BE TOTALLY HONEST, EVEN ABOUT THINGS YOU FEEL ASHAMED OF, OR THAT YOU BELIEVE MAKE YOU ‘NOT GOOD ENOUGH’… & LISTEN TO UNDERSTAND WHEN/IF HE SHARES SUCH THINGS WITH YOU… This is a time for learning how to be TOTALLY REAL with each other… the more you can do that BEFORE you meet, in this world or some other, the more free you will be to express & Receive the TRUE DEPTHS of your Love for each other…
    By the way, I mentioned childbirth earlier – I am guessing you have not been through that as you say your life has been short, but you may be familiar with fact that women forget the intensity of the pain they experienced during the birth… this is kind of the same… so when you are feeling pain, just keep telling yourself ‘this will pass’ (it may take hours, days or even weeks, but KEEP TELLING YOURSELF THIS WILL PASS) & it will… there is a kind of beauty in the way that happens – MANY times I have found myself crying with the sheer beauty of this process I am going through, at least as many times as I have cried from the sheer pain of it… & its even better when I can LAUGH about it – or when I & My Beloved can laugh TOGETHER at what is happening…
    Here’s wishing you a wonderful, joyous & exciting journey!
    Love & Rainbows, Amama

  10. Thank you. I feel better now.

  11. I’m glad πŸ™‚

    Love & Rainbows,

    May You be Joyful
    May You be Loved
    May all good things come to You!

  12. Hi Gabriel,
    The idea just came to me really strongly that it might help you to check out this website: which has alot of really interesting & helpful information relating to the spiritual aspects of life… free exercises to help you on your healing journey, & much more… I personally have found it to be an excellent resource at different stages of my journey…

    Love & rainbows,

  13. To Gabriel and Amama,

    I wanted to say thank you to you both, for helping me. Gabriel for being honest and open to learning. My situation is similar to yours, so just don’t forget that your not alone in this.

    Amama (Did I spell it correctly?..) for being patient and taking the time to answer her questions. In the process you helped me answer some of mine. I laughed somewhere through your second or third post, because it’s so hard to describe what someone feels within. But I commend you for doing it anyways.

    My situation is similar in the sense that I do have the dreams. I’ve noticed that when they accure one of us is having a hard time. When it’s him, I make him laugh and we do silly things like fishing for cardboard fish. (Don’t ask, he thought it was funny.) We never really talk, it’s more like we know what the other needs (Be it strength, laughter, a shoulder or an ear) and we try and accomplish it. It’s odd.. Like healing on a whole different level. I know, Gabriel, what it’s like to wake up and not want to open your eyes because he’s not there. To cry and feel your heart breaking over someone who’s name you don’t even know. But you have to take it as the gift it is. Take the joy, pain and sorrow from it. For it can only make you stronger, wiser, more open to recieve and give unconditional love.

    Hope this helps in the small way that it was meant to.

    Love and light,

  14. Do you remember anything about your past lives??

  15. Hello Tina,
    Thank you for your lovely message & feedback. πŸ™‚ Yes, it hard to describe such Deep Feelings in words, & I find whole process of it really helps me in ways I cannot begin to explain lol – I am profoundly Autistic & one of major difficulties I have in everyday life is ‘matching up’ inner reality with outer world that does not express & reflect it. Trust me when I say that this Soul Twin stuff has challenged me with that in ways I would not have dreamed possible, but ultimately has really helped me to find path between inner & outer worlds that I could not access before… & now to be able to communicate some of that to others is something truly wondrous to me, & even more so to be told it helps them! πŸ™‚ … Every day I feel more & more of how this whole journey is changing me from within, bringing me more & more deeply into my True Self & enabling me to interact with outer world on my OWN terms as autistic person, instead of the life-long struggle to try to appear ‘normal’ in others’ terms (never wholly successful) so as not to be abused by others… It is amazing & awesome thing to feel SAFE to ‘just be myself’ in growing awareness of my ‘differences’ from others, & to have positive feedback such as yours & Gabriel’s for doing so is another new experience – my deepest thanks to you both for that, you also have really helped ME! My Deepest Thanks to You also E, My Beloved (you know who you are! lol) if you are reading this, for giving me the Love & Support that I needed to set myself free from truly horrible place I was trapped in… I KNOW that one these days I going to open My Eyes & You will be here with me, when we both are ready… Until then my Love, I wish You Joyful & Wondrous journey… you also Tina & Gabriel…
    Love & Rainbows, Amama
    PS Tina, you are not alone in the ‘cardboard fish’ thing – have had similarly ‘silly’ experiences myself, they are GREAT ways to Release the tension & stress that come up at times & remember our Innocence & Inner Sense… I think that having fun, playing like young children is REALLY important aspect of this journey that cannot be underestimated & it wonderful that you can be so open about it!
    PPS Never ‘outed’ myself so publicly as autistic before lol bit freaky but also AMAZINGLY FREEING!!!

  16. Hello Gabriel,

    Yes, I have remembered many past lives. I have been remembering them all my life since very young childhood & was very confused for long time because I did not understand until my early 20’s WHAT I was remembering (there was not nearly as much info out there in the world about past lives when I was young & I grew up in family that was very unaware about matters spiritual – nevertheless, such inner experiences were always & still are very ‘normal’ for me, & once I understood what I was remembering much of the confusion I experienced in my life until then simply disappeared).

    Are you asking about past lives because you have had such memories, or because you have not & think you ‘should’ be? or something else? I am asking this to help me find best way to respond to your question, as it a big area & I don’t want to confuse you with information that is not relevant to you at present.

    What I will say for now is, whatever is your experience, it is okay, & the right experience for you. There is no ‘right or wrong’ way to go about your Healing – just accept your own process as it unfolds, & as you pass through each stage of it, the next will be revealed to you. Also, if you are having past life memories & they are scaring or upsetting you, remember they are simply old memories, & that any painful emotions that come up are simply doing so in order that they can be released, & to enable you to broaden & deepen your understanding, of yourself & others, & the situations you have lived through, all of which will ultimately bring you to greater understanding of Who & What You Are, & of what Life actually IS…

    Hope this helps – if you want more specific information, just ask for what you need, ok? πŸ™‚ It a truly WONDERFUL thing that you so open in asking for the information you need to help you understand, & I want you to know I am happy to support you in that for as long as you need it – pl read my message above to Tina, there is message for you there too πŸ™‚
    Love & Rainbows, Amama

  17. Wow, I didn’t know how much it would help me to post that comment when I wrote it. Amama and Tina, thank you for helping me, it has made it easier.
    I guess I have been having a lot of memories of past lives, and me and Him are always together in them. Maybe that’s why I started freaking out that he is not with me. It feels so normal and good for us to be together, and the fact that we are not together now is really painful.
    I’m graduating in a couple of days, and then I will go to Japan for a month. But when I get back it will be a new begining, the start of a new stage in life. I feel like I can’t start it without him….

  18. Hi Gabriel,

    Yeah, that feeling of it being so normal & good is so natural & right, its hard to make any kind of sense of it not being ‘out there’ in your outer life. The more you focus on that though, the more painful it feels – the Truth is he IS with you NOW, & CONSCIOUSLY SO i.e. he is as aware of you as you are of him – there is no way you would be SO aware of his presence if he were not.

    Whatever the reasons his presence has not yet manifested in your outer life, know absolutely that the more that you open into the Love & Joy of what is in your life here & now, the more you enable the ‘gap’ between your inner & outer lives to Heal….
    So open more & more deeply to the many blessings in your life – enjoy & appreciate your friends & family, enjoy your graduation, have a GREAT time in Japan, & LET YOUR LOVE FOR HIM EXPAND & GROW WITHIN YOU & AROUND YOU! Let go of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in your life that blocks you from doing that; if it is meant to be in your life, it will then have room to grow in a form that ENAbles rather than disables you – if it is not, it will simply melt away…

    The point is, you are not ‘starting new stage of your life without him’ – you are starting a new stage of your life WITH him! LOVE IT FOR WHAT IT IS, & Love yourself & him for choosing it… I PROMISE you it IS worth it – one day you will look back at this time in your life & LAUGH; it helps ALOT when you are Feeling ‘down’ to remember that, & find it within you to laugh NOW! See yourself telling this story to your grandchildren, as a way to help them understand themselves & their lives… Laughter is very POTENT Healing – it opens up everything within you, & ripple effect of it goes FAR into your outer life & BEYOND; it affects powerfully FAR MORE THAN WHAT IS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT…

    Don’t try to make this be something other than what it is – just open to it & ENJOY YOURSELF, ENJOY YOUR LIFE, & ENJOY THE WAYS HE IS LOVING & LIVING WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!

    See, by saying that ‘it WILL be a new beginning’, you are mentally deferring youR FULL enjoyment of life until some other time – remember, NOW IS THE TIME, & THE TIME IS NOW! (lol try giving that as an answer when people ask you ‘what time is it?’) – when You know absolutely that that statement is Truth, your whole perception of life will change in ways you could not have dreamed of)…

    Love & Rainbows, Amama

  19. You give good advise… I am happier after I read it. Thank you, and I will work on being happy with how things are. And if you say that he is aware of me as much as I am of him then I feel a lot better.
    I have been trying to practise my meditations to reach out to him, but it is scary sometimes when everything starts disapearing and it feels like you are floating. But, I will get better at it eventually.

  20. Hello Gabriel,

    I am really glad that what I share helps you. Do you have anyone in your life that you could potentially talk to at all about what you are going through? I am concerned if you don’t & you are trying to reach out to him in your meditations, as you need to be VERY grounded in your outer life for that, so that you do not lose your way in such explorations.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I think it is GREAT that you want to explore your inner life in more depth; I just know from my own experience that such explorations can & do at times make things VERY confusing for a person. I would recommend that you don’t pursue the path of reaching out to him in your meditations for a while, at least until you come home from Japan & are grounded in an outer life that you are familiar with & enjoying, & have someone in your life who at least knows what you are doing & can offer you support & help in increasing your understanding.

    For now I recommend that you just pay attention to your dreams & focus on feeling his presence in inner when you are awake & engaging with outer world – this will ultimately help you greatly when you are able to focus on opening to him in your meditations & will make the ‘floating’ feeling alot less scary, or even disappear altogether.

    I am feeling strongly that your going to a place in outer world (Japan) that is (I am assuming) so foreign to you will make it VERY hard for you to stay grounded in your physical life if you are also doing those meditations, & that could too easily lead you down the path of mental &/or emotional confusion or even breakdown. I cannot stress too highly here – please DON’T do it Gabriel, for your own sake.

    I tell you this not to scare you, but so that you are aware that the path you begin to follow has its own problems & difficulties & the more awareness of them you have, the more easily you can make your journey in a way that is joyful & fulfilling for you. As an analogy, you would not (I hope!) attempt to go mountaineering without first learning the skills you need to do so, & preparing for such a trip in great detail – although the journey you are embarking upon is not in physical realm, you need to pay as much attention to detail & learning skills as you would to such an expedition in outer; without such care & attention you put your own safety & well-being, & yes potentially even your life, at risk. Please, DON’T let your awareness of this put you off – just use it to help you SUCCEED in what you are choosing to do, ok?

    My feeling (actually very strong), is that you need someone to guide you & help you to stay anchored in physical world. The best thing would be if you can find someone in your outer life who can help you, someone who knows you well & understands you as a person. I do not know if that is possible for you – i am guessing that it is not if you are writing here, but is that because you do not want to risk telling someone who maybe could understand for fear that they will not, or because there really isn’t anyone in your life who could help you with this?

    I am asking because in your first post you say you have great friends & a loving family – take a good look around you at those people who are in your life, & ask yourself, is it that there really is no-one who can help you with this, or is it that there MAY be someone but you have not had courage to talk with them of this… Please know, I am not criticising you – I totally understand how hard it can be to open up to someone, not knowing how they will respond, but I’m just asking that you consider the possibilities that MAY be available around you. You do not have to open up & spill everything out in one go – maybe just asking people you think might be possibilities what they think about, for example, past lives, twin souls or whatever, & see what their response is. You MAY be surprised by how much that helps you, & opens up possibilities you do not currently know are available to you.

    If that is not an option for you or if you try it & find there truly is no-one in your life now to help you, I strongly suggest that you try to find someone who can support you in this journey, especially before going any further with the meditations. I write as someone who is very familiar with inner worlds & have been all of my life; I have found it really difficult to get support in outer world I needed in my own journey because of the difficulties posed by my autism (see earlier post to Tina), but I was lucky enough to find someone who could give me this help & support, & I know totally that without it I would have found my life in outer world even more difficult than it has been for me & could easily not have survived to be writing this. I had to pay for that help though, & it cost me alot of money over long period of time.

    For a person like yourself, whose life experience has been of being much more centred in outer world than my own (which is clear to me from your first post), such help is AS vital, if not more so, as has been my own need for such support – albeit in different ways, so please don’t ignore this advice on basis that I am autistic & you are not (or whatever)…

    I am writing all of this so that you have information to make an informed decision about what you need to do in order to take care of yourself Gabriel as you embark upon a journey that will bring you great joy & understanding, but nonetheless has its dangers & pitfalls. As I said earlier, I am very happy to continue to support you for as long as you need – if you cannot find anyone else at present whom you feel comfortable asking for support, if you would like I can offer you email contact, so you at least have somewhere more private than this where you can write down your thoughts, concerns & experiences & get feedback & support until such time as you no longer have need for it. I will not charge you for this – all I would ask is that you respect my privacy & understand that there are limits to what I can offer you, for example that I may not necessarily be able to respond immediately to you.

    Please feel free to take up this offer if you feel it will help you – I would not make it if it did not feel right for me to do so. If you do want to, let me know & I will give you my email address.

    Meantime, please do take seriously the advice I have given you here, especially in regard to not trying to reach out to him in your meditations while you are away in Japan. I really do not want to scare you, only to ensure that you understand that the consequences if you do not follow this advice could potentially be very serious for you, & such experience is easily preventable by being aware of need for knowledge of what you are dealing with & learning skills to enable you to move through & beyond any difficulties you may encounter…

    lol sorry, I have just read through this & it sound pretty ‘heavy’ but I don’t know any other way to say what I trying to say, except that I don’t want you to come to any harm through lack of information & just want you to understand how important it is for you not to just dive in to this without preparing for it, ok? You are of course free to ignore what I have said if that is what you choose, but at least now I have shared this with you, your decision will be one based on information rather than lack of it. Know that whatever you choose is YOUR choice – there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, only a choice of what you experience & the way you go about manifesting that choice. So if I sound like I am trying to tell you what to do here, I want you to know I am not – I simply have awareness of things that it seems to me you are not aware of & seek to share that with you so that your choices about your journey can be informed ones, & I also REALLY want you to have a journey that you can ENJOY because pain does not NEED to be part of it… If I am sounding like a mother here, that is because I am one & you are similar in age to my daughter – I would say same things to her that I am saying to you, the basic message being ‘Enjoy your life, whatever the path you are choosing; if you are not enjoying it, you are always free to change it – be conscious of the choices that you make & then you always have reference point to go back to if you need to rethink your original choice. And if you going to try something new, find out as much about it as you can BEFORE you act’.

    Hope this helps you. πŸ™‚

    Love & rainbows, Amama

  21. Yes, I would like to have your email if that is OK, because then we can talk more.
    And the meditation I do is usually after yoga, it helps me relieve the stress of school. I’m not trying to do things without knowing what I am doing, I am just practicing what I learned in yoga. I took yoga classes a couple years ago and I try to keep doing it so I don’t get stress from school as much. I can always go back to my yoga teacher and ask for advise, she taught me a lot. And my best friend’s mom has a friend. Her friend is a psychic that works at Pike Place Market. It is in downtown Seattle and I can go there and ask her for advise too if I need it. And don’t worry, I’m not trying to master Astral Projection in a short amount of time just to contact Him. But the meditation is helping me with stress the more I do it, and it just happens to make me feel closer to Him.
    I don’t think I will have time to do any Yoga or meditation in Japan, it will be so crazy. Lol. I have been there once before though, so I will be OK. My friends joke that I am half Japanese or something. Lol.
    Thank you for caring and giving me advise. I think it must help other people to read it if they feel the same, like Tina.

  22. So if I need to, i can talk to those people about all of this, because they are very spiritual and they would know what I am talking about, they would listen and help me. But I don’t see them everyday, which is a good thing for me. Its hard to explain i guess. I am really shy. I just don’t feel like telling the closest people to me yet. I’m not ready to tell a person about it face to face. I could tell a close friend, but even though we are so close it is really hard to tell a friend something so important to me, something so close to my heart. Friends are the most capable people of hurting you the most because they know your deepest secrets. So I don’t know if I will tell my friends yet. Plus it is a long story and really weird and confusing to tell.
    And I love my parents but I just don’t think I could sit them down and tell them about this stuff… Well, one day, if I ever do reunite with Him in this life I will have to explain it, because it might freak them out that all of a sudden I have such strong feelings for someone I have just met. LOL. They will probly think I’ve lost it until I explain who he is and what we mean to each other. Lol.
    I am good at working out my problems on my own, it is how I deal with things. I don’t like telling everyone about my problems. But this situation with Him was different from my other problems.
    My problems in the physical world seemed easy to deal with compared to this thing. I didn’t know what this was. I thought I was making it all up in my head. I wasn’t even sure if he really existed, and that really hurt. I don’t get upset a lot, so the fact that I was having such strong feelings toward this person and this relationship we have was really freaking me out. How could I have such strong feelings for someone that didn’t exist? So I knew in my heart i wasn’t crazy. I started figuring all of this out on my own, my dreams of him helped me a lot. But until I read this website and saw that other people had written about the same exact things that were going on in my head, I didn’t know what was going on. But now that I know other people feel these things too, it gives me strength to keep going and to be a better person for Him.

  23. OH!! And one question… Does everyone have a twin soul?? If they do, then why don’t they feel them? No one else I know seems to be going trough the same thing. At least it seems they aren’t, the girls at my school are all interested in a different boy every week. And I’m never interested in anybody, I like most of the guys at my school as friends (its kind of a small school so we all know each other) but they aren’t Him. I don’t know, I just can’t imagine being with anyone in more than a friendly way unless they are Him. I’m not trying to push myself away from those kinds of relationships with people, I just don’t like anyone in that way, at least no one I have met yet. Its not my fault…
    Am I really weird? Has anyone else, like Amama and Tina, ever felt this way?
    And sorry I ask so many questions, but someone else who reads this might be wondering the same thing, it might help someone else too.

  24. So I have read all of the comments poeple have left on this site about twin flames. And I noticed that it is almost all women writing these comments. There are only a couple guys who wrote something. Why do you think that is??

  25. Hi Gabriel,

    lol Wow you have REALLY opened up now! That’s GREAT! lol just I am pretty tired now & it 3.30 am where I am, so I am not gonna write a long message now…

    From what you are saying, I think you have very strong awareness of your Soul Purpose in this life, although you may not as yet be aware of what that is at level of Mind… So no, I don’t think you are weird at all – there ARE others like you, & you will find them if that is what you choose… don’t try to look for them, just open your inner awareness to them & your life will open up in ways that enable you to meet… I think you are AMAZINGLY aware so try to stop comparing yourself to other people & accept yourself as you are. They are walking their own paths & you are walking yours… I have watched my daughter going through quite similar stuff to you, as well as experiencing it myself – I promise you, however much you may feel it at times, you are not ‘weird’ or a freak or anything like that, you just have more inner awareness than alot of people around you & that is just ‘where you are’ – no right or wrong, just different paths. Plus, don’t assume that the behaviour of other people is necessarily indicator of lack of inner awareness – sometimes people just ‘follow the herd’ because they don’t know how else to cope with their own inner awareness in a world where such things are rarely if ever mentioned – I think that is VERY common among teenagers especially but also applies to people of other age groups… Just observe without judgement – you may be surprised by what you can learn, about yourself & other people!

    I am REALLY glad to hear that you do have people you can talk to in your outer life if you need it, & also to have clearer info about your meditation practice. I had not realised until I read your first post tonight just how worried I was about you after reading the one before it. THANK YOU for sharing what you did & for so openly reassuring me, it has helped me alot, most of all to see much more clearly how I get into worrying about things I do not need to worry about, which means I now have information that will help me to change how I deal with situations & people in my own life – my daughter will be REALLY pleased about that – she gets v annoyed with me sometimes because I get so stressed about things that she is quite relaxed about. Lol. It is really helping ME alot us talking as well, so thank you for that, from bottom of my heart… πŸ™‚

    Running out of energy now, need to sleep – will come back to your other questions tomorrow. If you still want to, you can email me at – don’t worry if you change your mind, just know the offer is there if you want or need it, ok?

    Love & Rainbows, Amama

  26. Thank you. I will email you when I have more questions or if I just need to talk. You really have helped me.

  27. Hello! I came by this site while searching for inspiration on Soul Mates and the significance of numbers and things, and I’ve read all your posts and have found them all very helpful. Gabriel, I’m going through something very similar to you. Although my situation is also quite different and possibly even more strange than you believe yours to be. I’m only 23 but I have gone through sooo much already in my young life and I believe I have learned alot! Not just about the world and other people but also with myself. I’m currently still learning and I know I will always learn as I go on. I believe that I am a very old soul and that that’s a strong possibility as to why I’m so in tuned to the inner world and my perceptions on life. I can sense that with you, Gabriel and I believe that’s the possibility to your situation as well. We’ve been here many times, possibly more than alot of other people and that’s why we are more in touch with our soul mates and other such things. Our souls are older and more wise due to all the knowledge we’ve gained from our previous lives. We remember our soul mates and can recognize them right away.

    Amama, your insight is EXTREMELY profound. Although I’ve often thought and felt everything you have expressed, seeing someone else express it is very powerful. You’ve given me reassurance and inspiration and helped my doubt drift away.

    But like I said before, my situation may be a tad bit more strange. You see, there is this man that I’m uncontrollably drawn to. The first time I saw his face, he stuck in my mind. I found myself wanting to know more about him and the more I found out about him, the more drawn I became. The force that drew me to him was so strong. But I wondered if it was just merely attraction or maybe I was yearning for something more fulfilling from someone like him and if I looked at him as a prototype to what I would love to have in my life. I couldn’t understand exactly what it was. I just felt so good when I thought of him or saw his face. Something was different about him, I never felt such a connection with anyone as I did with him. Then I started having all these dreams and psychic phenomena concerning him. I then wondered, why me? Why would I be the one to know about such miscellaneous events and things before they happened to him? Then came the day when I met him face to face! By that time I had learned a decent amount of knowledge on him and one little thing I knew about him was that he had a fondness for wearing scarves. My mother had this green scarf she intended on giving my boyfriend at the time but the second I saw that scarf, his face popped into my mind and I had to have it! I knew in my heart I was going to give it to him someday. I only had that scarf for 8 months when I actually did end up giving it to him! The moment I met him is extremely indescribable. It was very strange, it was as if I’ve known him my whole life. I felt so free and comfortable, like I could tell him anything. Every insecurity I’ve ever had, (especially when first meeting people) completely disappeared! Everything that was going on around us disappeared and I immediately had tunnel vision, he was all I could see. He just smiled at me and thanked me a few times for the scarf, but the way he did it was also very strange. No one has ever looked at me the way he did. It was as if he felt a connection with me and looked so far into my eyes as if he were reading my soul. And I heard a voice in my head telling me he thought I was beautiful. But it felt deeper than just an attraction, there was just something there, happening between us and I knew he felt it too! As he walked away, he kept turning his head back to me and looking around for me when he lost me in the scenery. I stood there staring at him for a few moments and started to ask God in my mind, what all that was about? It was the most surreal moment of my life! It was like some sort of crazy energy just flew around us in a circle of lights the moment our eyes met! When I asked God if it was real and if he really did feel it too, all of a sudden, he looked back once more and nodded his head, smiling! Then he gave me a little wink. My heart stopped and I was completely shocked! It was as if he were reading my thoughts, I guess he was just feeling the energy. I cried in a huge river of emotions when I went home that night. I was so grateful to God for the whole experience. I’ve never met anyone who made me feel like I could fly in the instant of first acquaintance and I haven’t met anyone who’s made me feel like that since. So now I really ask the question to God, is he the one? Is he my Twin soul? After that acquaintance, my feelings for him grew stronger and continue to every single day. And since that night, I’ve found myself growing more and more confident within myself. After years of major depression, for him to take all that away is very strange and powerful. But why him? And I can’t ever seem to get him off my mind! Sometimes I wish I could just let it go and forget him for awhile but then God always shows me something to remind me of him. It’s very strange! I constantly see different signs everyday reminding me of him! I see him every night in my dreams and some are so vivid that I believe I’m truly there. I have dreams and thoughts that come from nowhere, telling me or showing me something about him and then a few days or weeks later, I’ll find out that those things I was seeing or dreaming, ended up happening to him in some way or another. Then I’ll sometimes have these weird dreams where I’m in the future and I’m with him and I always have a child with me.

    The weirdest thing that happens to me though is that I constantly see the number 38 EVERYWHERE! I’ve been seeing it for the past 4 years or so! I don’t understand it and I’ve asked God many times to help me in understanding it. I truly feel he has but I always look for just a little more reassurance because my head sometimes just bombards me with doubt. But when I’ve asked God what it means, he seemed to be answering me when I saw it was written on a picture of him in a dream. I later saw it on a building in the background of an actual picture of him in real life. It’s in his numerology reading, he was born when the 38th president was in office, he’s the 3rd man I’ve ever truly cared about and he’s 8yrs older than me, just to name a few examples… There are many more but I’m not gonna list everything…lol… But it freaks me out alot! And everytime my head fills up with doubt, God always reassures me that I’m not just crazy.

    I have a strong support group behind me, my mother and two brothers and my best friend. They are the only people who are closest to me and the only ones who know about all of this. They support me 100% and I’ve made them believers as well. But I feel that there is no one else I can really tell this too because I know they would never understand and would try to find a way to be skeptical against it. Especially considering what he does for a living. I believe that no one is defined by their occupation and that we are all the same no matter what. But unfortunately by today’s society, most people would think I was just a lunatic, only because of what he does and who he is by their standards. If he was an “average joe” people wouldn’t say anything and I can’t understand that. I can’t help who I’m drawn to and for some weird reason, God has made a purpose for me to be drawn to him. His profession just made it easier for me to find him! I’m not gonna say what he does for sake of not sounding crazy…lol (which I probably already do) but let’s just say he’s well known in some places. But I know he’s the same as me, I can feel it completely with everything within me! No one can take it away! Especially that night! And I know we’ll find eachother again!

    I truly, within my heart, believe he is the one for me! And I realize that no one can really give you the answers to anything but yourself, because you can only life your life for you. But it does help to gain insight from other people’s perspectives.

    I’m sorry if I wrote alot but I’m very passionate about all this stuff. The metaphysical parts of life, I believe is alot more powerful than the physical. I believe it’s the foundation to where we are, what we are and why we are. I know anything’s possible and one day all my questions will be answered. I felt I had to share my little story in response to all your posts. I don’t know if I’ve helped in any way with expressing the point that I’m going through a similar issue as well and you’re not alone, but reading all your posts have helped me alot! I’ve searched and read so many books trying to find more of an understanding on what exactly it is that I’m going through but I realize I have to just let it go and it will come to me in good time! πŸ™‚

    I wish you all the best!
    Alexandra πŸ˜‰

  28. Hello, I too am in search of more information on twinsouls. There is so much I do not know. Can you meet your twinsoul online? In January 2007, I met a man, and felt such a powerful connection, that my whole life has changed. At the time I was using Skype for work purposes only, I always declined chat requests. That day was different, I just felt compelled to accept his chat request, and knew immediately that there was something so powerful. We both became very attached and very intimate, but he ended it on 28th Feb 2007, because I was in a relationship with my ex husband, and he felt that even grown children still want their parents together, also that he would’nt want another man interfering in his relationship. I was very heart broken. No matter how hard I tried, how much I prayed, he stayed, he is still with me. I am constantly aware of him.
    Starting on 6th August last year, for 3 nights running, I had a large shadow coming over me, I was not afraid, but curious as to why, I thought it my be some sort of premonition of my moms death, as she has been ill for years. On the 9th there was no shadow, the 10th I recied a message that he was involved in a serious car crash and would contact me when he leaves the hospital. My mom is still alive, but she too picked up on something. About April 2007, she phoned me out of the blue, and asked if I was planning to leave my family to be with another man. I was shocked at her question and said that I would never do such a thing. She said she had a very clear vision of me with another man, and it looks to her if we are lovers and happy. I told her to forget it, its not true.
    I was very surprised that on 26th June this year he suddenly sent me an email, after that quite a few, but they were mostly short and quite abrupt. I got fedup with him, and sent him an email telling him that I will no longer contact him, only for birthdays and Christmas. I told him how I feel, and sent him a beautiful twinsoul poem. He replied “Requiem Aleluja, wish you find happiness in your life”…I thanked him, said goodbye, and intended to keep my promise. The very next day, he sent me chat requests again, and I asked him why, I have no intention of keeping contact. He asked again. We started chatting again, not that often, there are days I don’t hear from him. There are times he seems distant, I can feel that there is more to this than even I realize, I think he knows what I know, but maybe he is in denial. This Sunday gone, I went to visit my mom, I had my laptop, and intended to show her some family pictures, but knowing I have some of his pictures amongst them. I stated showing them, and never said a word to her, when I got to his picture, she gasped and said, “That is him, the man I saw you with.” I decided to tell her about him, about my strange powerful connection, and that it feels I’ve known him all my life. I did not tell her I loved him, but I know that she knows I do. She said that she can see it in his eyes, that he and I are very much alike, she can’t explain how, but only that she can see me in his eyes. He is from central Europe, I am from South Africa. Physically we do not look alike, but it is in the eyes. I have always felt and believed that we will be together. I have had strange dreams, in which he comforts me. They are so real, I feel his heartbeat, feel his breath, hear his voice, I smell him, and remember his taste. He talks so nicely to me, just telling me, as soon as the time is right we will be together. He tells me he loves me, always will love me, and I need never worry about that. That is what he says to me in my dream. I still can feel him, hear him, smell him and taste him. This is such a realistic dream, its hard to tell its only a dream. I wonder why, and if its a message, was it really him? There are so many other things that have happened too. Like that sudden glimpse of a spark of light, I have had that since I met him, and only by looking for information on twinsouls, did I read it actually happens. Do you think he also gets that spark of light? So, if anybody out there, can shed some light on my case….PLEASE….help me. At times I feel I’m going crazy. All of what Amama told Gabriel, feelings of longing, anger, worry, lonliness etc, I have all that. I cry because I love him, cry because I get frustrated that I cannot control any of these feelings. Do you think my mothers vision was there to put my mind at ease? For me to relax and not rush things? I wonder. I think I know, but what do you think?

  29. Joanna, I would recommend you contact Steve Gunn, psychic who wrote the ebook “When Two Souls Connect”. He is able to read the energies and give insight on the future possible outcomes. I have consulted with him a number of times and he has helped me immensely, to relieve the pain and anguish of “not knowing” what your twin is up to. Mine has been in and out of my life for 3.5 years now, and we are still not “together” even though we live in the same town, 10 minutes away. I feel for you with so much distance between you, but trust your instincts and your mother’s premonition is a huge sign to encourage you to be patient. He will come around when he’s ready.

    Trust the connection and let it happen as divine timing allows.

    Keep us posted.

  30. Thank you Mary. How does he read the energies? I can still understand mine, but the other persons energy. What will he need from me? I truly appreciate your reply. I don’t know for how much longer I can hold out. I am strong, but I am not sure how strong. Must be part of the twin soul test, putting us through all the despair just to make us strong….it hurts.

  31. Joanna, he won’t need anything. Just talking to you on the phone is enough. You can email him to ask for an appointment time that’s mutually agreeable and then you call him. His article is on this website. He has his own website, too. Yes, I feel your pain and I have been there, still going through the process now.

    I was with my twin flame on Wednesday night, as we sat in his car listening to music, suddenly for no reason I looked at the digital clock and it was 11:11 pm. So strange.

  32. Thanks Mary, I have looked at his sites and have sent him an email. He is very helpful and is keeping in touch with me. I am now more sure than ever that this man is my twin soul. I am very excited and there has been many other strange but lovely indicators. BUT, most of all, it is the feeling in my gut that tells me that the time is getting close. I am now curious to see just how accurate my source is. It has been indicated that I will leave my current partner in October 2009, and only then will I be available and open to meet my twinsoul, according to my source I will meet him in November 2009, and we WILL be married in October 2010. Well, all I can say is that I have the feeling this is the truth, because of all the other things that have happened. It has also been suggested to me, that I am very physchic, but I am not too sure about that, this is still very new to me.
    Please think about what I have just said, and I would appreciate your opinion.

  33. by the way, the 11:11….happens frequently, especially after I have been feeling down and praying. It seems directly after my prayer that I receive a call or email, or look at the clock, all at that time. So if my prayers are associated wit 11:11, then there is a definite message and lesson.

  34. Joanna, I am glad you found someone to help guide you. There is nothing more fulfilling than uniting with your twin after a long struggle. You have only a little longer to hang on, if your sources and your intuition are correct. Do you feel that it is almost time to leave your current partner?

    When my twin started coming towards me I could feel relief, and could sleep better. It was 2 months later before the actual physical meeting took place, then we saw each other for 5 weeks in a row, then after that he backed off for another 90 days with almost no communication. During this time it was very hard for me to be optimistic and many days I cried in pain, and had difficulty breathing, felt very down, not knowing what was keeping him away. It bothered me so much, even my sleep was very disturbed and restless, from missing him. I was fortunate to see him on Sept 3, and Sept 8 (my birthday) and will see him in 2 more days. He did celebrate my birthday with me and it was quite a memorable one.

    Steve G. says it is normal to have patching, that on again off again pattern is typical of twin flames. It is too intense for them and they freak out and have to have “time out” before coming back again.

    I hope you are coping well. I know how hard it is.

  35. Thank you so much Mary…yes it is very hard at times, but now that I understand better I feel relief. I know I must keep the faith and be patient. I truly believe our time together is very close. I have joined the Ashtar command, its a very insightful website…take a look at it. Take care Mary, and I will keep you posted with my progress, and please keep me posted with yours. I wish you love, peace and happiness. Thank you.

  36. Thank you to all of you who have written these comments. Amana, your wisdom and loving, encouraging words have been very comforting. Thank you very much also to you cosmic sisters, Gabriel, Joanna, and Mary. i feel such relief now. I have known my twin flame for 7 years now, but i have only recently discovered the term twin -soul/flame. From the first moment i met him, i knew that this connection we had was anything but ordinary, it was simply divine. As a result of meeting him, i have rediscovered myself and i have been on this very deep, intense, beautiful spiritual journey. Every single aspect that has been discussed in regards to twin flames relationship, i have experienced. From feeling similar symptoms when ill… to telepathic communication, to that sense of coming back to the Source when in his presence, to feeling utter unconditional love wether with or without him. He has simply made me feel closer to God, and i am forever grateful to him ever since since. He is my reflection, my shadow, my light, my breath, my beating heart. It has been a magical, fun yet frustrating road. We are not together, yet, physically anyway, yet i can feel that the time is approaching somehow. But i fear sometimes. doubts choke me and i feel my heart has been bleeding from the hurt of not being concretely together. I could never imagine a love being so painful. I know that when the time will be right, it will happen, but i hope that my heart can handle it, because it has developed a serious condition… i know that it sounds crazy, and i wish that i was stronger, but i saw an image of it, during meditation and not only it feels raw but it actually looks as though it has been pierced with a spear. Is that normal? Is it delusional to keep on waiting. we are no longer talking. We are estranged by now. He felt i had his boundaries… he said that he did not feel our connection anymore, yet i could not help but not believe him. It seems that the universe is sending me reminders of him constantly. And i have dreamt of him recently, only to feel the deepest love ever. Although i know that he is not ready, i still feel the strongest love for him. I know that if it does not happen while we are on this earth, i will meet him after death… but i hope to God that it will be in this lifetime. Love him and let him go… over and over and over… i just hope that my body can handle it. I read somewhere that with the energy shifting around the Earth, with 2012 on its way, that God wishes that all twin flames reunite beforehand… perhaps this will give us all hope. Thank you for your time and for allowing me to share. ~I feel your presence, constantly and I have not doubt that you are The One. i hope that you will see it as well and that you will let me in again soon. much love to all of you. Peace be with you all. Hybrid11

  37. Thank you Hybrid11, I feel for you as I feel for myself and all the others out there. It does seem that it is always the male that denies the truth, I think possibly they feel this is all to powerful, men like to be in control. My one actually referred to me as a foolish witch, it hurt, but I think it is because he cannot let go, but won’t admit, maybe he feels I cast a spell….lol. Anyway, keep the faith, in the end no matter how much denial, if it is truly God’s divine plan, then you will reunite here in this life time. Love and light, Joanna

  38. hey, girls and guys, i need help understanding more about this, i read like 100 sites about Twin Flames and i really believe i am on, i always see 11 or 11:11 and 22, it always poped out at me but i just thought maybe i was in the right spot at the right time and once i found out what it ment i can’t go back but there is more, the letters is my first and last name come out 11 and so does this guy that i think might be my twin soul, when he is down i am down, i will be happy but the second something is wrong with him, like if he is upset i will feel it, it just happens, then i will be upset and then get happy out of no where, i can feel him in a nonweird way, like this feeling is weird i have never felt it before, like he is inside me controling me or i am controlling him, i have dreams about him too, and i never can remember them and when i do i see these weird looking signs with them, and even the number 11 comes up in the dream, we share the same things, are background, our facial expressions, the way we see each other as us, i will see me as he does and i will see him as he does, liking i am looking at the real him threw my eyes, we even act the same way, it is weird but something is telling me not to let it go, the number 11 is everywhere with me, i’ll stop what i am doing out of nowhere and something will tell me to look this way and when i do i will see the humber 11, am i losing it or am i a twin soul?

  39. hey first time in a long time post. I have also met my twinflame. We are incarnated both males, and live parellel lives.

    We met in school, and the realisation of the twin soul relationship came up. After so many strange ouccurences where we met in plances and times. After I left school, i feel he went through a depression. I tried to block it out, but after he got on with his career and life, I did mine.

    We kept appearing in dreams, and in walking life, spirutual things were occurring and showing me things i never experiened. After 5 years away from home. I tried and tired to move on. I just cant love be comfortable in a relationship with anyone I do when we are in the same room. It’s an unspoken bond. Time and distance stop. He is me in another body. He knows it too. We met again recently on the same date we did 3 years ago. It was great to see him again. But we have lost touch. Right now i’m depressed and my mind is just total chaos. He splitted up with his gf and went through a rough time. I could feel it. It’s a very difficult experience for me. Living away from not knowing and not seeing him around in the physical world.

    I hope one day, I will be able to get through this. I hope other’s will to.

    If anything, no matter how invincible you feel, the next hurdles topples you down, only to remind you to get up again like a new born star. The flames ignite again, when you join with your other flame, everything goes back to as it was, been divine.

    If this make sense.

  40. I’ve been reading the comments here, and it is good to know that I am not alone in what I’m going through right now. I’m at a time in my life that I’m going through a lot of changes. I just graduated college a year ago, and I was recently laid off from my job. It took me 7 months after graduating to finally get a job, and it lasted 2 months, and I’m having a hard time finding another one. Needless to say, the past year hasn’t been an easy one for me, I think that’s typical of many college graduates. It’s just a time in my life that I have felt so completely lost, confused, scared, and alone. The past few months have been particularly confusing for me. I started my job in December and was laid off in February. And I may have met my twin flame at my job, or I may just be crazy. The day of my interview when I first met him, I remember just having this feeling inside that my life had changed. And from the day I started the job and started talking to him, I felt something that I can’t explain. I have never felt such an instant connection to someone in my life. We weren’t able to get to know each other very well in the short time I worked there, but each time we talked it was just magic. For that moment, everything else in the world just disappeared. The day I got laid off was one of the worst days of my life. Obviously losing a job is something that is never easy for anyone, especially for a college graduate who took so long to finally get a job and to lose it so soon and unexpectedly. And the thought of never seeing this guy again absolutely killed me. I would not wish on anybody the pain I felt on that day and the days following. It’s been about 3 months, and I’m doing a lot better. We’ve talked a few times since my last day there, there was something I was supposed to get in the mail that it took me awhile to get, and I called him about that a few times and we always chatted awhile. It was weird, we really didn’t have time to get to know each other that well, but the times we talked after the layoff it felt as if we had known each other forever. It’s been awhile since we last talked or saw each other, but I know if it’s meant to be it’ll happen when the time is right. He has my number and knows where I live, we live in the same town and it’s a small town so there’s always the chance of us running into each other somewhere. And I guess there’s always the chance of being called back to work there. I know what’s meant to be will be and I’ve made peace with that, but it’s still hard sometimes. And at times I have doubts about him and I want to just move on and forget about him. But deep inside I just always feel like my life is different now and I can’t go back to the way it was before. I’m just so confused. And I’ve been experiencing the 11:11 thing, it’s been weird. And we met on the 11th of the month, the date of the interview is written on my calendar! Like I said, maybe I’m just going crazy.

  41. Hi cosmic sisters, I agree that the guys don’t like to lose control, so this type of intense connection is a big challenge and threat to their “survival”. They feel it as we do, but women are more able to express and live with romantic love.

    My twin has always adored and respected me from day one, and told me it would kill him if anything happened to our “friendship.” It is now our fourth year and we are still not “together.” The communication is sporadic, and he keeps quiet for lengths of time, not telling me why.

    I keep asking psychic counselors if it is worth waiting for, (as if I could actually walk away) but they maintain he will come around. One psychic said, “He wants to come to you and talk to you, I don’t understand why he hasn’t already.” Days, weeks, months, go by with no response from him. I often email, text, leave vm for him but he ignores me. Did we have an argument? NO! He has his reasons- his business is failing and he has to spend extra time on it, keep his focus. (I’m too much of a distraction, I guess.)

    The long periods of silence make me wonder if it’s all in my mind! That’s why I consult those who are more in tune with the spiritual realm and have ability to hear what is going on in his world.

    It’s comforting to hear, “If you can hang on until August things will improve dramatically,” so what else can I do but wait? There is progress, but slow. We had physical intimacy 3 years after we first met. We celebrated Valentine’s day with his wife sitting at the same table, having coffee and dessert. He sat close to me and shared his food with me, and hugged me in front of her. I am dating others but so afraid to get them caught in this web, so afraid I have nothing real to offer, and guilty that my heart is not free to love anyone else, on a spiritual level. Physically I wish for someone to hold me and be with me and talk to me on a consistent basis without hiding.

    I feel for all of you out there, who are experiencing this pain, mixed with a divine love that is unmatched in the universe. I knew, when I first met him and he sat across from me, holding my hand, that I was blessed by this man, and it was like sitting in front of God, in heaven, and that few women would know the feeling I had experienced.


  42. I believe i have found my twin flame. We met at one of my friends house. The first time i looked at him, i felt something, but i ignored it and tried to look away because i have a boyfriend. He noticed a tattoo on my arms, and pulled out his wallet that had the same symbol on it. Every time we hung out, i felt like it had to be with people around because my feelings to him were so strong, which was weird because i had just met him. One night when we hung out just us, i told him that i felt like we had met before, he agreed. He said he felt connected to me somehow. The more we talked the more weird it go. I would be thinking of something, and he would say it, just as i finished thinking about, and vice verse, we started finishing each others sentences. Then when he hugged…it was so intense, i felt like our energies were swirling together inside of our bodies. He felt it too. We didn’t want to let go of each other, and we both said “finally”. Like we were reunited. Then just yesterday we hung out outside of chick-fil-a and were just talking to each other, gazing into each others eyes and hugging and we looked up there was rainbow. The biggest, brightest, closest rainbow i have ever seen, and it was full. We feel that our love is pure and unconditional and we want to be together, but i don’t want to break my boyfriends heart, but i know he is not the one i am supposed to be with. We have been together for over three years and i know i will never be happy with him now that i have found my twin. I am at a loss.

  43. I met a guy at work I kind of liked, and I was laid off from that job after just 2 months. I didn’t have enough time to get to know him well, but there was just something about him I can’t explain. The way I felt when we talked to each other was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It seemed like there was something familiar about him when we met, and there really is something about him that reminds me of myself. What I’ve read about twin souls totally describes what I feel. I always have the feeling I’m gonna go back to work there or we’re gonna be together somehow. And there are times I really want to just let it go and move on, then I get a sign telling me not to. I’ve been experiencing the 11:11 thing. It’s something that really can’t be explained to people who don’t experience it themselves. It’s not just a number people see all the time because it’s in their head, it is a real phenomena. And I met this guy on the 11th of the month, is that weird or what?

  44. Hi, It’s really interesting to read all of this, since i strongly believe in soul mates and twin flames, but I’ve got this little problem that makes me quite angry. I know that my best friend is one of my soul mates, and sometimes we think about the same things at the same time, but nothing big like ” feeling their thoughts embrace them mutually in an ecstatic place of comfort and bliss ” , yet he dosen’t know about twin flames, anyways , he believes that we are meant to be together and that we will marry each other no matter what, on the other hand I would like to deny it, I don’t feel such a big connection with him, and I cannot picture myself living my entire life with this person, I would go crazy for sure. I told him that it will not happen, but he told me that in any case I’ll come back to him , even if I am in another country. It made me angry because I will not come back in the country we are living now, I’d rather die in my own land in Europe, and for him telling me that I will come back in a place i do not love because of him, I don’t know. I did “love” him ( weak love ) , but when my best friend came to see me, he fell in love with her at first sight, and of course he broke my heart, yet we’re still really good friends although he keeps on telling me we’re meant for each other but I know that any other girl could take him from me. I just really hope he’s just a soul mate and not my twin flame. I guess I’m just scared that his words will come true.

  45. I met my soultwin about a year ago, but I didn’t recognize him until I let go of my ego & saw him through compassionate eyes. This love I feel for him is unlike any feeling I’ve ever experienced before. I feel totally accepting & forgiving towards him, I have no desire to change him as I have felt in other relationships, although I want nothing more than to support him & make his burden easier to bear. I’m a pretty giving person usually, but I want to give to him & help him like I’ve never wanted to do for anyone else. I can only describe it as unconditional love & I feel more connected to the Divine Oneness than ever before. I truly believe that I met him to fulfill a higher purpose. The friendship between us was instantaneous & intense, I do see myself in his eyes. I have done a past life regression & discovered that we were twin brothers in a past life. We have innumerable similarities in our past & in our astrological charts. We may never become “one” physically in this lifetime, as he is a gay man & I am a lesbian, but it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to me is that he is in my life & that we fulfill our higher purpose together. I feel kind of crazy writing this down, because it sounds so unbelievable, but it is the truest thing I have ever felt & I have no doubt that he is my other half. My life truly changed forever after discovering my soultwin & it is just as you say…this is not a relationship of hearts and flowers, but one that will be tested in fire and will endure beyond time and space.

  46. My story is a long one & I will try to write the shorter version. I met my twin soul about 11 years ago. I met him at work & the moment he came up to me I had this phenomenol connection to him. The first thing I felt was lets go to the nearest wedding chapel!
    We worked together about a year, & he got transfered out of state, but not real far away. I was in so much pain I thought I would die. There was a lot going on between us…we would stare endlessly into each others eyes, he would catch his breath when I walked in the room, alot of flirting,teasing, etc.
    A friend took a card into him from me & she said he lit up like a Christmas tree. Shortly after that he moved back to the place we first met. He asked me for my phone # & never called): I went into see him & we had a falling out…I didn’t speak to him for 3 years.
    He ended up working about a mile from where I lived. I saw him one day & we started talking again. But as of today we are not together! When I look at this person I see me. And with all the sychronicity I Know he is my twin. I get “signs” about him constantly…names, songs, numbers etc. He moved from his job & I just found him on facebook not long ago. I did a friend request & he responded almost instantly.The only problem is he’s in a relationship with another man! I’m having a very hard time understanding this. After all we’ve been through how can he be gay? He posted something on FB right above my post, the song by Ameera, “Sound Of Missing You” which I’m sure was intentional.I’ve been very angry, hurt & frustrated with all of this. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank-you!!

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