Healing Blocks

Healing Blocks

Fears, Boundaries and Healing

By Richard Davis


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We all have many blocks to healing. What are they? Where did they come from? Why do we have them? How can they be removed? What anchored them in us? How do we prevent them from coming back?

What blocks our healing is another side of the same coin: Why am I sick or why do I have this disease?

If healing were not blocked, disease could not take strong hold in the body! The body is a wonderfully complex, continually self repairing and self protecting energy construction. Yet, energies do not always flow as designed in our original divine blueprint. A stronger change in the energy is needed to remove an illness or any other problem than is needed to prevent it.

Everything is energy and all healing is energy healing. The energy can fit our classifications that range from drugs, thoughts, environment to miracles and everything in between them! All energies affect each other and the strongest energy for positive change is the mind.

What stops healing from happening?

Fears & Boundaries are major blocks to healing and a major cause of illness. They are part of our personal belief system. Fears are a result of things happening in our past. That past includes our ancestors and our past lives. They also occur on our soul level. They are locked in our bodies and our DNA. They are program that are constantly running.

We all have many fears. They were created to keep us within a “safe” space. The fears we have create boundaries to our growth and to our healing. While they prevent things from affecting us, they also prevent us from growing in certain directions. They are strong energies that trigger responses that change the body chemistry (energy patterns). These can adversely affect all our cells and the systems they are part of! The changes go all the way down to the DNA energies within each cell.

Fears trigger the “flight or fight response” This has been well studied and documented and affect every system and cell in the body. The effects on the body can be devastating and can show up anywhere as a result of the energy changes. Sugars being pumped into the bloodstream, insulin, hormones, blood moving more to the central core and many more cascading effects. All these responses are triggered automatically by fears. Fears put the body on fast forward getting ready for something that may not happen. It is actually healthier for the body to use up that energy than to hold it in and not show the fears! Better yet is to remove the causes of the fears and boundaries that trigger those preprogrammed responses. While expressing anger or other reactions to fear may be healthier for you, it may adversely affect those around you and cause many other problems for you!

What triggers your fears? Sit quietly and sense your body. Think back to the last time you got angry or said “NO!” and really felt it throughout your body. Relive that energy experience again! What is it doing to your body? Was that response truly serving you? Where did that spring from? Are you feeling that energy in a part of the body you have a problem with?

Thoughts are the most powerful energy there is. They create your reality and all the changes you go through. They occur on the conscious and many unconscious levels.

Every thought that we have and action that we take affects us. Over 95% of all the thoughts we have are the same as before. Each reinforcing one or more patterns we are stuck in. Programs that are running and controlling our bodies.

Fears protect us. Yet, is that protection always needed? Are we actually safe? Is the result of the fears worst than what is feared? Can the fears be safely removed? Are they an illusion we are stuck in? Fears are also filters on how we perceive and create the reality we are in. The energy of fear brings the things we fear most to us. You carry that energy like a lighthouse for the world to see. The effect on you is the same as wearing a sign on your back that says “KICK ME!” Why do we constantly attract the same type of people to our life?

We fear many things; being hurt, the unknown, doing something for the first time, the safety of our children, dying. The list can include anything that exists or that can be imagined.

What can we do to remove those fears and stop the cascade of effects they have on our bodies?

1. We can pass though our fears and experience something and find out our fears were not justified. We often find that the fears were preventing us from having wonderful experiences and stopped our growth. Whole new worlds open to us!

2. We can remove those fears and replace them with something else. Like a computer program the fear programs can be replaced with new programs.

3. We can also change our response to fears. These also are programs just like the fears! Do you fill with anger or rage when in fear? Do you automatically attack in response? Do you close your mind? Are others always wrong when you are in fear? To protect yourself are you always looking for things that are wrong to keep from experiencing things in your life?

Responses to fears are deeply programmed in us and can be greatly different from person to person. When a new fear comes up we automatically set up a boundary. We draw a line in the sand that is not to be crossed. If it is crossed then “LOOK OUT!” the reaction is automatically triggered. What will that reaction be? The new fear will normally pick up your standard reaction!

Fears are all lessons to be learned. It is our choice at all times to either learn the lesson or be stuck.

The hard part for us is seeing the cause of our fears and releasing them. Erasing those programs and creating new ones.

Many healing modalities can remove fears on certain levels. Fears also affect the ability of the modalities to help us.

The strongest healing modality we have found for consciously removing fears is Theta Healing. This works directly on removing those programs and replacing them with what is more beneficial to us. It has the advantage of working on all levels where fears are held — our current life, our past lives, our ancestors and our soul. It can even affect the future. These are energies that are all stored within our DNA and all can be changed.

Are you ready to create the new you? The one you have always wanted to be?


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